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Photographer's Sleep Paralysis Inspires Dark and Surreal Images

Photographer Nicolas Bruno has been haunted by episodes of sleep paralysis since he was 15-years-old. To understand his trauma, imagine waking up but being unable to move. While your mind is caught between sleeping and waking, you are confronted with terrifying visions such as an intruder in the room but are unable to react or even call out in fear.



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Artist Forms Clever Illustrations Out of Ground Coffee

According to artist Liv Buranday, aka @livscreams, coffee is for much more than just drinking! As the Philippines-based nursing student watched her father one morning, she was inspired by his love for coffee and she began experimenting with the grounds as a medium for her artwork. She says, "I’ve always known him to…


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Adorable Mother and Daughter Show Off Impressive Yoga Moves

We have officially found the cutest pair of yoga partners ever. Yoga instructor Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora on Instagram) frequently shares pictures of herself pulling off impressive yoga moves with her very young daughter. Often wearing matching outfits, the cute mother-daughter duo are seen bending, twisting, and…


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Touching Portraits of Couples Who've Been Together Over 50 Years

For all you cynics out there who don't believe in everlasting love, you must check out this series called Love Ever After by Lauren Fleishman. The New York-based photographer captures beautifully intimate moments between New York City couples that have been together over 50 years. She accompanies each image with a sweet short story, like one you'd imagine hearing during the classic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

For the photo above, for example, husband Moses…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Jeremy Jackson's Light Paintings

Jeremy Jackson's (aka TackyShack's) light paintings are a breathtaking display of colorful lights that illuminate the night with a sense of wild energy. Jackson's love for unexplored ideas, creative long exposure techniques, a bit of experimentation, and the potential for countless creations keeps him motivated to constantly produce these lively photographs. The magical creations are made completely in camera using…


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Distorted Landscapes Create Surreal Perspectives of the World

Photographer Randy Scott Slavin creates spherical panoramas that spin the world in all directions. We loved his earlier work and now he is back with more incredibly distorted worlds, entitled Alternative Perspectives 2. Through digital manipulation,…


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Lush Imaginary Landscapes Made from Hundreds of Photos

Approaching Storm

Australian visual artist Catherine Nelson, known for creating otherworldly floating globes, has embarked on a new creative journey in her series Expedition, which depicts surreal scenes of nature. These five pieces, which took nearly ten…


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Soar Over Surreal Turkey in a Hot Air Balloon

Could there be anything more dreamy than this? I spent a good part of this morning looking through surreal photos of hot air balloons soaring over Cappadocia. A historical region in Central Anatolia in Turkey, Cappadocia is known for its unusual, moon-like landscape. It's a mixture of naturally formed hills, deep canyons, valleys, and conical rock…


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Fashion Photos Matched Perfectly with Artistic Images

The concept is simple: choose fashion-related pictures and pair them with other beautiful images. The Tumblr blog Where I See Fashion does just that, and the results are stunning. Started in 2013 by Italian fashion design student Bianca Luini, the blog has amassed a large following because of the collection of striking pictures that Luini carefully matches and…


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Funny Old-Fashioned Photos of Children Writing Their Vices

In her series Vices or I Will Not..., Los Angeles-based photographer Jamie Johnson brings an updated twist to the old-school punishment of writing bad deeds on chalkboards. In each photograph, children stand with their backs to the cameras as they write out their vices on an old chalkboard. While this scene may have been common enough in the school days of…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Miro Simko's Secluded Moments

Self-taught photographer Miro Simko captures beautiful landscapes and stark black and white moments that are strikingly meditative. In this selection of work, energy emanates from colorful skies; lone trees sit against crisp, snowy white backgrounds; and single cars drive along the twisty curves of an empty highway. Simko's work invites viewers to reflect upon quiet moments of solitude through dramatic contrast, interesting…


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More Amazing Hyperrealistic Body Paintings by Hikaru Cho

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho, who we introduced to you here, has created a striking series of hyperrealistic body paintings called My Body My Rights. Released right before International Woman's Day as a part of the human right organization Amnesty International's campaign on…


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Artist Paints Hyperrealistic Exteriors to Camouflage Food

Japanese artist Hikaru Cho likes to play with perception in this series, entitled It's Not What It Seems. She playfully redefines how an object is perceived by painting the exterior to appear like something other than itself.

Using acrylic paints, Cho skillfully changes the outer layer of a banana into a cucumber, an egg into an eggplant, and a tomato into an orange. She…


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Adorable Baby Dressed Up Like Popular TV Show Characters

California-based photographer Karen Abad recently went to Indiana to visit friends and, because it was so cold outside and everyone just wanted to hunker down in the warm indoors, they decided to get creative. Using her friend's baby, Olivia, as the inspiration for the playful little series, Abad and Olivia's mom, Cristina, developed crafty backgrounds to reflect many popular…


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Artist Burns Countless Tiny Holes to Create Stunning Patterns

In Myriam Dion’s work For Small Fires, she burnt countless tiny holes to form intricate patterns on top of a photograph. The image, a relatively small picture of a storefront (just 250 centimeters long and 150 centimeters tall) features several art nouveau-inspired arrangements on the windows as well as its edges. It’s amazing to see the details of her work, because the amount of…


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NASA's Breathtaking Images of Space

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center recently posted a spectacular set of images on Flickr entitled 'Gravity' in reference to the award-winning, blockbuster film Gravity known for its beautiful cinematography and imagery of space. NASA Goddard's images, however, are even more extraordinary because…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Paul Souders' Wildlife Adventures

From breathtaking arched icebergs in Greenland to cute waddling penguins in Antarctica, wildlife and travel photographer Paul Souders captures nature at its best. Across 20 years, Souders has documented his incredible adventures through his lens—many of which have been recognized as award-winning photographs. His intimate experiences with nature are a refreshing glimpse at the world beyond our…


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Hyper-Dimensional Portraits Seen on the Streets of São Paulo

Imagine walking down a busy, metropolitan street and suddenly looking up to see a huge, hyper-dimensional photograph of a person staring down at you. Street artist Raquel Brust has been introducing this kind of experience in São Paulo, Brazil since 2008 with Projeto Giganto, which she describes as "a hyper-dimensional photography intervention project that uses the urban scene and the city’s…


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A Powerful Exploration of Emotions through Surreal Photos

Fine art photographer Tina Schultz's portrait work is a powerful exploration of emotions conveyed through expressive compositions. In each piece, nothing is exactly what it seems as she digitally blends elements from multiple photographs into compelling stories filled with mystery, enchantment,…


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Creative Photographs of a Person Playing with the Moon

Self-taught, Albanian photographer Adrian Limani has created a playful series of photographs depicting a person playing with the full moon. Using his younger brother as a model, the photographer captures the young man leaping and posing in front of the moon, creating images that show a silhouetted figure holding the moon, leaning against it, and even playing basketball with the…


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