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Capturing the Graceful Movement and Amazing Detail of Fish

Photographer Hiroshi Iwasaki captures the graceful movement of fish as they glide seamlessly through water. With so much artistic value in his shots, it's hard to visually confirm that his photos are actually not paintings. Focusing on every detail, Iwasaki sets the fish against a dark black background, accentuating their transparent fins, scaled body, and two toned colors. Through these shots,…


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Cinematic Upside Down Street Reflections

There's something incredibly fascinating about viewing the world through upside down reflections, taken through puddles on the street. it's like we're seeing the world with a new set of eyes, a perspective most of us are not really used to. It may take a second or two for your eyes to get adjusted to what's really going on.

"They’re all untouched, except the 5th one (but it’s still a…


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The Natural Phenomenon of Fire Rainbows

We've all seen rainbows before, but have you ever heard of a phenomena called a fire rainbow? The proper term for it is circumhorizontal arc and it's actually an optical phenomena - a ice-halo formed by plate-shaped ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds.

'What is happening here is that on sunny afternoons,…


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Fun Celebrity Portraits by Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis has a job that many aspiring photographers would envy. He gets to meet up with some of our favorite funny celebrities like Tina Fey and Jack Black to take their portraits. It's clear that Lewis puts a lot of thought into the settings for each subject, as he places them in environments that feel just right.

As expected, some celebrities seem to have…


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The Absolute Beauty of Solitude in Nature

19-year-old Vancouver-based photographer Elizabeth Gadd whisks us away on a magical journey, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In her series, aptly titled Breath, each of the images feature one individual centered in a picturesque background within nature. All of the shots convey…


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A Rare Glimpse of the People of High Himalaya

French photographer and film director Éric Valli holds a special place in his heart for the Himalayas. The range is home to some of the planet's highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest. The Himalayas cross over five countries: Bhutan, India, Nepal, China, and Pakistan, with the first three countries having sovereignty over most of the range.

Valli spent most of his career as a…


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Early Morning Fog Sweeps Across Majestic Landscapes

Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel wakes up early in the morning to catch the mist and fog that rise above the mountains and valleys in Poland and the Czech Republic. It appears that he takes long exposures to capture the movement of the clouds and fog, along with the density of the sun's rays. Although the still images are magnificent in their own right, one can only imagine the…


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Incredible Vertical Panoramas of New York Churches

Throughout time, some of the most magnificent architectural marvels have been in the form of churches, basilicas, or cathedrals. You may assume that these gorgeous photos were taken in Europe, where many of the world's famous churches are located, but you'd then be surprised to find out that they were taken in New York by photographer Richard Silver.

"As someone who has…


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Gorgeous Black Bear with Spirited White Fur

At first glance, if you were to see a spirit bear, also know as the Kermode bear, you'd probably assume that it was a polar bear. But this beautiful bear doesn't live near the North Pole. Instead, you're more likely going see one in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest, on the British Columbia Coast between Vancouver Island and Southeast Alaska. That's precisely where…


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The Tragic Story of the Majestic Tiger

A Bengal tiger drinks from the Patpara Nala waterhole.

Steve Winter has been photographing wild animals for more than 20 years, mainly for National Geographic. He doesn't like to think of himself as just a wildlife photographer, but more like a…


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20-Year-Old's Beautifully Intimate Self-Portraits

Here at My Modern Met we have a soft spot for up-and-coming young artists and photographers. 20-year-old Melania Brescia is our latest discovery. Hailing from Málaga, Spain, Melania is a breath of fresh air with her highly intimate works that are full of life and emotion. Just like other exciting contemporary artists her age, what makes Melania so great is her ability to let go of her inhibitions and…


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Awesome Life of Light Graffiti Skeletons

We've seen light graffiti before, but none as lively as these skeletons by Los Angeles-based Darius Twin (aka Darren Pearson). Twin began light painting since 2008, after seeing an image from Gjon Mili that captured Pablo Picasso creating a light drawing called Picasso Draws A Centaur.

Often times, people assume that Twin's images are photoshopped, but they are not.…


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Evolution of New York City's Skyline Over a Century

New York City is widely recognized as one of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world. It's fascinating to see the rapid evolution of its skyline from 1879 to 2013, when One World Trade Center will be complete. Within that long time frame, the city has lived through many transformative events, including the Great Depression in the 30's and September 11th in 2001. One can only wonder what it…


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Spectacular Out of this World Wedding Photo

We've all seen beautiful wedding photos before, but this one by Lakshal Perera is simply out of this world. Using a 71-second exposure, Perera not only gives us a wonderful snapshot of the newlyweds, he shows us an incredible sky filled with millions of stars, along with our Milky Way galaxy.

"As a young child, all I dreamed about was being an astronaut," says Perera.…


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Contemplative Man Stands Over Massive Waterfall

This powerful image by Dimitar Variysky immediately stirs up all kinds of emotions. As a tiny speck of a man stands on the edge of a massive, raging waterfall, the first feeling felt by many viewers is a sense of fear, perhaps of falling or dying. The second emotion would probably be curiosity. After all, why is this man standing on the edge of a seriously dangerous-looking…


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Magical Photo of Yosemite's Horsetail Fall

We've seen photos of Horsetail Fall before, but this one by Stan Rapada really stands out from the rest. There's something so magical, or even spiritual, about this image, as gold…


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Arctic Surfer Stands in Awe of Northern Lights

Swapping the golden beaches of Southern California for arctic waves that reach as low as 35°F (2°C), surfer Alek Parker stands in awe as he watches the magficent northern lights above Hofn in Iceland.

Photo credit: Chris Burkhard / Caters News

via […


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Spectacular Long Exposure Taken from Space

Expedition 31 Flight Engineer Don Pettit created this magnificent image by combining 18 long-exposure digital images taken with a camera mounted inside the International Space Station (ISS) on March 16, 2012. The streaks of psychedelic colors show the passage of cities below the ISS, airglow in Earth's atmosphere and the circling motion of stars. Even more amazing, the bright blotches lined…


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The Halted Traveler

Damien Rayuela wants us to use our imaginations when viewing his series Halted Traveler. We only see the back of his subjects as they face an interesting landscape and we are left with a looming curiosity of not only what they are specifically looking at, but also what they are feeling at that particular moment.

"The term 'halted traveller' is usually associated with German romantic…


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U.S. Olympians Stretch for London 2012

Swimmer Michael Phelps

Can you believe that the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is only two months away? To get the country pumped up about our national team, photographer Lucas Jackson took these shots of our incredible athletes stretching. No Photoshop involved. As you can see, the athletes need to be in the best shape of their lives to…


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