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More Fantastical Photos of a Dreamlike World by Oleg Oprisco

Ukraine-based fine art photographer Oleg Oprisco has continued to produce beautifully imaginative and emotive portraits since the last time we wrote about him. His imaginative photographs—featuring mysterious young women, fantastical props, and hazy, dreamy colors—evoke a strong sense of…


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20+ Dramatic Shots of Lenticular Clouds

Alvord Desert, Oregon

Mostly seen above mountains or hills, lenticular clouds are extraordinary clouds that, due to their smooth, saucer-like shape, are often mistaken for UFOs. Lenticular clouds are formed when a current of moist air is forced upwards as it travels over a mountain, causing the moisture to condense and form a cloud.

They can appear as if…


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Magnificent Mirror Symmetry Long Exposures of Nighttime Japan

Tokyo, Japan-based photographer Shinichi Higashi takes long exposures to exciting new heights with his series Graffiti of Speed/Mirror Symmetry. While his colorful light trails seem incredibly futuristic set against Japan's modern architecture, it's the masterful merging of two identical images that makes this series so compelling.

While it's not…


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12 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Lightning

What better way is there to show both the beauty and power of nature than with these incredibly electrifying images of lightning? While sometimes it just takes being at the right place at the right time, like for amateur photographer Bertrand Kulik and his photo of a brightly illuminated Eiffel Tower, for others, like Dan Ransom, it requires carefully assembling a composite image or "stacking" multiple photos together to showcase a wild electrical storm (like the…


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Turning Drawings by Children with Health Conditions Into Epically Magical Photographs

Shawn Van Daele of Renaissance Studios has just begun The Drawing Hope Project where he takes 20 drawings created by young children born or living with health conditions and turns them into epically magical photographs. This real-life…


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You Look at Me Like an Emergency

I've been a fan of photographer Cig Harvey's storytelling portraits for quite some time so it brings me great pleasure to announce that she's recently created a book. You Look at Me Like an Emergency is a visual autobiography exploring the photographer's central…


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Shockingly Honest (13 photos)

Born on the Polish border of East Germany in 1944, Peter Lindbergh is considered to be one of the world's preeminent fashion photographers and is credited with helping to create the supermodel phenomenon of the 1990s. He has been described as a "poet of glamour."

One of the great masters of black and white photography, Lindbergh is acclaimed for his… Continue

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Ali by Shepard Fairey

This new piece of Muhammad Ali by Shepard Fairey was inspired by a photograph from Michael Tighe. 450 prints will be released tomorrow, May 13, with a limit of 1 per person or household. I like how Shepard took the original… Continue

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26 photographs chocolate tones

More on… Continue

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Personalized Nesting Dolls

By Illustrator Trisha Krauss. Just send her a full length photo of yourself or your friend and she'll sketch them. Once you've approved her sketches, she'll hand print them on the wooden dolls!

They're pretty expensive though. Buy them here if you're up for it!

[… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Endeavour to Orbit

Space Shuttle Endeavour disappears into low clouds following an on time launch to the International Space Station from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Photo by James… Continue

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Brad Pitt in W Magazine (Feb. 2009)

Any which way you look at it, Brad Pitt's face featured prominently in this month's W magazine, in all its silent, black and white sheen, is a bit creepy and a little too close too for comfort. The style is reminiscent of caveman busts at the Natural History Museum. So I made these.

Angelina's recent… Continue

Added by PANDA JU on January 7, 2009 at 4:30pm — 7 Comments

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