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Photographers Share Pure and Powerful Moments of Love

What is love and how do you portray such a beautiful yet abstract feeling? Last month, National Geographic asked its readers to submit photos on how they see love through their photo community Your Shot. Called Love Snap, the project brought out many different interpretations…


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Photographer Captures Intimate Moments of Home Birth

For the past three years, Jackie Dives has been a doula, a person who provides physical as well as emotional support during childbirth. She started photographing home births almost by accident, she simply had her camera with her at the very first birth she attended. As she says, "Combining doula work with my passion for photography has been an amazing…


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Winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

2013: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Winners of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition were just announced where more than 43,000 images from 96 countries were whittled down to just eighteen. Now…


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Achingly Beautiful Portraits by Greg Ponthus

20-year-old French photographer Greg Ponthus takes some of the most achingly beautiful portraits we have ever laid eyes on. He brings out a vulnerability in his subjects that could only be achieved when a photographer truly knows his subjects. As we found out, currently, Ponthus only shoots his friends and family or people he's close to. That's because, in his words, "I find it…


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Adorable Paper Adventures by Kouichi Chiba

The next time you think you need fancy materials to create art that excites, just remember the name Kouichi Chiba. The Japanese photographer from Shizuoka has captured the hearts and minds of the curators of 500px who recently featured them on their blog. Chiba creates simple characters, cut out of paper, and places them…


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Pretty Dreamy World of 19-Year-Old Olivia Bee

Hard to believe but it's been almost four years since we first wrote about Olivia Bee. We probably could have guessed that the then 15-year-old teenager was just starting her career. At 19-years-old she's not just an adult now, by many standards, Bee's a full-fledged professional. Throughout…


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Citizens of New York City

Taken in New York on June of 2012, this series of Citizens take me there every time I see this project. Captured in a healing and introspective trip, these images symbolize the joy I felt during that specific time and place, a renewed joy felt after some difficult times. Kids will dance, water will splash, people…


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Project Amelia: 28-Year-Old Photographer Diagnosed with Cancer

A few weeks ago, 28-year-old photographer Amelia Coffaro and her family were hit with extremely hard hitting news. Amelia was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. With no health insurance, Coffaro and her family must now must figure out a way to pay for the estimated $150,000 to $200,000 in treatment.

A team has quickly assembled that…


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Rare Winter Sports on Netherland's Natural Ice

While most of us can only take so much of the cold winter weather, many of those living in the Netherlands hope for even colder temperatures. Perhaps we would too if we got to enjoy outdoor winter sports like this. Amsterdam-based photographer Ben Visbeek recently took some breathtaking photos of the Dutch ice yachting and skating on the Gouwzee, a bay in North Holland.



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Incredibly Breathtaking Shots of New Zealand

Though Washington DC-based Sam Hurd is a wedding photographer by trade, you wouldn't quite know it by looking at these photos. The way he captures the majestic beauty of New Zealand will make you think that he's actually a landscape or travel photographer. From its snow-capped mountains and its crystal clear lakes to its vast plains and rolling hills, New Zealand is one of those countries you almost…


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Young Photographer Effortlessly Captures Deep Moods

Mariam Sitchinava is a young photographer based in Tbilisi, Georgia who sees photography as a way to express feelings. It was only a few years ago that she first picked up photography, when she received a film camera as a gift. Since then, this self-taught photographer has created a book called "Deep Moods" and has collaborated with everyone from Urban Outfitters to Vogue…


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Beautifully Camoflauged into Nature


Talk about blending into the background. Photographer Wilma Hurskainen and her sister wear clothes that perfectly match their natural surroundings. Whereas we've seen this style done before, never have we seen it done so naturally,…


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Simply Powerful Self Portraits by Joeri Bosma

18-year-old Joeri Bosma just wrote to us to tell us about his 365 project. While we get a lot of submissions from young photographers, Bosma's stood out to us because they felt simple yet powerful. If you're aching to see strong self portraits that are more about interesting concepts than fancy photo manipulations, check this out. Some even feel like you've just pressed pause…


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Unbelievable Photo of Millions of People Waiting

I came across this mind-blowing photo in Steve McCurry's latest blog entry, Simple Act of Waiting. Taken in 2001 during the Kumbh Mela Festival, it shows millions of people waiting their turn to bathe in the Ganges river.

The Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage that's…


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22 More Incredible Photos of Faraway Places


In all four years that we've been around, there hasn't been a more celebrated, appreciated or loved photographer on My Modern Met than Steve McCurry. Our first post about his work, called 22 Incredible Photos of Faraway…


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Gorgeous Blue Hour Photos of a Small Japanese Village

Our fascination with the blue hour of photography continues! Jason Arney, who we just recently introduced you to with his beautiful Japanese rice terrace shots, has…


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Japanese Rice Terraces Resemble Broken Mirrors

What an illusion! When I first came across these photos of Japanese rice terraces by photographer Jason Arney , I couldn't help but think they looked like broken mirrors or shards of glass. Rice terraces are rice fields shaped like shelves. They're made on hills and draw water from nearby rivers. In certain parts of Japan, these paddies of various sizes are filled with water and they…


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LED Lamp Powered by Apples

Using just apples, photographer Caleb Charland made the LEDs in this lamp light up! The photo first caught our attention from Michael Mazzeo Gallery in New York who sent it to us yesterday as part of their Christmas card. As the gallery wrote, "This may not be your typical holiday totem, but we find it quite festive nonetheless. In…


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Strikingly Beautiful Photos of Kenya

Last we heard from photographer Diego Arroyo, he was traveling throughout Southeast Asia, capturing heartwarmingly beautiful portraits of strangers all across the land. On a recent trip to Kenya, Arroyo again wanted to portray the beauty of the country and its people, but this… Continue

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I'm Going to Be a Dad

Harwin (he hates children).

When English photographer Tom Robinson found out that he was going to have his very first child with his wife Verity, he knew it was going to be a life changing experience. Sharing the exciting news with their family and friends was a moment he wanted to treasure forever.

So what did he do?

"I decided to photograph the… Continue

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