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Well-Camouflaged Soldiers Make Themselves Hard to Find

While Simon Menner’s series Camouflage Extended might appear as friendly photos of the German Alps, there’s actually a hidden sniper every picture. Menner worked closely with the German Army to produce these incredible images that highlight the art of camouflage. Wearing special clothing designed with specific patterns, the soldiers concealed themselves to…


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Provocative Black and White Photography by Peter Lindbergh

On February 27, the Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles is putting on an exciting new exhibition that shows the provocative photography of Peter Lindbergh. The German fashion photographer, who's best known for his iconic images of supermodels, like those he shot for fashion magazine Vogue, has an unmistakable style. His deeply saturated black and white photographs…


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Historic London Paintings Layered Atop Contemporary Photos

Redditer shystone remixes old and new London for us in a delightful mash-up that pairs historic paintings of the city with its modern counterpart. A resident of London, they took their love of art and knowledge of the metropolis and found the locations that the 18th and 19th century works depict. Shystone then layered the paintings on top of the contemporary photographs, and often, the two matched…


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Walk on Frozen Lake Superior to Visit Rare Ice Caves

While this year's bitter winter has created its share of problems, Mother Nature has provided a beautiful and rare treat for those living in the upper Midwest. For the first time in five years, people can visit the mainland sea caves of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore by walking on a frozen Lake Superior. The lake's ice is thick and stable enough so that visitors can trek…


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Powerful Student Photos in Sony World Photography Awards

The ten finalists for the Sony World Photography Awards Student Focus were just announced. Students worldwide were asked to submit a single image that encapsulated the phrase "Tomorrow's News." Here was the brief: "Enter an image for the front page of a newspaper. This image can be sensationalist or low key, from a local cat rescue to an international environmental concern. It can…


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12 Touching First Look Photos That Show Grooms Crying

In wedding photography, the first look is that beautifully authentic moment when a groom first lays eyes on his bride. Usually occurring before the ceremony, it's a quiet moment filled with anticipation and emotion. Dressed in white and with her hair and makeup done to perfection, the bride is a vision. While the first look can be scheduled for a number of different reasons, for instance to calm pre-wedding jitters or so that the couple can save time by taking…


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Storytelling Technology Image is World Press Photo of the Year

American photographer John Stanmyer was just announced as the winner of the prestigious World Press Photo of the Year 2013 award for a stunning image that shows African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city (in the Horn of Africa or 13 miles northwest of the Somalia border), holding cellphones in the air. Are they taking a selfie or capturing the soft glow of the moon? Not…


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Miniature Galaxies Created Through Tilt-Shift Technique

With the use of a relatively simple photography technique, Italian artist Haari Tesla has reduced the cosmos to a microscopic level. Her series, Illuminated Code From Space, is experimentation in tilt-shift manipulation. By digitally adjusting the depth of field, contrast, and adding a gradient, Tesla has managed to transform photos of nebulae, galaxies, and supernovae…


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Ethereal Underwater Photographs Capture Frozen Moments in Time

Kurt Arrigo’s underwater photographs are a great reminder that we live in a remarkable world. Passionate about the sea his entire life, Arrigo’s love for it is palpable in these strikingly-clear images featuring shoals of fish, graceful dancers, and a majestic Black Stallion horse. Our vantage point is well below the ocean’s surface, with deep blues and turquoise that fade as they are…


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Vintage NASA Photographs Are a Real Blast from the Past

Buzz Aldrin’s visor reflects Armstrong, Apollo 11, July 1969 It’s been over 50 years since President Kennedy declared that the United States will put a man on the moon, and a lot of exciting advancements in space exploration have taken place since then. A new exhibition at the London art gallery Breese Little titled For All Mankind: Vintage NASA Photographs 1964 - 1983…


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Real Objects Made to Appear Like Two-Dimensional Drawings

In her series Representations, photographer Cynthia Greig whitewashes mundane objects and traces the edges and details with charcoal. Things like a toaster, fruit, bottles, and books are all given this painterly touch and photographed against a white background. When devoid of environment and context, an pretty commonplace transformation happens, and the…


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Amazing Lunar Eclipse Captured Through Time-Lapse Photos

Many saw the lunar eclipse that occurred on December 21, 2010, which happened to coincide with the date of the December Solstice - only the second time since 1638. For those who weren't able to marvel at this natural phenomena, time-lapse photography captured what we missed. The event took five hours and 38 minutes and was photographed every two minutes. Out of hundreds of…


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Librarians Show Off Their Risqué Side Through Tattoos

Last fall, the Rhode Island Library Association (RILA) launched their first-ever Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State 2014 calendar. Proving that librarians aren't just strict, buttoned-up middle aged women, this calendar features 12 librarian and library workers who are proud of their jobs and of their rebellious ink. Each photograph captures the models showing off not…


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Stunning Aerial Photos of Botswana Wildlife

From now till February 23, visit the Robin Rice Gallery in New York to see Botswana, stunning photos of African wildlife taken by photographer Zack Seckler less than 500 feet from above the ground. Flying in an ultra-light aircraft and with an expert…


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Wintertime in Yosemite Looks Like the Inside of a Snow Globe

Last month, 21-year-old landscape photographer Jeff Lewis braved the bitter cold to capture these gorgeous shots of wintertime in Yosemite. As he's still a college student studying meteorology at UCLA, he also had to put on hold a 20-page paper and studying for three final exams in order to see Yosemite like this. Running on only four hours of sleep, he and his friends shot photos at…


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Awe-Inspiring Photos of Patagonia's Most Famous Glacier

Sean Kelly gallery in New York is presenting an impressive new body of work by photographer Frank Thiel that shows the massive glacial ice formations in Patagonia, Argentina. The show, called Nowhere is a Place, takes its name from a book co-written by Bruce Chatwin and Paul Theroux in 1992 about their impressions of the South American region. Thiel first visited Patagonia 15…


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95-Year-Old Receives Award for Iconic Detroit Street Photography

Not many people can say that they've devoted more than 60 years of their life to photography, but then again, not many people receive artist awards at the ripe old age of 95. Photographer Bill Rauhauser was just selected as the 2014 Kresge Eminent Artist, as he gains recognition for his contributions to the cultural community of Detroit. Hilariously, when we was…


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Breathtaking Views of The Bay Lights by David Yu

Artist Leo Villareal's monumental light installation, The Bay Lights, has now been up since March of 2013. The incredible light project spans 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, making it the world's largest LED light sculpture. While many people have taken photos of it, one photographer, named…


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Spectacular Shots of Golden Hour Across the World

The golden hour in photography refers to the first and last hour of sunlight during the day, when the light is just perfect for a spectacular shot. During the golden hour, the warm colors of the sun enhance the colors of any scene. In particular, they can cast beautiful, glowing shades of gold and blue onto expansive landscapes and cityscapes.

Recently, National Geographic…


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Photographers' Tearful Goodbye to Their Deceased Dog

As wedding photographers by trade, most of the time, Helena and Laurent spend their days documenting the happiest moments in peoples' lives. Recently, however, they shared on their blog a very personal moment but one that's filled with equal amounts of love. As Helena tells us, "Weddings are beautiful but so is loss; loss is beautiful because it is about love. Both weddings and funerals…


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