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Our Childhood Memories - Lottie Davies (5 pics)

The Day My Brother Was Born

Look through Lottie Davies' interesting photos and you may start to remember some of your own childhood memories. The day your younger brother was born, the thrill and excitement of seeing lights turning an ordinary forest into a magical one. Photographer Lottie Davies explored childhood memories and, in doing so, found a…


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This Love is Timeless, Part 2 (17 pics)

As Kevin mentioned, I am a person who is inspired by beautiful engagement and wedding photography. My favorite sets are the ones where the styling is so unique and different, you can almost feel the couple's personality shine through. Simply Bloom Photography has captured that magic…


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Spectacular Animal Portraits by Steve Hoskins (20 pics)

Having worked on ad campaigns for Pedigree, Purina and Whiskas, British photographer Steve Hoskins knows a thing or two about taking pictures of our furriest friends. Diving deeper into his work, we find stunningly clear photos of animals big and small, creepy and cuddly. With an eye for detail, Hoskins portrays these animals in both striking and subtle ways, making…


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Submerged Underwater - Yang Yi (24 pics)

What would it be like if life was suddenly submerged under water? For most of us, we'll never know. But for artist Yang Yi, this idea hits a little too close to home. Personally affected by the Three Gorges Dam project along the Yangtze River, he sought to capture what was left of his hometown before it was completely submerged. What follows is a haunting and tragic…


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10 Creative Photo Series

Crazy Scenes in Da Car by Ashot Gevorkyan and Yaryshev Evgeny [Link]

While it takes a good amount of time and effort to compose the perfect shot, it takes an enormous amount of creativity to come up with an original series. These ten…


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Pic of the Day: Twist

How beautiful and clever. Photo by Delila.

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Lone Wolf by Nirrimi Joy (7 pics)

Eugene wrote about Nirrimi Joy's stunning photography but I wanted to share my favorite set of hers. The 17-year old sure knows how to capture youth. I particularly love the strong look on the model's face.…


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Pic of the Day: Superman

Just a not wait for anyone else..but to find that superhuman strength within yourself. Pic via Paul Broome.

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Spherical Photos Lit From the Inside (5 pics)

What a refreshing yet trippy way to look at photos! Mikrokosmos is an art installation by Bigert & Bergström, an artist duo who live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. The spherical photos are beautifully lit from the inside. How I'd love to see this in person.…


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Doggie Gaga (5 pics)

What could be more humiliating to a dog than dressing him up in a Lady Gaga outfit? Nothing! As dogs all around the world hang their heads in shame, humans all around get to laugh at their misfortune. (Cue evil laugh) Mwahaha!

Here's the back story from the evil mastermind (aka Jesse Freiden):

"Last night the studio was covered in multi-colored Polaroid…


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71 Years Later... (2 pics)

If you could peek into your future and see how you'd age, would you? With a few Photoshop tricks, photographer/digital artist Aaron Nace shows us what 71 more years might look like.

"We get old, there is no getting around it. Lets speed up…


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World Record Setters - The Big Picture

Earlier this week, the world's shortest man He Pingping, age 21, died after developing chest pains while filming a television show in Italy. Pingping suffered from primordial dwarfism, a condition which kept him from ever growing taller than 73 cm (or 2 ft 5 in) tall. In a tribute to this awesome little man, here are some recent photos of world records and record… Continue

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Creative Perfume Product Shots - Joshua Scott (5 pics)

Instead of taking super slick product shots of Marc Jacobs Lola perfume bottle, still life photographer Joshua Scott wanted to capture the emotions or essence of the brand instead. Using everything from glitter and feathers to balls and confetti, Scott took the perfume (same colors as the perfume bottle) and…


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Sexiest Celebrity Portraiture - James White

Flip through the latest issue of Esquire, Glamour, Entertainment Weekend, Vanity Fair or GQ and you might just stumble upon the gorgeous work of James White. As a famous celebrity photographer, he's the one who makes all of our A-list actors and actresses seem incredibly sexy. Of course, I'm sure it helps that the famous faces he photographs go by the names -…


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Striking Splash of Color (20 photos)

Hans van Reenen

What is about selective color photos that turn a normal picture into a striking piece of art? Perhaps it's the way we're asked to focus on a particular feature. Or maybe it's the way it draws upon our own experiences, asking us to tell the mysterious story. Whatever…


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Epic Wipeouts and Incredible Underwater Photography

While there's a million glossy shots of surfers gloriously riding a wave, it's not often that you get to see epic wipeouts or how a surfer looks underneath the water, after the wave. Thanks to professional surf photographer Brian Bielmann we now get to experience these moments. Bielmann captures incredible surfing shots most of us have never seen. Shooting in a wide…


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Get Inspired...Take a Bath

She took a bath when suddenly it occurred to her how she could photograph the bath bubbles in an interesting way. So she took out her new camera and discovered that this new camera was perfect for macro photography. Different coloring and the right lighting help to make the most interesting compositions, making some of the shots seem like we're looking at living cells or…


Added by Inka Leoni on March 12, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

Pier Pressure (12 pics)

Ibán Ramón's series of portraits are special because they each bring out a different emotion. Several factors come into play in creating a mood. These include the stance or disposition of the subject, the weather and its effect on lighting and the angle at which Ibán Ramón takes his photos. Looking out into the still or choppy water, the subjects are all lost in their own…


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Mystical Surreal Art (10 total)


Using Photoshop, Jay (or One Tainted Angel on DeviantArt) creates mystical, surreal art that's beautiful yet haunting. His photomanipulations are somewhat subtle but his stories are spectacularly clear. Like digital artists Stanislav Odyagailo and…


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Breakfasts Around the World (7 pics)


Inka's post on What the World Eats made us truly appreciate how our cultural diversity plays into our food choices. Hamburg-based German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald delves specifically into our most important meal of the day with his series, "Breakfast." Here, he… Continue

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