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NASA's Infrared Sky Comprised of 2.7 Million Images

NASA recently unveiled a new atlas and catalog of the entire infrared sky, which includes more than a half billion stars, galaxies and other objects captured by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission. It is comprised of more than 2.7 million images taken at four infrared wavelengths of light,…


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Extreme Adventure Photography

Jimmy Chin is one of the most extreme adventurers in the world and, fortunately for us, he's also a very talented photographer. As he hikes, climbs and skis across the world's harshest terrains, Jimmy somehow manages to capture the raw beauty of nature while also showing us the incredible spirit of human beings. What makes his shots so distinct is that he captures them from incredible angles… Continue

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The Secret Life of Skeletons

Does Paris, France-based Marc Da Cunha Lopes know of a world that we don't? Has he found a secret land of sad and depressed skeletons? It would seem so by his latest series titled Vertebrata...

Cunha is known for his spectacular photo manipulations and sweet stories like Lulu and… Continue

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Raw Unfiltered Emotion

There's nothing cute and cuddly about Laura Zalenga's photographs. The German does not hold back one bit as she explores the depths of our emotions...raw and unfiltered.

At only 21 years of age, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to call Zalenga a prodigy. She only started taking photographs since 2007, yet her work stands for itself, showing a maturity that could only come with pure and… Continue

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Cinematic Real Life Scenes

If you thought one creative field couldn't bleed into another then you haven't met director, writer and photographer TJ Scott. Then again, maybe you have. Yesterday, Alyssa introduced us to him through his incredibly powerful silhouettes. Looking through the rest of his shots, you'll find that there's an… Continue

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Dream-Inspired Digital Manipulations

Michael Vincent Manalo takes surreal images from his dreams and merges them into vivid digital artworks. Each image represents one fascinating frame. With so many questions left answered, he allows us to interpret what's really going on.

"Inspiration for me comes from a lot of different sources," says Manalo. "It may start from hauntingly vivid dreams, to nostalgic memories, to wild… Continue

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Spine-Chilling World (12 photos)

Polish photographer Leszek Bujnowski takes us on a haunting journey, into a spine-chilling world where most wouldn't dare to walk alone. His moody and atmospheric photos remind us of Luis Beltrán or… Continue

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Beasts of Burden (5 photos)

Next time you're down in the dumps, you can find a little sympathy in this creative set by photographer Jamie Campbell. Called Beasts of Burden, it tells the tale of depressed mascots whose motivations have been zapped.

"I was interested in the concept of burden," the Montreal, Canada-based photographer says. "Burden can be carried; it has a particular… Continue

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Mini-Apocalyptic Scenes (12 photos)

Growing up in the Midwest, photographer Lori Nix was used to extreme weather - tornados, floods, blizzards, fire and drought. She experienced each of these natural disasters firsthand but was never scared or upset. On the contrary, she found these events exciting. As she says, "Whereas most adults viewed these seasonal disruptions with angst, for a child it was… Continue

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Unveiling Sultry Souls (15 photos)

There's nothing fancy or technically complicated about the way Paris-based photographer Luc Braquet shoots. He does, however, have an innate ability to focus on the soul of his sultry female subjects, making their true characters come out.

Braquet’s been taking pictures since childhood, but it wasn’t until he attended art school, at the age of 19, that he… Continue

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Heavy Bicycle Loads (10 photos)

Apparently, some people in China have never heard of U-Haul. They are, however, amazingly efficient in the way they pack and move all their inventory on a tiny little bike.

"Manufactured Totems" is a series by Alain Delorme which brilliantly portrays the pressure Shanghainese migrant workers face. Piles of products labeled “Made in China” are stacked up to… Continue

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World Record Setters - The Big Picture

Earlier this week, the world's shortest man He Pingping, age 21, died after developing chest pains while filming a television show in Italy. Pingping suffered from primordial dwarfism, a condition which kept him from ever growing taller than 73 cm (or 2 ft 5 in) tall. In a tribute to this awesome little man, here are some recent photos of world records and record… Continue

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Connecting Polaroids - Hana Davies

I love the idea behind this set by French photographer Hana Davies. Creating photo collages of old-school Polaroids, she recreates interesting scenes in a retro/nostalgic way. Using this method, she creates a flurry of movement, forcing us to use our minds to fill in the blanks.…


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Koen Demuynck - Creative Genius (16 photos)

Belgian photographer Koen Demuynck is my kind of guy. By looking at his work you can tell he's an "out of the box" visionary who must be half genius, half crazy. But on the real, Koen definitely has one of the most creative minds I've come across in design. You've probably seen some of the countless advertisements he's created without even knowing it. Here are some… Continue

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Carnival in Germany!!! (15 photos)

Thousands of fun-seekers have started celebrating carnival in Germany. By dressing up in costumes and singing in the streets, they are determined to shrug off what is shaping to be the worst recession since the Second World War. “When times are tough we just party even harder,” said Christoph Kuckelkorn, the manager of the Cologne's Rose Monday procession, which… Continue

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Jonathan Leder Steams Up Our Screen - Retro Style: (9 photos)

Jonathan Leder was born and raised in New York City during the 1970's. He started his career by assisting superstar photographer Steven Klein.

As the digital camera revolutionized the photography world, Jonathan remained faithful to his 35mm and old-school Polaroid (remember those?). With a sharp eye and a distinct indie style, Jonathan is able to capture… Continue

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Brilliant Colors of India (10 photos)

Collected here are ten photos that really capture the brilliant colors and magical essence that is India. I've always been blown away by the vibrant colors that burst out of photos from there. Just by looking at the way Indians dress, you can tell that they have a deep, rich culture.

The traditional Indian draped garment that women wear, called a… Continue

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Investigating Environmental and Social Issues Around the World (11 photos)

Happy in her own world, Abhijit Nandi

It's really intriguing to view global environmental and social issues through a lens. These photos are part of CIWEM’s Environmental Photographer of the Year 2008 Exhibition. The images are meant to enhance our understanding of the causes, consequences and solutions of climate change.

Over 1,400… Continue

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Nastia Liukin's Beautiful Elegance: Max Azria Spring 2009 (10 photos)

Some of you may remember my post last month previewing Nastia Liukin's amazing photo shoot for Maz Azria's Spring 2009 collection. To my delight, I'm pleased to announce that the photos have finally been released!

Conveying the freedom and inspiration of Max Azria's Spring… Continue

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Roadtrippin' Dogs Lovin' Life (15 photos)

It's always fun to watch dogs look out the window with pure exhilaration and joy. Some just can't help but to have a wide grin on their face, while others look to be soaking it all in and enjoying the bright sun and fresh air. Collected here are 15 dogs that love living on the edge and cruisin outside the window...…


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