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Photorealistic Paintings of Beautiful Women Lying in Nature

Tel Aviv-born, New York-based painter Yigal Ozeri produces unbelievably realistic paintings of women in beautiful landscapes that make it hard to believe that they aren't photographs. The photorealistic pieces, which often depict women lying in nature, capture every detail of the scene, from…


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Highly Detailed Drawings of Aging Hands


Skin is a beautifully moving series, by artist Kim Anderson, that consists of highly detailed drawings of aging hands. Created by copic liner (or ink pens) on washi (a type of Japanese paper made from the bark of the gampi tree), each set of hands holds stories we can only begin to imagine but ones that the artist is already…


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Expressive Photorealistic Oil Paintings of People in Water

There's something both sensual and tranquil about artist Linnea Strid's photorealistic paintings. The Stockholm, Sweden-based creative's oil paintings depict intriguing portraits of people drenched in water. Strid is able to depict the translucent liquid so effectively that it…


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Unbelievably Photorealistic Paintings of an Elegant Bride

Though this image of an elegant, swan-like bride clutching with one arm to the table behind her as her flowing gown drapes on the wood paneled floor below may seem like photograph of refined taste, it is actually a painting by artist Rob Hefferan. The photorealistic work of the English…


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Illustrator Doodles Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Portraits

English artist Everett Jacob creates intricately crafted large-scale portraits using a simple ballpoint pen. What separates his ink drawings from others is his pattern of scribbles coupled with an intriguing gridded method. At times, his process involves loops, much like a person idly doodling, while other times he practices a technique similar to pointillism. In either case,…


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Incredibly Detailed Photorealistic Pencil Portraits

Italian artist Franco Clun is a self-taught master of photorealism. Using nothing more than some pencils and paper, the artist is able to manifest the image of celebrities and common folk to unbelievably realistic proportions. His collection of works cover a range of portraits that include the wide-eyed gaze of children, the weathered faces of the elderly, and the expressive…


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Photorealist Painter Meticulously Recreates City Scenes

You could say that French born Bertrand Meniel was destined to be an artist. Though he's a third generation Photorealist, Meniel initially studied to be a physiotherapist and it was only in his early thirties that he started to pursue art as a real career. In the 80s he emerged as one of the leaders in the photorealism movement and today his meticulously created photorealistic paintings…


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Photorealistic Finger Paintings Full of Raw Emotion

You'll want to remember the name Paolo Troilo. A fast rising star in the art scene, the 40-year-old is known for his incredibly expressive black and white works that have a photorealistic quality about them. Of course, that's not the most interesting part. The highly energetic pieces were not created by charcoal or pastel, they were made by splattering and spreading paint on…


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10 Mind-Boggling Photorealistic Drawings

After seeing so many unbelievably amazing drawings that look like photos come across our desk, we felt as though it was finally time to put those, along with some new ones, all together in one post. In the past few months we've seen a resurgence of photorealistic art but instead of…


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Beautifully Photorealistic Colored Pencil Drawings

Time and time again we're blown away by the skilled hands of artists who are equipped with mere pens and pencils. The photorealistic work of artist Amy Robins is no exception. The…


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Incredible Tiny, Photorealistic Pencil Drawings

It might seem hard to believe but what you're looking at isn't a vintage, black and white photo. It's a pencil drawing. And, even more unbelievable is that it's actually a tiny illustration that takes up no more than about five square centimeters of a page! Edinburgh-based artist Paul Chiappe is the skillful hand behind these series of photorealistic drawings that are on such…


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Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of Cats

You don't have to be a cat lover to appreciate this. It's been awhile since we checked up on artist Paul Lung. Over two years ago, we came across his incredible pencil drawings and were blown away by the just how much they resembled photographed. If you can believe it,…


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Intimate Photorealistic Paintings

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish what medium of art I'm looking at anymore! Marta Penter, a psychologist-turned-painter based in Brazil, is playing mind games with her photorealistic paintings. Her series "Shared Intimacy" features visuals that you'd swear were candid photographs from a personal collection.

Penter paints with watercolors and oils on canvas. She… Continue

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Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung (12 total)

Dedicated artist Paul Lung spends up to 60 hours sketching these photorealistic pencil drawings. A graphic artist from Hong Kong, Paul uses a 0.5mm technical pencil to draw everything from his family and friends to cats. His highly detailed work has been written about in newspapers like… Continue

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15 Photorealistic Paintings That Pop!

What is it about photorealistic paintings that we just can't get enough of? Maybe it's the way it tricks us into believing that it's actually a photo until we find out it's not. Or maybe it's the way we come to appreciate the simple beauty of everyday objects. Whatever the case, here's a set of photorealistic paintings that will blow you away with their beautiful pops…


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