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Adorable Japanese-Inspired Pop Art by Tom Lewis

Today we have fallen in love with the adorable Japanese-inspired art by Tom Lewis. His mixed media paintings are the result of combining both traditional tools, like pencil, acrylic paint, aerosol and marker pens, with modern digital software. Instantly recognizable, his style is the blend of ancient mythology and Asian-style art with a splash of contemporary street art…


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Whimsical Installations Introduce Korean Pop Art to London

For the 2012 summer festival "All Eyes On Korea" at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, some of the best Korean art is being showcased at various venues across London. Artist Choi Jeong Hwa has created two larger than life outdoor installations called Time After Time and Life-Life where he asked volunteers to help him cover up 16, dull gray pillars…


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Retro Superhero Pop Art by Des Taylor

Today I ran across the stunning work of Des Taylor, a Hertfordshire, England-based artist who says he has "a passion for comic book and Pop Art fused with an obsession for retro film and 50's pin up girls." Look closely and you'll notice that he purposely selects what's in and out of focus, giving his pieces almost a cinematic feel. Also, famous female characters…


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Pop Culture Locations Turned Illustrations

The Simpsons - Moe's Tavern

If you've ever wanted to see an artist's interpretation of famous TV locations, look no further than Tim Doyle's new works for Spoke Art Gallery. Called "Unreal Estate," it's places that we all know and love, even though they only exist in our pop culture memory. As Doyle says, "'Some of us have been going to these places for decades -…


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Cute Pop Culture Art Prints

Star Wars

Hong Kong-based mother and designer, under the name Loopz, has created these cute vector art prints that are an ode to pop culture. Featuring princesses, superheroes, and even Star Wars characters, they're so fantastically fun, you'll want to buy them as sets to hang up in your office or baby's…


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Pop Art Portraits

Albert Einstein. Andy Warhol. Woody Allen. Frida Kahlo. Though countless portraits of them have been made before, never have we seen them quite like this. Spanish realist artist Mario Soria recently reached out to us to tell us about his paintings of icons where he mixes hyperrealism, pop art and surrealism. While the person in the portrait is always in black and white, he adds a dash of something…


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Pop Culture Matches


Who knew you could have so much fun with matches? After finding our post on pop culture cash, New Jersey-born and raised artist Mike Bell reached out to us to tell us about a similar project he'd thought we'd enjoy.

Bell memorializes some of our most well-known celebrities or… Continue

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Socio-Political Pop Art (7 pieces)

New York-based artist Kevin Bourgeois takes photo-realism to new heights with his socio-political pop art. His work asks the viewer to take in the crazy signs and symbols to find the deeper meaning.

From his website: "An underlying theme of contrast defines the essence of Bourgeois’ exhaustively detailed drawings. The polarities of the sentimental and the cerebral, science and… Continue

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Relentlessly Cheerful Art by James Hance

James Hance is an incredibly talented character artist and painter. His art features a wide range of Stars Wars, Muppets, celebrity and pop culture references.

Here's an excerpt from his website explaining his three distinct styles:"James appears to have three styles of painting, extremely expressive…


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Creative Ad: Ambi Pur "Pink Flowers Room Spray" (4 pics)

Aren't these fantastic? What a creative way to not only pretty up the place, but attract consumers with this colourful flower-power get up. Created by Jacques Pense for Sara Lee Household & Body Care Germany., this is perfect for public restrooms and toilets(But I personally would like to have one in my home so I could surprise my guests. Haha!)

The added surprise element here, is that it allow the 'flowers' to pop out whenever one opens… Continue

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It's Raining Ring Pops (4 pics)

A sweet installation just went up at the Standard Hotel, New York. Artist Julia Chiang has created a site-specific installation where All For You is spelled out with Ring Pop candy along the wall of the shop. Julia's known for taking your old childhood candy and turning them into…


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15 Photorealistic Paintings That Pop!

What is it about photorealistic paintings that we just can't get enough of? Maybe it's the way it tricks us into believing that it's actually a photo until we find out it's not. Or maybe it's the way we come to appreciate the simple beauty of everyday objects. Whatever the case, here's a set of photorealistic paintings that will blow you away with their beautiful pops…


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Pop Art: Springfield Still Life

Threadless and Tate Modern recently collaborated for the Pop Life T-shirt Design Challenge. The contest, which ran for the month of October, challenged young artists to define what "Pop" meant to them. They were asked to create a T-shirt design inspired by… Continue

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From Political to Pop, Cache's Chickens Rock! (15 total)

Flava Flave!

Can chickens be cute and still carry a political message? Check out the work of Cache and you might think so. Street artist Cache painted his first chicken in 2003, near downtown LA. "The chicken thing started as a joke," he says, "but once I started reading and exploring the socioeconomic spiral, I figured there's a way to open people's minds. Carlos Castaneda wrote…


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Pop Art by Andy Awesome (10 Sets)

Super Mario Bros

Take art back down to its most basic form and you'll find something like this from Andy Awesome. The coolest part of his art is that he takes you on a walk down memory lane. Who doesn't remember blowing in their Nintendo cartridges trying to get Super Mario Bros to play?

Charlie… Continue

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Random Elements


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Japanese Pop Art! - Ippei Gyobu (17 Total)

Ippei Gyobu is a Japanese pop artist who's known for his clean lines and vibrant colors. His long-legged, doe-eyed characters are both sassy and sweet, they have a sexiness about them that's almost taboo. Gyobu has collaborated with several large companies like Adidas, Dr. Pepper, Microsoft (for Zune) and Sony - his work transcends racial lines, appealing to a global…


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Robyn is White Hot in "Cobrastyle"

I'm completely enamored with Robyn and her Jackson Pollack style music video for "Cobrastyle,"

View the HQ music video on YouTube

The video was directed by the incredible Rankin & Chris.

Favorite… Continue

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Doh! The Simpsons' Stamps are Coming!

Mark the date! On April 9th, "The Simpsons" stamps will be unveiled. The U.S. Postal Service will immortalize and celebrate the the longest-running primetime comedy's 20th anniversary this year with stamps that include Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

The 44-cent first-class mail stamps, designed by Simpsons creator and executive producer Matt Groening,… Continue

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Breathing New Life Into Old Books (13 Photos)


American artist and photographer Thomas Allen brings old books back to life by the use of his x-acto knife, his camera and his wild sense of imagination. He carefully cuts people and things from old paperback books and then photographs them to create mesmerizing three dimensional…


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