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Beautiful Portraits Hope to Change the Perception of Bully Breed Rescue Dogs

Started back in 2012, Not a Bully is a heartwarming project by photographer Douglas Sonders that aims to change the perception of rescue dogs that have been unfairly labeled as bullies. The term "bully breed" covers 14 popular dog breeds like Boxers, Rottweilers, and PIt Bulls. Essentially, they're dogs that people believe are inherently mean, aggressive or even…


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16-Year-Old's Amazingly Hyperrealistic Graphite Portrait Wins Top Prize

16-year-old Shania McDonagh recently took home the top prize of the 60th Texaco Children's Art Competition, an art competition for young people held in Ireland every year. Known for her incredibly detailed and hyperrealistic portraits, the young artist has won first place in her age category four years in a row (check out those works below), but this year marks the…


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Beautiful and Touching Portraits of the Visually Impaired

Sight, which is considered the most vital sense for appreciators of the visual arts, is often taken for granted by those who can see. In her 2013 series Blind, London-based fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten focuses on the visually impaired, providing a glimpse of how very different their daily experiences and lives are, compared to people who are able to see. Using…


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More Stunning Portraits Featuring Wild Animals by Katerina Plotnikova

Since the last time we featured Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova's incredible portraits of young women holding wild animals, her stunning images have only grown more daring, now featuring even larger and more exotic creatures such as bears,…


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Museum's Exhibit of Hilariously Awkward Family Photos

With the upcoming exhibit of Awkward Family Photos at the California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica, it's clear that taking awkward family photos is not just a cringeworthy memory, but a form of art. The exhibit, open from March 28 to July 27, will display the best of the worst…


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New Enchanting Oil Painting Portraits by Mary Jane Ansell

Brighton, UK-based artist Mary Jane Ansell is back with more fantastic oil paintings of enchanting and mysterious young women. Although Ansell displays her impressive skill in rendering realistic lights, shadows, skin tones, and textures, the portraits are not quite in the realm of hyperrealism.…


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Century-Old Photographs of Adorable Cats and Dogs

Harry Whittier Frees, an American photographer who lived from 1879 to 1953, may have created the original LOLcat images! His funny photographs show adorable animals dressed up in clothes and posed in human situations. Often accompanied by humorous captions, the photographs depict the furry little critters wearing clothes handmade by Frees' mother and using tiny props that look like…


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Photographer Takes Intimate Portraits of Her Playful Dogs

German photographer Elke Vogelsang (of Wieselblitz Photography) makes a living shooting weddings and portraits of people and animals, but some of her favorite subjects are none other than her own three dogs, named Loli, Scout, and Noodles. Her studio portraits of the adorable canines are incredibly expressive, presenting an intimate look at the dogs and their playful personalities.…


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Dreamy Illustrations of Enigmatic Young People by Jo In Hyuk

Using clean lines, minimalist composition, and muted color palettes, South Korean graphic designer and illustrator Jo In Hyuk creates beautiful portrait illustrations of young men and women. Jo's digital artwork has a unique style, featuring solid pastel colors, fine lines and textures, and abundant negative space. Despite the simplicity of the illustrations, however, the artist…


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Adorable Photos of Children in the Nebraskan Countryside

Warm golden light, sweet smiles, endless country roads, and pure adorableness are words that come to mind when looking at Jake Olson's photographs of young children. The Blair, Nebaska-based photographer, who owns his own photography business called Jake Olson Studios, takes portraits that can best be described as "aww"-worthy in their depiction of the warmth and joy that kids radiate.



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More Fantastical Photos of a Dreamlike World by Oleg Oprisco

Ukraine-based fine art photographer Oleg Oprisco has continued to produce beautifully imaginative and emotive portraits since the last time we wrote about him. His imaginative photographs—featuring mysterious young women, fantastical props, and hazy, dreamy colors—evoke a strong sense of…


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New Touching Portraits of Mothers with Their One-Day-Old Babies

London-based photographer Jenny Lewis's ongoing series, One Day Young, continues with more beautiful portraits of mothers and their one-day-old babies. Shot in the comfort of each woman's home, these photos are one of the first they'll take with their…


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Portraits of People Around the World Inspired by "Humans of New York"

Art and photography are always great sources of inspiration but Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York series, in particular, seems to have struck a chord with people all across the world. Following in the footsteps of the photographer's ongoing portrait series, several…


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Powerful Non-Stereotypical Portraits of Homeless People

Photographer Rosie Holtom, a long-time volunteer at a homeless shelter in London, embarked on a portrait project depicting homeless people in a very humane light that doesn't exploit or stereotype their situation. Instead, the black and white portraits reveal a very human side to each individual, one that shows consideration for their value as a person with a place in the…


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8 Photographers Who Are Creatively Reimagining the Portrait

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On the Internet, you don't have to search for very long to find a group…


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Funny Portraits of Wet Dogs by Sophie Gamand

"Wet Dog is a series on dogs being washed during their grooming sessions. The way the water plays with their hair in a very painterly manner, and their facial expressions as the water is poured on them creates striking portraits that resemble famous humans or important characters. The dogs become timeless sculptures." - Sophie…


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Stunning New Knife-Painted Portrait by Francoise Neilly

As part of ST-ART, a European contemporary art fair that opens today and runs till November 25, Twentytwo Gallery is presenting new works by French artist Françoise Nielly. Nielly is known for her colorful portraits made using just oil and knives. As you can see here, her work involves thick brushstrokes of varying…


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Powerful Portraits of Secluded Cultures on the Brink of Extinction

Huli in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Before They Pass Away is a powerful documentary series by photographer Jimmy Nelson featuring dozens of cultures around the world whose people live in seclusion and are at risk of fading away. Traveling across five continents, the English photographer manages to embrace the…


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Touching Portraits of Mothers with Their One-Day-Old Babies

While she's used to taking celebrity portraits like those of actress Keira Knightley, chef Jamie Oliver or the rock band Beastie Boys, photographer Jenny Lewis shows that she's just as skilled at capturing beautiful portraits of mother and child. One Day Young is a touching photo project that shows mothers with their babies within 24 hours of their birth.…


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Rare Portraits of Ethiopian Tribes: MMM Exclusive Interview with Diego Arroyo

New York-based Spanish art director and photographer Diego Arroyo has recently traveled to Ethiopia, capturing portraits of people from the Omo Valley tribes. Having traveled across the globe to photograph people from all walks of life, particularly those with special stories behind their powerful eyes, the photographer reached out to us to share new images of these secluded, lesser…


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