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Fun Cardboard Cutouts Result in Comical Kitty Cosplay

To celebrate her cat Guagua's birthday, Chinese blogger toshiya86 created a series of cardboard comic foregrounds for the furry feline to stick its head through and automatically be transformed into an anime character. The clever project has resulted in an endless array of portraits of the expressive cat, paving the way for kitty…


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Funny Portraits of Animals Dressed Like Humans

Zoo Portraits is a funny photo series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal that pairs animal heads with human bodies. Partal humorously manages to present his wildlife subjects as a believable display of individual men, each with his own personality and style. From a ferocious yet cuddly black bear wearing a winter sweater adorned with skull and snowflake designs to…


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Unique Portraits Filled with Raw Emotion

18-year-old photographer Christian Benetel first became interested in photography at the young age of 14, when he noticed his sister posting her photos on Flickr. After seeing incredible photos of the people she followed, he was inspired to pick up his parent's digital camera to see what he could do. Fast forward four years later and Benetel is now part of an elite group of talented…


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Jason Schwartzman's Hilarious Valentine's Day Portraits

Who could pull off such a hilarious set of portraits but indie heartthrob Jason Schwartzman? For the February/March issue of BUST magazine, Los Angeles-based photographer Amanda Marsalis shot Schwarzman in a wide variety of hilarious scenes. From nonchalantly sucking on a lollipop while sporting heart-shaped sunglasses to lying passed out on the floor with the top of…


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Spectacular Rubik's Cube Portrait of a Man Disintegrating

First spotted at Morris Museum's new show, "Toying with Art," this incredibly intriguing portrait made out of Rubik's Cubes was also submitted as an entry into CubeWork's art contest this past September. It shows a man in anguish, holding his…


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Artist Recreates His Face with 5,000 Urethane Fish

This 65-pound sculptural Self Portrait by artist Kevin Champeny is a medley of multi toned hand-cast urethane fish—5,000, to be exact. Each individual structure serves as a necessary pixel representing the entirety of Champeny's own face, like an intriguing work of sculptural pointillism.

The artist says, "It is very painstaking work, I design, sculpt, mold, cast in color…


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Portraits of Dogs Least Likely to Be Adopted

We've seen some heartbreaking portraits of shelter dogs in the past and New York-based photographer LaNola Stone adds a few more faces to the mix. In her series titled Least Likely to Be Adopted, Stone presents portraits of some lovable…


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Incredible Ironed Recreations of Classic Portraits

Ironing is often deemed a daunting chore, but Philips has turned it into an incredible art! In a commercial for the Russian branch of the electronics and appliances company, as conceived by ad agency DDB Russia, an unidentified artist continuously reproduces remarkable portraits by classic painters including Vermeer's The Girl…


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Revealing Split Portraits of Immediate Family Members

Aging is a visually recognizable occurrence, as we've seen in photographer Bobby Neel Adams' AgeMaps, but there's something even more fascinating about comparative portraits between relatives. That is perhaps why Adams followed his last project with Family Tree, a…


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Shocking Before and After Composite Portraits of Drug Abuse

London-based photographer Roman Sakovich gives us a glimpse of the drastic visual differences that substance abuse can cause in his series titled Half. By splitting his subjects' style choices and physical appearances straight down the middle of their portraits, the photographer presents a before and after composite image that shows us two timelines—one of the addict (on the right) and one of…


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American Girls and Their Adorable Mini-Me Dolls

New York-based photographer Ilona Szwarc takes an interesting look into the relationships between young girls and their American Girl dolls. In her series, aptly titled American Girls, the photographer unveils portraits of "girls with their sculptural representations" which is meant to give us a visual sense of each of their…


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Expressive Black and White Portraits of Zoo Animals

German photographer Wolf Ademeit captures expressive portraits of zoo animals. Rather than focusing on wildlife in their naturally beautiful habitats, Ademeit finds charm and personality in the colorful facial expressions of his subjects alone. The series, known simply as ANIMALS, presents a number of monochromatic portraits that get in close and isolate each model against a…


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Stunning Ink and Pencil Portraits on Maps

Illustrator Ed Fairburn's Maps series turns road and subway maps into interesting canvases for his ink and pencil portraits. The artist utilizes the multicolored, patterned surface of each map to serve as an eye-catching attribute that echoes the complex textures found in the human form. Fairburn says, "Emphasis is placed on the ‘fragmented’ texture of the skin, a process which has…


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Creative Illustrator Draws Himself into the Frame

UK-based digital artist Dan Lester combines photography and illustration into clever and intriguing images that really make you question what you're looking at. Is it a photograph or a drawing? In actuality, it's both. The digital illustrator manages to bewilder his audience by merging the roles of model and artist into one entity in an innovative fashion. Unlike a typical set of…


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Hilariously Recognizable Fingerprint Portraits

Elusive Italian artist known only as Dito Von Tease has embarked on a project called Ditology that features eerily familiar portraits of celebrities on the ordinary human finger. The faces produced on each solo finger range from the well-known public personality (Steve Jobs) and political figure (Che Guevara) to the fictional icon (Mr. T) and religious guru (Dalai Lama). There is no…


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The Cringing Art Form of Developing Photos with Bacteria

The arts and sciences have for years been categorized as two opposing subjects, each stimulating an opposite side of the brain. However, all of that is rapidly changing in an age where technology and art are merging harmoniously. Today, man can land a robot on Mars and rock a creative hairdo (see: Bobak…


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More Pixelated Portraits Made of Buttons by WBK

Last week, we introduced you to a remarkable series of computer key portraits by Australian artist WorkByKnight. We mentioned his other collection of portraits made of buttons and couldn't resist sharing the works. Like the digital renderings using computer keys,…


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Remarkable Pixelated Portraits Made of Computer Keys

Australian artist Guy Whitby, aka WorkByKnight (WBK), draws inspiration from the global transition into the digital era for his unconventionally pixelated portraits. The artist recreates the image of influential celebrities, musicians, and political figures by atypically assembling varied buttons found on your common keyboard, calculators, type writers, and phones.



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Extraordinary Hyperrealistic Ballpoint Pen Portrait

It may be hard to believe, but this portrait simply referred to as Redhead Girl is not a photograph. Once you come to realize what you're looking at is created by hand, your mind may go straight to being amazed that someone painted such a detailed image, but this is not a painting either. This hyperrealistic portrait is, in fact, an illustration drawn with ordinary Bic ballpoint…


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Politically-Driven Portrait Made of 3,500 Lipsticks

For a show at Birzeit University, Palestinian artist Amer Shomali chose to create a portrait of Leila Khaled, the woman known as the "poster girl of Palestinian militancy." Unlike a typical portrait, Shomali's medium of choice for this project is lipstick. Rather than painting the iconic member of the Popular Front…


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