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Portraits of People Around the World Inspired by "Humans of New York"

Art and photography are always great sources of inspiration but Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York series, in particular, seems to have struck a chord with people all across the world. Following in the footsteps of the photographer's ongoing portrait series, several…


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Powerful Non-Stereotypical Portraits of Homeless People

Photographer Rosie Holtom, a long-time volunteer at a homeless shelter in London, embarked on a portrait project depicting homeless people in a very humane light that doesn't exploit or stereotype their situation. Instead, the black and white portraits reveal a very human side to each individual, one that shows consideration for their value as a person with a place in the…


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Powerful Portraits of Secluded Cultures on the Brink of Extinction

Huli in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Before They Pass Away is a powerful documentary series by photographer Jimmy Nelson featuring dozens of cultures around the world whose people live in seclusion and are at risk of fading away. Traveling across five continents, the English photographer manages to embrace the…


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Rare Portraits of Ethiopian Tribes: MMM Exclusive Interview with Diego Arroyo

New York-based Spanish art director and photographer Diego Arroyo has recently traveled to Ethiopia, capturing portraits of people from the Omo Valley tribes. Having traveled across the globe to photograph people from all walks of life, particularly those with special stories behind their powerful eyes, the photographer reached out to us to share new images of these secluded, lesser…


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Large-Scale Murals Made of Thousands of Tiny Objects

London-based artist Joe Black uses thousands of tiny objects to create large-scale murals of iconic and historical figures. Each piece features a variety of components ranging from small toys and chess pieces to nuts and bolts. His material choice plays a significant role in portraying his interpretive message, while presenting it in an eye-catching manner.

The latest portraits in the…


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Portraits of Middle-Aged White Women with "Black" Hair

Can I Touch It? is a portrait series by photographer Endia Beal that explores themes of race, gender, and social identity by featuring middle-aged white women with "black" hair. Choosing her subjects carefully, specifically looking for female baby boomers or any woman over 40 years old, Beal set out to create a collection of images that pushes the boundaries of the aforementioned themes…


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Ethereal Portraits of People in Bubbles

Kingston, NY-based photographer Julianne Swartz manages to capture portraits of people as silhouetted reflections in giant, soapy bubbles. The artistic photographer's Bubble Portraits series features a number of magnificent shots that exude a simultaneous strength and fragility as the translucent orbs drift through the air and daintily sit atop bodies of water.

The round,…


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Emotionally-Charged Portraits of Faceless Women from Behind

Gävle-based Swedish photographer Angelica Ström evokes a sense of angst and raw emotion through mysterious figures of anonymity. Each image captures its own story without ever revealing any facial expressions. Focusing on the backs of her subjects (who are, most often, the photographer herself) rather than their faces presents a variety of intriguing narratives to her collection of curious…


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Artist Cuts into Cardboard to Create Old Hollywood Portraits

Rather than simply throwing away a cardboard box, artist Giles Oldershaw redesigns the discarded packaging he comes across as creative, layered portraits. By carving and tearing away at the material, Oldershaw exposes the ribbed texture sealed within. His meticulous precision and artistic ingenuity results in a spectacular set of Cardboard Relief…


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Skateboarder's Unique Self-Portraits Highlight São Paulo's Architecture

Skateboarding expert and photographer Fabiano Rodrigues takes some really interesting self-portraits as he flips and grinds his way through São Paulo on his board. Unlike other action photography self-portraits, though, Rodrigues shares the spotlight with his surrounding setting. The landscape and architecture is as much the subject as he is, if not more so. His anonymous…


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Portraits of Refugees Holding Their Most Precious Possessions

New York-based photographer Brian Sokol captures insightful portraits of Sudanese, Syrian, and Malian refugees who have unfortunately been forced to flee from their homes, grabbing what they could with them, in a series for the UN Refugee Agency called The Most Important Thing. The collection of black and white images present an eye-opening look into the lives of these…


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Artist Redesigns Portraits of Masculine Figures in Pink

The Pinks is a series of portraits by painter Scott Scheidly that transforms male political and pop culture figures using a pink color palette. Iconic, masculine characters like Blondie (played by Clint Eastwood) in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are given a redesign to reflect the power that the color pink has over public perception and one's perceived…


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Portraits of People Holding Photos from Their Awkward Years

Just about everyone has gone through an awkward phase in their life and designer Merilee Allred's Awkward Years Project exposes just how much people can change with time and age. The ongoing portrait series features people holding up a picture of their former selves as kids with braces, questionable fashion choices, and embarrassing hairstyles.

Allred first embarked…


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Capturing the Subtle Beauty of Rituals in Nature

Sydney-based photographer Tamara Dean explores "the contemporary quest for purpose" through her photos of youths in nature. She captures images of young men and women, boys and girls, uniting in natural Australian landscapes and taking part in activities that were once ritualistic. It is their attempt to find a spiritual and physical connection to the world and ultimately discover a sense of…


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Anamorphic Wall Portrait of a Magician Made with Cards

Ricky Jay is a wall portrait of a magician by the same name that was created by Los Angeles-based artist Glenn Kaino. The multifaceted magician is rendered using several decks of cards, paying homage not only to the master of illusion himself but to his notable card-throwing tricks. In fact, the almost sculptural installation is presented as though someone had thrown the…


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Dramatic Black and White Portraits of Exotic Animals

Trophies is a dramatic series of animal portraits by Chicago-based photographer C. Owen Lavoie (better known simply as C. Owen) that presents an intriguing perspective of exotic creatures creeping out of the shadows. The collection of images are unlike your typical animal portraits that allow the viewer to take in every inch of the animal. Instead, these photos are mysterious…


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Creative Celebrity Pizza Portraits by Domenico Crolla

Marilyn Monroe

Glasgow-based Italian chef Domenico Crolla both runs his restaurant Bella Napoli and creates celebrity pizza portraits. The restauranteur/artist uses nothing more than your basic pizza ingredients—dough as his canvas, tomato sauce and cheese to "paint" and play with negative space—to produce each of his…


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Two Different Portraits Revealed When Lights are On/Off

Brooklyn and Barcelona-based designer Alex Trochut's Binary Prints series takes a look at the dual lives that some of the most influential and pioneering electronic musicians lead from day to night. Having discovered a way to display two images on one surface, the series presents what the artist refers to as "nocturnal portraits" that "wake up" in the dark. Basically,…


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Dramatic Portraits of Iconic Superhero Cars

Istanbul-based photographer Cihan Ünalan translates his enthusiasm for cars and superheroes through a series titled Cars we love. The ongoing personal project seeks to present iconic cars from films that have impacted the lives of viewers and fans. The collection includes different versions of the Batmobile, the Ghostbusters' Ecoto-1, and the DeLorean from Back to the…


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Little Girl Poses as Influential Women Throughout History

To celebrate her daughter, Emma, turning 5 years old, photographer Jaime Moore decided to do a photo shoot with the young girl dressed up as five different women that have influenced change and progress for women. Each image also includes an empowering quote by the woman Emma is echoing, below it. The proud mother wanted to commemorate her daughter's birthday by doing something that…


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