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Dark and Moody Zoo Animal Portraits by Alex Teuscher

Geneva-based photographer Alex Teuscher shows us the fine art of zoo animals with these dark and moody portraits. He originally came up with the idea when he was going through his old files of animal photos and felt like something was missing. "I decided to experiment and see what kind of results I could get," he tells us. "What I ended up with I found quite unique and gave me quite a…


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New Ink, Tea and Alcohol Portraits by Carne Griffiths

Artist Carne Griffiths has just debuted a powerful new set of work for his show Invisible Lines at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong. The beautifully messy portraits are made with conventional materials like calligraphy ink and graphite but he also drips liquid onto his works like herbal tea and alcohol. Of course, we're not talking about the kind of alcohol…


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New Cut and Contoured Map Portrait by Ed Fairburn

Artist Ed Fairburn continues to push his creative limits with these new map portraits. In the piece shown above, a Bristol street map has been carefully cut and drawn on, revealing the side of a…


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Heartbreaking Final Photos of Lifelong Animal Companions

As anyone who's owned a pet knows, they can truly be one of life's greatest companions. In many homes, dogs and cats become like a part of the family and they share their love and loyalty in ways we could have never imagined. Minneapolis-based Sarah Beth is a pet photographer who aims to capture animals living in our homes in unique ways. While she snaps adorable photos of dogs…


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New Wonderfully Witty Dog Portraits by Ron Schmidt

Photographer Ron Schmidt just wrote to us to tell us about a new set of photos from his adorable series Loose Leashes. (See older posts, here and…


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Hilarious Mash-Up Portraits of Pets and Their Owners

Earlier this year, Toronto-based photographer Zach Rose (or @zachdriftwood) made waves when his hilarious Instagram series "Petheadz" started soaring through the web. A clever mash-up of pet owner and pet, the funny portraits consist of Rose holding up a DSLR in the foreground, that shows the pet's head, while the owner is standing in the background. Started as an exercise in creativity with his two…


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Adorable Portraits of Much Loved Stuffed Animals

What do you get when you pair one of Ireland's top portrait photographers with old teddy bears? An adorable series! Award-winning photographer Mark Nixon has created a set of whimsical portraits of stuffed animals that have been loved (maybe a little too much). While some look a little sad, you've got to believe that, on the inside, these bears are beaming with joy. The well-worn…


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Portraits of Dogs With Human-Like Expressions

Is it just us or do most of these dogs look incredibly serious? Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Ralph Hargarten is behind this intriguing new series called A Dog's Life where he's shot portraits of dogs with facial expressions we often attribute to humans. Set against a simple black background, each of the dogs lets his own personality shine through. (Love the suspicious-looking…


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LEGO Pop-Culture Portraits by Chris McVeigh

Inspired by the miniature marker sketches his artist friends, like Karen Hallion and Jesse Sans (or Atomic Rocket), were making on small card stock, LEGO builder Chris McVeigh (aka Powerpig) decided to create his own LEGO versions. That is, he would…


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Beautiful Fine Art Photos of Everyday Dogs

Over the last five years, we've featured our fair share of dog portraits from the hilarious to the heartbreaking. Today, we want to introduce you…


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More Adorable Dog Portraits by Young Jessica Trinh

We have yet to see more adorable dog portraits than those shot by Jessica Trinh. The now 18-year-old photographer first caught our attention last September when photos of her two dogs emerged onto the web. Her Golden Retriever Chuppy and her Australian Shepherd Daisy were the happiest…


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Beautiful Coffee and Ink Portraits on 100-Year-Old Paper

While you may know Michael Aaron Williams as artist who places beautiful cardboard cut-outs of homeless people on the street, you may not know that he's also very skilled at creating portraits using everyday materials like books or rusty sheets of metal.

This new body of…


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Powerful Dripping Paint Portraits by Agnes-Cecile

Whether she's dripping black paint onto canvas or carefully placing watercolors on a Moleskin page, one thing is certain, artist Agnes-Cecile (aka Silvia Pelissero) knows how to create evocative works of art. It's been over a year since we took a look at her…


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Traer Scott's Unforgettable Images of Street Dogs

Fine art animal photographer Traer Scott sure knows how to pull on our heartstrings. If you'll recall, she's the one behind the heart-wrenching series Shelter Dogs as well as the heartwarming series…


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Incredible New Portraits Carved from Old Military Maps

Stafford Lane

Artist Ed Fairburn has recently come out with new works that live somewhere between sculptures and drawings. He's still using traditional ink to draw on maps but now he's cutting and layering maps to create incredibly intriguing works. For the piece above,…


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Injecting Paint in Bubble Wrap to Create Pixelated Portraits

In all our years of running My Modern Met, we've seen our share of amazing pixelated portraits. Humans (and even animals) have been made out of everything from crayons and…


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Beautiful and Aching Photos About Finding Yourself

Alexandra Benetel has many fond memories of traveling with her family at a very young age. She remembers picking up a disposable camera at a local store and shooting all the scenes around her. Her real passion for photography, however, didn't fully develop until she enrolled in a visual design course in high school. As she tells us, "During that time, I learned about pinhole…


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22-Year-Old's Incredibly Artistic Self-Portraits


Though Budapest, Hungary-based photographer Noell S. Oszvald currently has only 22 total photos on her Flickr page, they're all so incredibly powerful, you could spend hours looking at each one. The 22-year-old started taking photos a little over a year ago, though you wouldn't know that she was so new to photography by looking at her stunning…


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New 3D Shadow Portraits Made from Thousands of Screws

California-based artist Andrew Myers, who we first introduced you to almost two years ago, has just released these images from his new screw art series. Called "We Don't Belong in the Shadows," it consists of three new portraits that are each made from around 2,000 screws as well as…


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Hilarious and Heartwarming Dog Portraits

Photographer Gerrard Charles Gethings has a rare gift. He has the ability to capture the individual personalities of dogs with a quick push of a button. Set against a minimal background, he lets them shine in a way that never feels contrived and, instead, always feels honest.

Last year, Gethings came out with a book on Blurb called…


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