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Clever Literary Coffee Poster

Food illustrator Gianluca Biscalchin has combined two of our loves - coffee and books - into one fun illustration. Called Literary Coffee, it shows famous authors like Bram Stroker, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare as cups of hot java (or other drinks). While many of these you'll know right off the bat, some you may have to look up to really get the inside…


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Hilarious Royal Alphabet Poster

It's safe to say that there's no baby the world is more excited to see than the the one the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be having any day now. (Can you believe it's already been over two years since Kate Middleton married Prince William?) Though there's no word on if the baby will be a boy or a call, the child will be third in line to the throne behind grandfather Prince Charles and…


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Sweet Pixar Character Posters

If you can't get enough of Pixar movies, you're going to love these posters by Poster Explosion. While their Etsy store is filled with designs based on epic movie sagas like Star Wars, Batman or Lord of the Rings, it's their Pixar set that will leave you smiling. Featuring everyone from Wall-E and Nemo to Buzz and Woody, they all shine a spotlight on the…


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Bike Chain Links Typography

Graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister and multidisciplinary designer Jessica Walsh have collaborated to create a cool bike poster that's made up of 4,209 bike chain links. You almost can't believe it until you look at the detailed shots. The poster was created for PUBLIC, a San Francisco-based bicycle and gear company…


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Photorealistic, Futuristic Tribute Poster of Neil Armstrong

Using pencils, Photoshop and Illustrator, UK-based Mitchell Nelson has created a striking tribute poster to Neil Armstrong. The project shows an illustration of the first man on the moon on one side and a typographic piece of Armstrong's most famous quote, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," on the other. Incredible how Nelson creates an…


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Retro Up Poster

As you may know, lately I've been on a minimalist kick. As a huge fan of the movie Up, however, I just had to share this fantastic poster by Marcus from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Poster Inspired. Has that…


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Glow-in-the-Dark Aurora Borealis Poster

For the month of December, artist Dan McCarthy created this stunning glow-in-the-dark poster of the aurora borealis (or the northern lights). Sadly, the 5 color screen print has already sold out but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it. The artist also shared his process photos on his…


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The Ultimate Song Map

Think you're the ultimate music lover or know someone that is? If so, you'll want to check out this new print by Dorothy, which cleverly turns song titles into real roads, parks and even houses and hotels. Dorothy is that creative house who came up with those awesome artworks made of logos stripped of…


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Glow-in-the-Dark Day and Night Poster

Orlando-based designer Jason Dean just sent word about his latest poster that changes from day to night! The 9-color, glow-in-the-dark screen print shows a sunny little town during the day which turns into a seedy city at night. Check out the side by side close-ups to see scenes full of crime, sex, zombies and more. (Love how The City turns into City Jail.)

The Day and… Continue

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Custom Infographic Records Baby's Firsts

An infographic for your newborn? Why not? Sure, your baby's annual report will set you back a cool $150 but what better way to remember all of his or her "firsts" than with this one-sheet? It was created by Etsy merchant StrangeBirdy. Upon purchase, she will mail you a form to fill out your child's information, making it fully custom.

"A beautiful and original way to… Continue

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The Dark Knight Rises Poster is Amazing!

Warner Bros. just released the new The Dark Knight Rises movie poster and, boy, is everyone talking about it. For good reason, of course. That shot of Gotham City crumbling - revealing a bat shape in the sky is crazy cool.

We love what… Continue

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Anatomy of a Cupcake

Tell me this doesn't make you smile? Anatomy of a Cupcake is a fun poster from Allen Hemberger and Sarah Wilson. It was created as a birthday present for a girl named Lesleigh. Watch the making of video to see how they pieced it together.

At $50, It is available for sale. For more information,… Continue

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Heartbreaking Help for Haiti Poster

Eugene and Kevin have both posted on some amazing art where all of the proceeds are being donated to Haiti. My personal favorite is this beautiful piece by artist Joe Iurato. I love how the shadows seemingly fall on this girl's face. At The Poster Cause Project you can find… Continue

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25 Magnificent Modern Day Music Illustrations

If music is art, these concert posters are just an extension of the artist. As we showed you in 25 Magnificent Modern Day Movie Illustrations, art is all around us. What it's the designer's job to do, is to create an illustration that not only captures our attention, but…


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Life Map to Quarter Age Crisis - Colleen Corcoran

Here's a cool little life map that I happen to come upon today. It's funny how we share some of life's biggest experiences. This somehow makes me feel connected to people (and that's a good thing).

Colleen… Continue

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Reduce Your Impact Poster

Though I'd love to be more "green," I'm often left scratching my head trying to figure out what I can do to help Mother Earth. Lucky for me, Citizen Scholar has created this colorful new poster called Reduce Your Impact. It's designed to do just that, remind me of easy activities I can do to reduce my impact on… Continue

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The Official Posters of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic AND Paralympic Winter Games

The official poster of the 2010 Olympics has just been released. The maple leaf will be the face of the official games because it is one of Canada’s most widely recognized symbols. Instead of the standard rustic red, this maple leaf is in wintery shades of blue and vibrant greens.

Cropped within the shape of a maple leaf, the bold Vancouver 2010 graphics are… Continue

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Design Must...

Love this poster. As design becomes a part of our everyday life, I like to be reminded about what the best kind of design really does.…


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Film the Blanks: Test Your Movie Poster Knowledge (10 Examples)

John Taylor started a site, Film the Blanks, where he abstracts and/or reduces film posters. But that's not the best part!

It's all one big race to the finish. John puts up a new poster Mon-Fri 15:30 GMT. Then, you guess in the comments section. At 16:30 he adds in a clue.

What's the reward? The first five people to post the correct answer… Continue

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Watch Jim Gaffigan's Stand-up Special, King Baby

Truth be told, I'm a die hard internet junkie. Yes, I know that you've already guessed it...but me and the internet, well it's a mad love affair. That's why I'll only post on television shows or specials when I can honestly say that I can't wait to turn off my Mac (ok fine - put it in sleep mode).

Jim Gaffigan is one of those comedians who really cracks me… Continue

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