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Complex Cardboard Sculpture of TIME's Person of the Year

Michael Murphy, the Georgia-based artist who creates those incredible multilayered sculptures, just unveiled a new commissioned piece he created for TIME Magazine. For their iPad edition of their annual Person of the Year issue, Murphy made a huge 8' X 6' X 7' cardboard sculpture of President…


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How Our President Celebrated Fourth of July

A lovely picture of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama watching the fireworks over the National Mall from the White House on July 4, 2009. (Official White House photo by Pete… Continue

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One in a Million, A Personal Story

What would I have given to have joined the million or so Americans in Washington D.C. this past Tuesday! To see the complete joy in everyone's faces, to feel the excitement and energy in the air. A thrilling moment to see and feel history in the making!

Interestingly, the next best thing happened. A personal email made its way to my inbox. It came from a… Continue

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LA Live: The Inauguration of Barack Obama, Our Report

There will only be a few times in my life when I can say that I saw true history in the making. Sure, we weren't shivering amongst millions who braved frigid temperatures to watch the inauguration live at Capitol Hill. In fact, in our t-shirts and jeans, we basked in the sweet California sunlight with a thousand other Angelenos today. One quick sweep of the crowd and… Continue

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Basketball Diplomacy: Obama's Cabinet Can Jump.

This is a reprint of an USA Today article published in December. You have to agree the fact that Obama's cabinet are great ballers makes us look pretty cool to the rest of the world.

"Experience? Check. Academic credentials? Check. Can hit a fadeaway and drive the lane? Check.

As President-elect Barack Obama joked here Tuesday, he may be "putting together the best basketball-playing Cabinet in American… Continue

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Obama's Inauguration: A Day of Celebration and Food!

Oh baby it's coming! On Tuesday, January 20th, the world welcomes the United States' 44th president into office. I'm sure by now you've heard about the 100 unofficial balls and parties in DC, where headliners will include rapper Jay-Z, Elvis Costello, Sting and hip-hop singer Rihanna.

We had so much fun on… Continue

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Barack and Michelle Obama in Vogue

Onward and upward.

President #44 Barack Obama and the missus, Michelle Obama, looking fly in the January 2009 issue of Vogue magazine. The portraits were photographed by Annie Leibovitz, but of course.…


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Bush a Shoe-In at Iraq Press Conference

Um, wow. A person attending at a press conference in Iraqi given by President George W. Bush as a television reporter throws two shoes (yes plural) at our president (he dodges them). This happened during W's unannounced visit to Iraq to host the ceremonial signing of the big agreement. According to MSNBC, the sole of the shoe, and, presumably, the throwing thereof, is considered "an insult" in the Arabic culture. No kidding.

In some Chinese cultures,… Continue

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Our President-Elect is Using YouTube for His Weekly Address. Thoughts?

br/> We always knew that Obama embraced the internet. Well now he's going to be addressing the people in short video clips on YouTube. You go President-Elect!

What are your thoughts?

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Michelle Obama by Annie Leibovitz

Michelle Obama, by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue (Sept. 2007)

Excerpt --

"When she first laid eyes on Barack Obama, Robinson was pleased to see that the secretaries in the firm were right—he was handsome. Moreover, his nose wasn't nearly as big as it appeared in the picture he'd sent in for the firm directory. For his part, Barack was attracted to his future… Continue

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How Worried Did Obama Look Before He Was Proclaimed the Winner?

A great set of pictures taken by David Katz that gives us an inside peek at the anticipation felt by Obama, his staff and his family before the results were announced. During numerous speeches of his campaign, he spoke of hope. In these pictures, you can sense the eager anticipation he must have had but just as we would expect from our president, you also see a calmness… Continue

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'Bama's Never Gonna Let You Down (video)

Just Got Rickroll-ed by the… Continue

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Love Letter to 'Bama

Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. I rock, Obama, But so do you.

Send President Obama your personal message of congratulations via JackCards.

$1 from every card purchased will be donated to select charities that support Obama's goal of making college tuition more affordable in exchange for community service.

Price: $3.95 each,… Continue

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MURS for President!

It's Friday! Maybe you wanna get up on outta your chair and git down a little, maybe you wanna have a dance-off with your homies. To help you with that, I present to you music from my favorite artist of this week - MURS.

Can this be the new Marvin Gaye and can this song be the new "What's Going… Continue

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Candid Pictures of the (Possible) Next President of the United States

People see him as the embodiment of hope. Many see him as the person who can bring about change. Whether he's the next President of the United States or just an Illinois Senator who put up a good fight, Barack Obama will always be a man who showed us that no matter what kind of background you come from, you can make a mark in this world.…


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