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Revealing "Before I Die" Art Project Goes Global

Back in 2011, we first wrote about Candy Chang's powerful interactive art project "Before I Die" where she painted a side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood of New Orleans with chalkboard paint and then stenciled in the words, "Before I die I want…


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Photographer Takes Beautiful Portraits of Shelter Dogs to Find Them Homes

Rose (Found a Home)

As we've seen before with Traer Scott's Shelter Dogs series, a growing number of photographers have been taking photos of unwanted dogs to bring light to the issue of pet overpopulation and to do their part in helping…


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Dramatic New Underwater Statues by Jason deCaires Taylor

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has just unveiled his latest cement sculptures to join the over 500 others off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. The monumental museum, called the MUSA (Museo Subacuatico de Arte), is one of those unique places to see art, as all of the statues are found underwater. For many of these dramatic new works, he's used live transplanted…


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Kinetic Train Will Bring Public Art Across America

All aboard! An exciting, new public art project has just been announced. Artist Doug Aitken is gathering a group of artists and musicians and then sending them off cross-country on an Amtrak train. In September, over the course of three weeks, they'll make 10 stops at train stations in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles where they'll put on unique cultural events that…


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Giant Rubber Duck Brings Happiness to Hong Kong

After we first wrote about the giant rubber duck that's floating around Hong Kong, we got in touch with the artist behind it, Florentijn Hofman, to ask him a quick question. What does he hope the locals get out of this huge art piece?

Hofman said, "The world is one through…


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Project Amelia: 28-Year-Old Photographer Diagnosed with Cancer

A few weeks ago, 28-year-old photographer Amelia Coffaro and her family were hit with extremely hard hitting news. Amelia was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. With no health insurance, Coffaro and her family must now must figure out a way to pay for the estimated $150,000 to $200,000 in treatment.

A team has quickly assembled that…


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Concealed Identities of Salarymen in Japan

After 20 years as a recording engineer in France, Bruno Quinquet left his career to start a new one in Japan. As soon as he graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts photography college, he began making a name for himself in street photography with interesting series like this called the Salaryman Project. The six year long project is an honest look inside the lives of Japanese office…


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Modern Video Game Characters Recreated in Traditional Japanese Style

If you love reading inspiring Kickstarter stories about artists who don't just hit their goals but blow past them, then you'll want to check this out. Recently, illusrator Jed Henry teamed up with woodblock printmaker David Bull to create an awesome art parody project called Ukiyo-e Heroes.…


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10 Wonderful Illustrations of Hope

We love a creative arts project, especially when it's for a good cause. To raise money for art supplies within the art room at Target House, a "home away from home" for families of children facing long-term treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a project called Heartwork was formed. It asked a group of talented artists to create unique prints. This year, the… Continue

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Rainbow Made of Books

There are things in life you gravitate towards for their beautiful simplicity, wonderful execution, or just because they make you smile. For me, this project fulfills all three. It's a rainbow made entirely out of books and it was commissioned by Oxfam for their annual book fest 2011. According to the artist behind it, Andy…


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Pets with Disabilities

While pet photographer Carli Davidson may be known for her awesome Shake series where she uses high speed photography to capture dogs in motion, she's recently turned her attention to another project that deserves some much needed attention. Pets with Disabilities was an idea that started… Continue

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Creative Art Project: Grass Roots Square (4 pics)

Recently, Korean contemporary artist Do-Ho Suh won the international competition to create a public, outdoor art project for the Norwegian Government Building Complex. A simple, planted tree will stand in the area, called Grass Roots Square. Between, and partly replacing the paving stones, Suh will place hundreds if not thousands of 8-10 cm high human figures in…


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The Apple Tree Project

Hello MMM'ers!

I've started a new online project called the Apple Tree Project, where you can send in family portraits, photo recreations, drawings or other images as a tribute to your mom, dad, or both. There is no limit to how creatively you can submit something or to the stories you share.

It's still in its… Continue

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Ji Lee: The Transformative Power of Personal Projects

If you've been following theMET for awhile now, you'll remember my post on Ji Lee's bubble project. Currently the Creative Director at Google Creative Labs in NY, Ji Lee gives an engaging speech on this personal project and tells us how it has helped him in his professional career. Got to love this… Continue

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DIY chalkboard table makes it fun to play with your food

Chalkboard Table

A basic wood table gets new life as a fun and interactive centerpiece for meals. The project is simple enough - sand and prime a table, apply paint, allow to cure - that even I would be willing to take it on. Chalkboard paint is available from a number of different vendors and most hardware stores carry it now or can special order it (RustOleum and…


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Project Runway is Finally Coming Back!

Aside from Entourage, Project Runway is one of those television shows we love to watch. The contestants always surprise us with their creativity and spunk - we doesn't remember Christian Siriano saying "That's Fierce!" or remember being absolutely floored by Santino's fabulous frocks?

We'll be glued to our tv sets come Thursday, August 20th at 10 PM ET/PT when Project Runway Season 6 premieres on Lifetime.

Extra cool news? The new series “Models of… Continue

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A Project Seen From Different Perspectives

Funny cartoon that shows how we can see the same things in several different ways.


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The Bubble Project, What are You Thinking? (16 Pics)

Long before Katie Sokoler and Matt Adams created their sweet Thought Bubbles, The Bubble Project existed. Started by Ji Lee back in 2002, 50,000 bubble stickers were printed and placed on top… Continue

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The Udderly Fantastic Heidi Klum

Yo De Lay Hee HOE! Heidi Klum plays the sexy milkmaid in Got Milk's Halloween campaign, having just squeezed a teet.

Copy reads -- "Trick or treat? There’s no trick to it. The 9 essential nutrients in lowfat or fat free milk make it the perfect after-treat treat for your whole family. So this Halloween, dress up your costume with a look that’s always in style. Wunderbar! Got Milk?"

Loved her 2007 Jordache… Continue

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Paris Lifts 30-Year Ban on High Rises --> First Up? 590 ft Glass Herzog & de Meuron’s “Le Projet Triangle”

In July, officials in Paris voted to lift a ban on high rise buildings in the French capital in a bid to combat the city’s housing shortage and invigorate the city’s economic status. Amid outcry from two-thirds of Parisians who remain opposed to the construction of new tall buildings, officials pressed on and lifted the ban in order to compete with the big boys -… Continue

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