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Fun Hopscotch Crosswalks Unveiled in Downtown Baltimore

What a wonderful public arts project! Today, artist Graham Coreil-Allen is officially unveiling his new hopscotch crosswalks on the streets of Baltimore! Called Hopscotch Crosswalk Colossus, it's one of four projects that will eventually turn regular crosswalks in downtown Baltimore into whimsical works of art. Recently, artist Paul Bertholet created a crosswalk that…


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Kinetic Train Will Bring Public Art Across America

All aboard! An exciting, new public art project has just been announced. Artist Doug Aitken is gathering a group of artists and musicians and then sending them off cross-country on an Amtrak train. In September, over the course of three weeks, they'll make 10 stops at train stations in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles where they'll put on unique cultural events that…


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Artist Camouflages Public Eyesores on City Streets

Dutch designer Roeland Otten likes to brighten up urban streets by camouflaging misplaced public structures with site-specific art. He uses mosaics, geometric paint designs, and high resolution photograph wall coverings to recreate the otherwise blocked and lost views along city streets. Below are three different projects in which Otten decorates old, run-down public…


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Whimsical Colored Pencil Tree

Talk about giving an old tree a new lease on life! It looks like a cross between Jonna Pohjalainen’s giant colored pencil sculptures and Pascale Marthine Tayou's…


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A Lone Cloud is Trapped Inside a New York Building

For a year-long initiative aimed at enlivening its campus and surrounding area, BAM has commissioned four emerging and established artist to create some exciting public artworks. Out of the 100 submissions received worldwide, BAM's curatorial committee chose works that, not only transform underutilized spaces, but also offer new and stimulating ideas about how to introduce art into public…


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Stained Glass Watertower Sparkles Along Brooklyn's Skyline

Born in L.A. and now based in New York, artist Tom Fruin created a recent installation that adds a little sparkle to the already dazzling Brooklyn skyline. His monumental sculpture, Watertower, is built out of salvaged plexiglass and steel, and is mounted high upon a water tower platform located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The mosaic design consists of about 1,000 scraps of plexiglass…


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Color Jam: Chicago's Largest-Ever Public Artwork

We love a good outdoor installation especially when it's this colorful! Yesterday, June 5, Color Jam was unveiled. Chicago's largest-ever public installation, it's composed of over 76,000 square feet of colored vinyl that's covering various surfaces, like the roads, the crosswalks and buildings, at the intersection of State and Adams.

Multimedia artist Jessica Stockholder is…


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Swoon Builds Musical House for New Orleans

Brooklyn-based artist Swoon has focused her talented artistic and creative skills on a permanent interactive art installation in New Orleans. The installation will be a musical house that can be "played" by visitors. Within the walls and floorboards of the house will be instruments. The building, which will be built from salvaged materials, will be used by artists and locals for performances, block… Continue

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Our Skin Never Forgets

A campaign against skin cancer by the Swiss Cancer Foundation.

Mannequins on display at public swimming pools are covered with sticky reminders notes dramatically illustrating the threatening capacity of our skin.

More pics here.…


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The Coolest Clubhouse is Made Out of Crates (3 pics)

How does one look at a shipping container and see a public space? Just ask German artists Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt who took hundreds of bottle crates and perched them on a shipping container, creating a cool clubhouse.

But this type of creative work isn't new to them. The artists create art landmarks for public spaces all over the world. They work to reclaim lost public spaces and open people's eyes to the fact that art… Continue

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My Modern Metropolis is Busting its Doors Open: July 28th (Monday) at 8am

As much as the Met has opened up new and exciting opportunities and ideas, it's also given me a fair amount of stress. Putting yourself out to the public is damn scary, I don't care who you are. So as much as I love conquering that fear, I can't help but struggle with it each and every day.

Here are the particular questions that have haunted me these past few weeks:

1. Will I ever feel ready to open up the Met to the public?

2.… Continue

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Public Blog is Debuting -

So here it is. As promised. The public blog! This was made so that you all can now show your friends what My Modern Metropolis is all about. As you can tell, it was made with the same look as 'My'.

As trusted members, you still hold the key to letting any of your friends get into the 'My' site. That means, that a new member needs to either receive an invitation from you or… Continue

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