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Famous Quotes Illustrated with Minimalist Designs

Using nuggets of wisdom from famous figures like Rumi, Oscar Wilde, and Albert Einstein, Toronto-based web and graphic designer Ryan McArthur turns inspirational quotes into beautiful, minimalist designs that illustrate the quotation's meaning. The striking, mostly monochromatic designs are elegant in their simplicity, but still manage to effectively convey deep…


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Good Advice Created with Hand Drawn Type

In need of a pick-me-up? Perhaps some solid advice? By way of designer Zachary Smith, we've got just what you're looking for. The 21-year-old from New Smyrna Beach, Florida has taken some popular pieces of advice and turned them into nostalgic looking designs using his hand drawn type. Most inspiring about the whole thing is that this young talent has only been creating…


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10 Inspiring Quotes For 2013

It's hard to believe but another year has come and gone. Tonight, as many of you put on your party dresses and pop your champagne, I'll be with my husband and baby boy celebrating his first New Year's in the comfort of my home. Thank you for a great 2012 - for helping us reach some incredible milestones (like 100K…


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Best Quotes and Pieces of Advice

Last year, Ontario, Canada-based graphic designer Aaron Christopher Judd started a project called "365 Days of Tumblr" where he'd post a new image and quote every day for one year. He's almost completed his project and has started to compile some "best of" posts where he's showing some of his personal favorites as well as the ones his followers enjoyed the most. (See…


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Dramatically Visualizing Quotes

B. Romain is the man behind the 60 Quotes Project, a series that brings motivational quotes to life! Look through the set and you'll notice that his style of shooting is just as dramatic and different as the quotes themselves.

Romain's talent lies in the fact that he can capture the essence of a sentence in ways you don't always quite expect. So whether they're words of wisdom or… Continue

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Inspirational Quotes Using Typography

Who doesn’t love a strong, inspirational quote that can cheer you up? POGO, a design and art boutique located in Buenos Aires, Argentina created these wonderful posters that do just that. Founded by Ardi and Pampa, POGO was formed “with the intention to work for transgressing the traditional boundaries of advertising and design." Their posters are an excellent way to find some quick inspiration… Continue

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Words of Wisdom (18 pics)

"Decadence. Rock n Roll. Sex. Drugs. Pop culture. Nudity. Alcohol. Party. Everything that's fu*king beautiful."

Celebrity-quote-images by Decadent Lifestyle. Enjoy!…


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Music Philosophy (12 quotes)

Music is one of the most influential mediums in our lives. We listen to certain musicians or bands because they write songs that convey how we feel, or they inspire us to live our lives in a certain way.

These music philosophy pieces were created by Mico. "I like music and typography, so I combined them on this project," he says.…


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24 Street Quotes and Poems - Jerm XI

A self-described lost soul, Jerm IX is an artist who has left over 2,000 stenciled poems and notes throughout the streets. These thought-provoking sayings have been carefully placed in urban environments adding context and depth to each piece. As Jerm IX states, "Placed in the right location, certain quotes tend to evoke a particular emotion." The idea was to "place…


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Best famous quotes

A collection of famous motivational quotes organized by subject. Mainly positive, inspiring and humorous quotes suitable to use for speeches, web sites, cards, and celebrations. Searchable famous quotes n quotations organized by topic and author, updated daily, inspirational, motivational, humorous, funny, friendship, short, love, ...

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