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Interactive Indoor Rain Room Comes to New York

New York, it's now your turn to experience the interactive installation that caused quite a ruckus last year when it debuted in London. Rain Room, by London and Berlin-based collective Random International, allows you to experience the rain without getting wet! First…


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Giant Raindrop Rests on Sculpture's Face

Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk created this stunning 6-foot tall sculpture called "Rain" using bronze and glass. A huge raindrop stands suspended on the figure's face as he looks up toward the sky. The work has several meanings including representing man's delicate relationship with nature.

As Bilyk explains to us, "The name of the work is 'Rain,' which seems clear and obvious at first…


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Dripping Rain Cloud at Nuart Festival 2012

We first learned about UK-based Mobstr when we came across his clever street art pieces that were dripping with sarcasm. For this year's Nuart, an annual international art festival held in Norway, he's made another "dripping" piece of artwork. Mobstr joins street artists we're all familiar…


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Dong Min Park’s rain drums combines five taut wax cloth shades of varying sizes to form a music-making umbrella.

More pics here.…


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A Taste of Heaven: RainHeaven From Jorger

Today's MET modern design moment brings you the RainHeaven from Jorger, the most badass shower head we have ever laid eyes on. The 800 x 800 mm double 'rain' shower canopy is made of stainless steel and lit by LEDs. It's suppose to be big enough for two people (hubba hubba). Now that's what I call a modern day experience.…


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What Will They Think of Next? The LightDrops LED Umbrella.

The LightDrops LED umbrella, designed by Sang-Kyun Park, is powered by the energy of falling rain drops. The heavier the rain, the brighter the light to help you see your way.

If you must know - as water pours over the surface, potential energy from raindrops slamming onto the conductive membrane called PDVF transforms into electrical energy powering embedded LEDs sending your umbrella ablaze with light. Happy?…


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