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100,800 Colorful LED Lights on Sydney's Harbour Bridge

Starting May 24 and running till June 10, a brand new interactive installation is making its debut at Vivid Sydney, the world famous light festival in Sydney, Australia that draws in crowds of more than half a million. Intel Australia has teamed up with Sydney-based…


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Autumn Leaves Show Their Beautiful Colors

With fall now in full swing, today we thought we'd put together a compilation of leaves neatly arranged to resemble rainbows. From Mr. Dale's classic arrow created with maple leaves to Richard Shilling's sunlit curtain of beech leaves, we hope you'll enjoy these photos of nature at its finest. To really get a feel that fall is in the air, make sure to check out In Focus' stunning photo…


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First Look: Gabriel Dawe's Stunning New Thread Art in Italy

Artist Gabriel Dawe is giving us the exclusive, first look at his incredible new installation that will open to the public starting October 6 in Como, Italy. As part of Miniartextil, an annual exhibition of contemporary art, Dawe created Plexus no. 19, a stunning thread installation that's beautifully spread across…


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Man-Made Rainbow Delights Cape Town

"As the earth spins you're given a window period in each day where it'll allow you the possibility to orchestrate nature to do its little dance." Artist Michael Elion has created a gorgeous, man-made rainbow in front of Commune1 Gallery in Cape Town.…


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Immersed in a Fallen Rainbow

"What would happen if a rainbow became disorganized—would it fall from the sky? What if a rainbow misbehaved, causing its color spectrum to take on new order? Would it include black, as rainbows in comic books often do?" These are the questions artist Pae White wanted you to think about with this colorful, site-specific installation for the Art Institute of Chicago back in…


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Rainbow Made of Books

There are things in life you gravitate towards for their beautiful simplicity, wonderful execution, or just because they make you smile. For me, this project fulfills all three. It's a rainbow made entirely out of books and it was commissioned by Oxfam for their annual book fest 2011. According to the artist behind it, Andy…


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Rainbow Garland Christmas Tree

The cleverness doesn't stop! First I fell in love with this Christmas tree made out of old books and now I can't get enough of this rainbow, wool felt garland Christmas tree. Designed in Australia by Down To The Woods and handmade in Nepal using pure wool, this garland can be…


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It's Showering Rainbows!

It's not often that we get completely blown away by new and original art but we did after seeing Gabriel Dawe's work. Back in November 2010, Dawe stunned us with his gorgeous rainbow thread installations. Since then, the Mexico City-born artist has been busy, exhibiting at the Pump Projects in Austin for… Continue

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10 Awesome Experiences, Inspired By Rainbows

If art is to be experienced, nothing could bring me more joy than seeing art installations that are inspired by rainbows. Using a whole spectrum of colors, these artistic expressions prove that we don't have to wait for Mother Nature to create just the right conditions. Instead, we can create rainbows ourselves. Whether that's through the colorful smoke of the Red Arrows… Continue

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I Want the Super Epic Rainbow Cake

Alright, friends. Did I tell you that it's my birthday tomorrow? Here's the cake that I want. It's called the super epic rainbow cake! I'm not even a cake person but I love this.

Via… Continue

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Today...Paint the Rainbow.

Hope you all have a bright and beautiful weekend.

Photo credit donjuki.

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The LightScraper - Interactive Light Shines in the Night

If you're interested in how art is going to get interactive, you must check out The LightScraper.

The LightScraper is a custom built aluminium structure fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. By Electronic Miracles, the structure can be easily… Continue

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Too Cool or Lookin' Like a Fool?: Rainbow Glasses

Help me out people! Are these RGB glasses by Luis Porem too cool or if you sport them will you be lookin like a fool? Completely hollow, so you can fill them with your ink of choice, you can go from Sally Jessie Raphael to Clark Kent in an instant! The glasses have an internal channel where water-based ink can pass through, allowing fashionistas to choose their color of the… Continue

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