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Photographers' Tearful Goodbye to Their Deceased Dog

As wedding photographers by trade, most of the time, Helena and Laurent spend their days documenting the happiest moments in peoples' lives. Recently, however, they shared on their blog a very personal moment but one that's filled with equal amounts of love. As Helena tells us, "Weddings are beautiful but so is loss; loss is beautiful because it is about love. Both weddings and funerals…


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Sad and Surreal Contemporary Cartoons by Angel Boligan

Cuban cartoonist Angel Boligan creates thought-provoking works that all have a touch of sadness and surrealism. Look through each of them and you'll notice that he isn't afraid to address such universal topics as love and loss, yet he does so with both style and humor.

At Cervantes Institute of Athens, in an exhibit titled "With Humor as Common Language," Boligan…


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Rejected and Replaced (14 pics)

What happens when the TV finds out he's been rejected and replaced? Will his life spins out of control? Surely, he'll need to find new meaning, a reason for existing...

This creative photo series by photographer Julien Coquentin brings to life the secret story of a discarded TV. One day, the TV wakes up to find that he's been unplugged, replaced by… Continue

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Piglet Flu?!!!


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6 Courtesy Cards That'll Make You Cry

Summon your inner biatch and you may just send these courtesy cards by Gramkin Paper Studio. Just make sure you're never going to see that person again..ever.…


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The Saddest Dog in the World (4 Photos)

A quick picture set of one of the saddest dogs in the world. Cheer up, buddy! There's lots to live for!

via [World For…

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This Modern Life. So Sad But So True.

From kidguru flickr.

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Sad downward spiral captured in a history of mugshots

Found this on Digg. it looks like she was first arrested in 83', I could be wrong. The first shot compaired to the last is just heartbreaking. less than 15 years of drugs, and the hard life aged her 30 years

just sad....

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