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Incredible Sculptures at New Zealand Sandcastle Competition

The 3rd New Zealand Sandcastle Competition took place over the weekend, on February 8th, drawing in crowds of participants and viewers. Both professional and amateur sandcastle builders took part in the fun summer festivities on New Brighton Beach, constructing their elaborate designs with unique methods of molding grains of sand together and carving into the fragile…


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Man Spontaneously Creates Incredible Sand Paintings by Hand

New York-based visual artist Joe Mangrum creates colorful sand paintings on the floor that exhibit spectacular designs. Each improvised creation is a spontaneous work of art that Mangrum produces entirely by hand. Each mound of the pigmented grains are poured from the palm of his hand in…


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Artist Uses a Rake to Create Amazingly Large Sand Paintings

Artist Andres Amador takes unconventional art to a whole other level with his incredible sand paintings. Using the beach as his enormous canvas and rakes as his brushes, Amador creates massive, eye-catching murals featuring geometric and floral patterns. The sand artist uses his whole body to navigate his tools across the grains, transforming his chosen coastline into one of his…


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Incredible "Bleeding" Sand Sculpture by Guy-Olivier Deveau

Bleeding is an incredibly eye-catching sand sculpture by Québec City-based artist Guy-Olivier Deveau that features a resting head boasting undeniably surreal elements. Rather than depicting a calming, serene scene of a giant, slumbering head, the piece focuses on an open-mouthed man's head, seemingly screaming, lying on its side with one half of his face eerily distorted.



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Massive Meta Sand Sculpture of a Man Holding Tiny Versions of Himself

Summer is most definitely here in the northern hemisphere which means it's sand sculpting season and expert craftsman Carl Jara has already taken the gold medal for this year's Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition with his mind-blowing creation titled Infinity. The massive meta structure, which took…


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World's Largest Sand Sculpture Festival in Belgium

Now that it's officially summer, it's prime time for people to hit the beach and soak in some sun, though some truly imaginative folks do more than simply lounge around. Sand sculptors take this opportunity to show what they do best. To share and celebrate the work of gifted sand artists, there is an annual festival, the largest sand sculpture festival in the world, and it has just…


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Spectacular Mosaics Made of Sand and Shells

Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko uses materials typically found on a beach to produce incredibly captivating mosaics. Inspired by the environments whence they came from, Ivanchenko has produced countless portraits and scenes of exotic women roaming across deserts and oceans. It's hard to believe that all of the images are made entirely of such commonly overlooked…


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Lying Back and Watching the Skies in Silence

How often do we stop and just take a moment to ourselves to marvel at what's around us? Perhaps in passing we may take notice of a pretty flower or, on the off-chance, we may even avert our eyes to the skies and observe a familiar figure in the clouds, but this happens far too infrequently. Dutch artist Rob Sweere seeks to change this with his traveling social project titled Silent Sky…


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