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Antarctica's Adorable Emperor Penguins

Photographer David C. Schultz of West Light Images arranges photography tours of the Antarctic, helping photo enthusiasts capture pictures they'll never forget. Six years ago he made his first trip south after seeing expedition photographer Frank Hurley's incredible Antarctica images, which he took under some very harsh conditions. Hurley is known as an icon of Antarctic…


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Starbucks is Feelin My Pain!: Gold Card + Costco Discount + Cheaper Gifts

Alright Schultz, I'm going to give it to you. You're listening to your consumers - gotta love that. You understand that those $4 drinks are gettin kind of pricey during these tough economic times. I'm digging it.

As part of Starbucks holiday savings strategy, they just rolled out:

1. Starbucks Gold: Join for an annual membership fee of $25… Continue

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Well, Schultz...This Actually Sounds Like a Cool Idea...The Good Sheet Available on Thursday

You all know that I'm skeptical of Starbucks. I've got to give it them, however, on a few fronts. They're always trying to change things up...introduce a new drink, test out some new food items (side note: that oatmeal ain't so perfect)...and I love getting my NY Times there every morning.

This coming Thursday Starbucks is going to be giving away a… Continue

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Schultz is trying to make me healthy: Starbuck's Vivanno

So Schultz, you must know that I drink way too much coffee. Perhaps you are monitoring my coffee consumption via your loyalty card. Perhaps you are reading your message boards. Maybe you knew that you couldn't take on McD's or Dunkin Donuts with lower prices so you decided to take on the next best thing, the big kahuna, Jamba Juice.

I walked into your store this morning and saw it everywhere - banners, signs, samples, you even got your… Continue

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My Relationship with Starbucks and Howard Schultz

I want to go into a little bit of explanation as to why I have this love/hate relationship with Starbucks, in general, and Howard Schultz in particular.

Here are the reasons why I love you and what you've done:

+ You have changed our culture, giving us a place to hang out in - your stores are warm and inviting (if not a little generic now), a place to work or kick it for a few hours.

+ You've given us strong (if not a… Continue

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