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Maps of What the Earth Would Look Like If All Ice Melted

Global warming is a pressing issue that affects everyone. Though it may be hard to tell right now while we still have polar ice caps, National Geographic recently created a series of maps that illustrate how visually different the Earth would look if all the ice on the planet melted. The maps reveal a world with far fewer land masses that are above sea level. With all the glacial bodies…


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NASA Scientist Recreates Aurora Borealis in a Glass Dome

We may not be able to catch lightning in a bottle, but NASA Langley research scientist Guillame Gronoff is working on encapsulating the various light shows that go on in our atmosphere and other planets. Having built a large glass dome known as Planeterrella with his summer intern Sam Walker (from Letourneau University in Texas), the scientist recreates visual…


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Awesome GIFs of Scientific Experiments

Hydrogen Peroxide Mixed With Potassium Iodide

Scientific experimentation has yielded many anomalies, baffling the senses, and Imgur user Gloryholio has amassed some of these visually awe-inspiring experiments into a series of gifs. Luckily, Redditor…


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GIFs of Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Extraordinary Life in Space

Vegetables come in dehydrated packs, and require rehydration from a special machine before eating.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made history earlier this year as the first Canadian to command the ISS (expedition 35) and walk in space…


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Chemist Manipulates Crystals to Form Microscopic Flowers

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) post-doctoral fellow Wim L. Noorduin has carefully manipulated chemical compounds to create microscopic structures that resemble flowers. That's not to say that he sculpted on a microscopic level, but rather combined solubles that naturally react with one another and the environment to result in self-assembled floral…


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Artistic Scientist Generates Electricity from Different Foods

Orange Battery

Back to Light is a creatively scientific series by photographer Caleb Charland that explores the naturally electrifying power of ordinary objects like fruits and loose change. The images in the series features a number of…


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3D Face Masks Created from DNA Found in Public Spaces

Information artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg recreates faces of people by extracting genetic information from found objects in the street for her experimental project titled Stranger Visions. Using saliva traced from a piece of gum on the floor or a discarded cigarette butt, not to mention loose hairs that can wind up just about anywhere, the artist and a team of biologists…


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A Tribute to the Most Inspirational Man: Neil Armstrong

There are few true pioneers throughout history that have changed the world and inspired so many as the late great astronaut Neil Armstrong. He has had an immense impact on the entire population of the world with his admirable career that urges anyone who dares to dream to find the confidence in making their far-fetched dreams come true. Armstrong, who recently passed at the age of 82, is…


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Mapping Global Human Activity

Air traffic routes between North America and Europe
It is absolutely astonishing that our world has reached a population exceeding 7 billion, as of this past Sunday. With so many people occupying our world over many centuries, and with the number steadily growing, we're all bound to have had a significant impact on the planet. Luckily, Canadian scientist Felix Pharand-Deschenes has created visuals of our planet equipped with… Continue

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