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Colorful Layers of Paper Form Intricate Sculptures and Patterns

Paris-based designer Maud Vantours is a master at constructing incredible 3D sculptures and mesmerizing patterns out of paper. After carefully cutting out assorted shapes, she meticulously builds up layer upon layer, superimposing the papers to create intricate and colorful…


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Beautiful Swirls of Paint in Water Form Stunning Portraits

South African artist Chris Slabber has created a spectacular new series called Destruction/Creation, which features images of gorgeous "sculptures" formed from paint swirling in water. While the colorful spirals of paint are already beautiful to look at, Slabber takes it one step further by using photo manipulation to form delicate figures in the billows of paint,…


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Extremely Detailed 3D-Printed Ice Cube Sculptures

Novelty-shaped ice cubes are nothing new, but it’s safe to say that you’ve never seen them as impressive as this before. 3D on the Rocks is the latest ad campaign for Japanese liquor company Suntory, a brand who specializes in whiskey. They collaborated with advertising agency TBWA\Hakuhodo to create the world’s first 3D-milled ice cubes. The tiny, intricate…


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Aakash Nihalani is Back with More Playful Tape Illusions

New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani is a master with tape and uses it to create eye-catching optical illusions. We’re already big fans of his clever street art, and we are enjoying the pieces he’s installed indoors for a new solo exhibition entitled…


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The Enormous Astronaut Sculpture at Coachella

Chances are, that if you have a friend who attended the first weekend of the music and art festival Coachella this year, you've already seen this huge astronaut sculpture. Los Angeles-based company Poetic Kinetic Inc. is behind Escape Velocity, a 36-foot-tall monumental mobile sculpture that's kinetic. That means this fun-in-the-sun loving astronaut has…


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Stunning Swimming Sculpture is Carved From a Single Piece of Wood

It may be hard to believe, but this stunning sculpture was carved from a single piece of wood. Artist Stefanie Rocknak, who you may remember as the creator of that ghostly Edgar Allan Poe sculpture, is behind this fascinating figurative work. Slightly larger than…


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Beautiful Hybrid Creatures Combine Organisms and Machines

Artist Gaby Wormann reimagines living organisms as if they were combined with machines. Using the bodies of tarantulas, crabs, winged insects, and more, she adds gears, springs, and other mechanics to their fragile forms. The incredible works are intricately constructed and beautifully fuse organic matter with industrial elements. Together, they allow Wormann to create what she calls…


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Giant Globe Crafted With Individually-Painted Matchsticks

It took sculptor Andy Yoder two years to reproduce the world. He did so in the form of a large globe that’s made from individually-painted matchsticks. It’s an understatement to say that this was a tedious endeavor, and the results are amazing. Detail shots of Yoder’s work showcase the thought and consideration that went into the placement of every match. There’s no…


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Monumental Interactive Net Sculpture Floats in the Sky

From March 15 to March 22, a spectacular sight greeted residents of downtown Vancouver: a monumental net sculpture floating in the sky, spanning 745 feet between buildings. Created for the TED Conference's 30th anniversary, the installation called Unnumbered Sparks is the result of a collaboration between artists…


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Small Wooden Figures Playfully Fit Into Their Surroundings

New Jersey-based street artist Joe Iurato proves that bigger isn't always better with his fantastic series of small wooden figures that are cut out and painted to resemble little people. The miniature sculptures are carefully placed in public places such as busy intersections, street lamps, and the sides of buildings. Sharp-eyed passersby can spot fun scenes of the tiny adventurers…


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New Exquisitely Crafted Paper Sculptures from Zim & Zou

French duo Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of the graphic studio Zim & Zou are back with more spectacular paper sculptures that are cut and assembled entirely by hand. Their latest work, called Paper Rebirth, features a stunning phoenix sculpture made out of…


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Wooden Sculptures Express Vulnerability Through Holes

Australian-based artist Paul Kaptein explores the notion of “now” in his wooden sculptures. While beautifully crafted, each piece has something strange about it. Notches and rectangular holes are cut into the figures and show that there’s emptiness to his subjects. His work is metaphor for the present and the uncertainty that goes with it.

By re-examining what “now”…


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Delicate Seeds Arranged Into Undulating Organic Sculptures

Seedscapes is a series of meticulously arranged organic sculptures by England-born artist Gowri Savoor. To create each natural formation, Savoor attaches a variety of plant and fruit seeds—including apple, pumpkin, and sunflower—to the ends of long stem wire and arranges them in undulating curves on a solid base.

Natural patterns emerge from the very purposeful…


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Amazing Animal Sculptures Created with Welded Flatware

Artist Gary Hovey uses his forks, knives, and spoons much differently than the rest of us. The Ohio-based artist builds intricate sculptures by cutting, welding, and shaping the stainless steel materials together into animal forms.

Upon first glance, the many wildlife figures, like birds, fish, and bears, have realistic shapes. It is only upon closer inspection that the…


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Amazing Figurative Sculptures Welded from Steel Scraps

Barcelona-based sculptor Jordi Díez Fernández uses scraps of steel to create amazingly expressive sculptures of the human form. Along with his recent tribute to Ildefons Cerdà (above), the urban planner responsible for designing the 19th-century extension of Barcelona called the Eixample, Fernández has produced intricate sculptures of beautiful women, athletic and muscled…


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Colorful, Nature-Inspired Sculptures Made Out of Crayons

Nashville, Tennesse-based artist Herb Williams' unique medium of choice is the Crayola crayon, an object that most of us remember scribbling messily with as children. In Williams' hands, however, the crayon becomes a powerful and sophisticated tool used to create incredibly vibrant sculptures with bold colors and textures. In one of his most recent exhibitions, Call of the Wild,…


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New Amazing Geometric Sand Castles from Calvin Seibert

New York-based artist and sand castle genius Calvin Seibert, who we introduced to you last year, is back with more amazingly intricate geometric forms sculpted with sand. He starts with a vague notion of building something different each time, then follows his…


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Giant Hedgehog Appears on London's Clapham Common

Sunday morning joggers, dogs, children, and passersby were shocked to find a giant hedgehog on London's Clapham Common on February 16. The sculpture, standing at 7-ft-tall and measuring 12-ft-long and 18-ft-wide, was created to mark the launch of Natural Curiosities, a new nature documentary series by legendary wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough. It took a team…


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Stark White Geometric Animal Sculptures by Ben Foster

Kaikoura, New Zealand-based sculptor Ben Foster creates modern, inorganic renderings of animals that boast a geometric design. Each sculpture in his portfolio, whether it be a seal balancing an invisible ball, a horse standing in place, or a dog howling at the moon, blurs the lines between the real and abstract. They also each incite spectators to shift their positions to get the…


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Incredible Brick Sculptures by Brad Spencer

Reidsville, North Carolina-based artist Brad Spencer works with bricks to produce eye-catching, figurative sculptures. Each piece of work in the sculptor's growing collection is an intriguing look at a common medium used in an unconventional way. The fact that bricks are typically an architectural material whose visual shapes rarely extend beyond anything more than a boxy wall…


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