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Surreal Sculptures of Human Faces Frozen in Liquid

Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang, who also goes by Tsang Cheung Shing, skillfully manipulates stainless steel and porcelain to produce a beautiful collection of sculptures that often blurs the line between abstract and figurative art. The sculptor is perhaps best recognized for his "…


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Three-Dimensional Clouds Appear in Layered Glass

Buenos Aires-based artist Leandro Erlich's Single Cloud Collection gives us a surreal taste of what capturing a cloud in glass would look like. Using the artistic method of layering, Erlich's sculptural pieces are given a three-dimensionality. Each "captured cloud" is the illusionary result of numerous panes of glass that are individually embellished with…


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Unraveling Steel Ballerina Sculptures Symbolize Mortality

From a distance, these ballerina sculptures seem elegant and peaceful, a beautiful representation of a graceful dance form. However, upon closer investigation, the wire sculptures might actually send a shiver down your spine. Based in Johannesburg, artist Regardt van deer Meulen formed the figures out of steel as an illustration of the vulnerable human body. They stand…


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Illuminated Wire Bird Sculptures Perched on Trees

French artist Cédric Le Borgne constructed a series of wire mesh birds that could be seen perched on trees as part of an annual outdoor tree light festival (2012 Festival Arbres en Lumière) in Geneva, Switzerland just off Rue de…


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Life Emerges Inside Elaborately Carved Wooden Books

We don't know much about self-taught sculptor Nino Orlandi, but what we do know is that he can create some magnificent stories through his elaborately carved wood. From a very young age, the Italian artist has been passionate about sculpture and, although he had to put it aside for many years, he has spent the past 13 years dedicated to his passion for the art form.

This series of…


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Whimsical Steel Flowers and Trees Installed in Nature

London-based artist Zadok Ben-David echoes motifs found in nature by implanting large steel sculptures of flowers, trees, and swarms of butterflies in natural landscapes, most recently at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Each large-scale structure mimics the various plant life and beautiful swirls of butterflies in a whimsically delicate manner. The silhouetted botanical forms vary…


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Whimsical Peanut Sculptures of Pop Culture Icons

Artist Steve Casino creates miniature sculptures of iconic celebrities and fictional characters from pop culture by painting on peanut shells. Like Sadi Tekin's playful chickpea heads, Casino turns legumes into a fun cast of characters with some additional mixed media. From…


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Incredible Spatial Sculptures Using Colorful Suspended Buttons

Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel realistically duplicates objects by suspending thousands of sewing buttons on mere strings. Each strand of his incredible sculptural pieces work with their adjacent string of buttons to create colorful replicas of…


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Ordinary Books Transformed into Charming Little Buildings

Dutch artist Frank Halmans transforms ordinary stacks of books into charming little buildings. For his series Built of Books, Halmans carves squares and rectangles into old textbooks and binds them altogether like a quaint little town made of rows of narrow buildings. Each quadrangle incision serves as a window or door. The artist is even careful enough to include a…


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Striking Half Man/Half Wolf Sculpture in Mongolia

In the fall of 2012, Brooklyn-based artist group FAILE, a collaboration between artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, unveiled this permanent public installation entitled Wolf Within. Standing approximately 16.5 feet tall, the sculpture consists of fiberglass, steel, and granite, and is located at the site of the National Garden Park in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The Wolf…


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Chair Looks Around with Hundreds of Curious Eyeballs

Do you ever feel like you're being watched? It's hard not to have that feeling when you're around this upholstered armchair featuring hundreds of plastic eyes by Australian artist Fiona Roberts. If you have a fear of being looked at (scopophobia), you might want to look away from this creepily designed furniture that is aptly titled Scopophilia ("love of looking").

While most…


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Holographic Light Beings Hover in Mid-Air

Over the past few years, Ibiza-Spain based artist Roseline de Thélin has been making a name for herself with her stunning holographic light sculptures. Using a wide range of materials including fiber optics, quartz crystals, mirrors, wires and chains, she creates ethereal human beings that look like they're mysteriously hovering in mid-air.

For this year's Kinetica…


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Railway Carriage Sculpture Bursts Through Church Floor

Hungarian artist Zsuzsi Csiszer's installation titled Átjárás, which translates as Passage, features half of a train car bursting through the floor in the Templespace of Museum Kiscell. The site-specific work brings many thoughts and questions to mind due to its large scale and unusual location within an 18th century temple hall. The life-size sculptural installation leads one to…


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Giant Autumn Leaves Viewed from an Ant's Perspective

And The Wind Blows Over You is an installation of giant scattered leaves by Finnish sculptor Kaarina Kaikkonen. Each of the sculptural pieces, made of paper and fiberglass, emulate the earthy colors, veiny texture, and free falling lightness of browned…


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Scientific Sculptures of the Evolution of Human Faces

Sahelanthropus tchadensis

As part of the Safari zum Urmenschen exhibition (translated as Safari to Early Humans) at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany,…


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Artist Carves Into Pencils to Create Incredible Sculptures

Equipped with a box of pencils and some carving tools, a Hungarian artist known simply as cerkahegyzo manages to produce incredibly detailed miniature sculptures. Each creation is constructed entirely out of its respective pencil, utilizing the wood and lead as its base and body. Cerkahegyzo uses the fine blades of razors and needles as well as the buffing capabilities of sandpaper, files,…


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Gorgeous Glass Sculpture of a Wave Frozen at Mid-Crest

It seems impossible, but Italian sculptor Mario Ceroli is an artist who successfully captured the essence of an ocean wave and brought that magnificence indoors for everyone to enjoy. For more than 40 years, the Rome-based artist has produced all kinds of sculpted environmental wonders with materials like wood and glass.

The silhouetted shapes mimic the movement of the ocean, in…


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Statues of Blinded Men Ascending High into the Sky

Karma is an intriguing sculptural installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh that presents countless men sitting atop one another while shielding each other's eyes. Like his Cause & Effect piece, which features a spectacular tornado of figurines, Karma presents figurative sculptures…


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Exactly 1,697 Origami Boats Flow Down to the Sea

From March 8th to the 24th, visit Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia to see a stretch of sand stunningly transformed into a temporary sculpture park. Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe is back for its 9th year. There will be more than 70 artists, representing over 13 different countries, that will…


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Remarkable Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

London-based Australian artist Ron Mueck produces unbelievably realistic sculptures with expressive facial features that complement their equally detailed human figures. The hyperrealist sculptor's work is world renowned for its extraordinarily lifelike quality coupled with his affinity for…


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