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Intricate Miniature Tape, Thread, and Toothbrush Sculptures

Japanese visual artist Takahiro Iwasaki manipulates common objects, transforming them into intricately designed sculptures. From carving into rolls of tape and carefully assembling the loose threads from towels and socks to architecturally constructing the bristles from…


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World's First Revolutionary 3D Printing Pen

If you're still trying to grasp the fact that objects can be built with 3D printers, you might want to take a seat because Boston-based toy and robotics company WobbleWorks LLC has designed a brand new, advanced version of this technology—the very first 3D printing pen! With this handy new gadget they're working on called the 3Doodler, people will have the unbelievable…


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Giant Labrador Sculpture Marks Its Territory on a Museum

A 28-foot-tall sculpture of a black Labrador relieving itself is currently installed on the side of the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) in Newport Beach, California. The installation, known simply as Bad Dog, is a new outdoor piece by artist Richard Jackson that is claiming its temporary territory throughout the run of the 74-year-old artist's first retrospective exhibit titled…


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Sculptures Covered with Sparkling Crystals Explore Morality

Italian artist Nicola Bolla is best known for transforming beautiful materials into memorably crude sculptures that explore mortality. His hauntingly compelling installations involve skull heads, piles of loose bones, and other death-related objects that are completely coated with sparkling Swarovski crystals. In the artist's book, entitled Empireo, we are taken on a visual…


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Incredible Dripping Sculptures of Fragmented Men

Johannesburg-based artist Regardt van der Meulen creates fascinating steel sculptures of men that appear to be incomplete. Two of his figurative structures of fragmented men, titled Drip and Deconstructed, offer an intriguing look at the duality of the human figure. The sculptor says, "The human body with its strength and fragility lie at the core of this series…


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Scorched Wooden Sculptures Metamorphosize After Fire

Italy-based sculptor Aron Demetz constructs life-sized figurative wooden sculptures and sets them ablaze. On their own, before they are scorched, the stoic human figures are presented in a variety of poses that appear to be rather classic. Though their anatomic construction is impressive, it's after their dematerialization that viewers are offered something far more emotional. Like a phoenix…


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Amazing 3D Digital Sculptures of Fierce Samurais

Artist Dan Ulrich, aka dandan, digitally produces realistic renditions of intricately detailed characters. His virtual sculptures are crafted with ZBrush, a digital sculpting tool, with meticulous precision. With over 8 years of experience as a…


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Cartographic Paper Sculptures Reveal Global Cities' History

UK-based artist Matthew Picton uses strips of paper to construct maps of cities from around the world. The Londoner's sculptural creations use both historic and fictional texts to produce cartographic representations of multicultural cities like Las Vegas, Dresden, Tehran, and Venice. The materials used are reflective of each respective culture, from literary and religious texts…


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Shape-Shifting GIFs of Fine Art Sculptures

Tumblr user hateplow has created a series of GIFs that shift back and forth between figurative sculptures and pixelated abstractions. The glitchy animated images present an intriguing perspective of art. They're hypnotizing in their constant shape-shifting motion, but they also showcase the different forms one work of art can take. Any given piece is a chosen form of interpretation out of a wide…


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4,000 Pounds of Rocks Fill a Human-Shaped Steel Frame

Florida-based artist Celeste Roberge is fascinated with creating art where there is an intersection of geological time and human time. She identifies the layers of history and memory that exist within everything, from people, to furniture, to natural materials found in the world around us. The artist says she creates sculptures where "the presence of matter and materiality is dominant," and…


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Spectacular Three-Dimensional Polar Bear Sculpture

Valencia, Spain-based artist Luciana Novo reimagines the mounted head of an animal as a colorful spectacle on display. The plastic and clay wall-mounted sculpture known as Cabeza de oso polar, translated simply as Polar Bear Head, turns the typical hunter's trophy into an intriguing piece of art that raises many questions and provokes thoughts about these endangered…


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Surreal Contorting Sculptures of New York Skyscrapers

Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea reconfigures the composition of buildings into far more flexible forms in his upcoming public art series known as No Limit. The artist's sculptures reintroduce iconic New York City skyscrapers as retractable, curving, and even wobbly structures. The project is backed by Magnan Metz Gallery, where…


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Internal Anatomy Layered Within Classic Sculptures

Chinese artist Cao Hui challenges conventional perception of inanimate objects by re-imagining their innards as something more than the inorganic materials used to compose their exterior. When fully assembled, the artist's modular sculptures appear to be like any other finely crafted structure, but it's upon dismantling the piece that one notices the insides…


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The Bay Lights: World’s Largest Light Sculpture

San Francisco, come March 5, 2013, you're in for an incredible treat. Designed by world famous light artist Leo Villareal, The Bay Lights is an epic light project that will span 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high on the Bay Bridge. Using 25,000 individually programmed white LEDs, Villareal will create complex light patterns in a dazzling display across the bridge’s west span.

To give you an…


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Incredible Wood-Carved Cityscapes by James McNabb

The City Series is a collection of wooden sculptures by designer James McNabb that mimics the skyscrapers that make up the New York City skyline. The Philadelphia-based artist uses a band saw to skillfully "sketch" his model metropolises, carving into separate scraps of wood and assembling them together to represent an eclectic mix of buildings.

Initially, the intent behind…


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Anamorphic Sculptures Revealed in Cylindrical Reflections

Johannesburg-born, London-based sculptor Jonty Hurwitz constructs incredibly complex anamorphic structures whose true forms can only be seen through precise perspectives. Some of his creations feature an abstract figure circling a metallic cylinder whose purpose is simply to reveal a recognizable shape within its reflection. In the piece titled Rejuvenation, the…


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Mysterious UFO Sculpture Lights Up at Night

Created as one of several 21st century sculptures aimed to attract visitors to the Lancashire countryside, Halo looks like an unimpressive heap of steel during the day and an awesomely mysterious UFO at night. The 18-meter diameter steel lattice structure is supported on a tripod that's five-meters above the ground. When the sun sets, the sculpture lights up and appears to hover over the…


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Getting Lost in Ai Weiwei's Endless Stacks of Bicycle Tires

Renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is constantly using his creative eye to construct art that comments on social, political, and cultural issues. His installation titled Stacked is no exception. The display features 760 bicycles piled atop one another, extending overhead and inviting visitors into an unusual maze of metallic frames and rubber tires. Stacked up high like you'd find in a…


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Spectacular Gravity-Defying Tree Root Chandeliers

Rotterdam-based Sicilian artist Giuseppe Licari presents a network of tree roots hanging from the ceiling like unusual, organic chandeliers. His site-specific installation titled Humus features the extended prickly roots of trees affixed to the top of his exhibition space, transforming the room into a sort of underground lair. It's as though visitors are getting an exclusive…


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Storytelling Through Carved Antique Books (New Works)

The Garden

England-based artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson carves into antiquated books to create eclectic book sculptures rich with narrative. We've seen plenty of book sculptures over the past few…


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