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Incredible Butter Sculptures by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton

Artists are known to think outside of the box and utilize uncommon items to construct their creations. From matchsticks to socks and…


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New Spectacular Pixelated Animal Sculptures

These pixelated animal sculptures by artist Shawn Smith re-imagine creatures found in nature as disintegrated and blocky figures. Smith's ongoing Re-things project blurs the lines between real life and the digital world. The Austin, Texas-based sculptor says, "Specifically, I am…


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New Stunningly Ethereal Works by Stella Im Hultberg

Pop artist Stella Im Hultberg, a long time favorite on My Modern Met,…


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Detailed Miniature Scenes Inspired by Real Life

Never Forgotten

UK-based artist Nic Joly uses toy figures, wire, paper, paint, clay, and any inspiring objects that catch his eye, to create these clever and tiny little worlds completely by hand. The artist is motivated by all aspects of…


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Whimsical Twisting Lamp Posts and Droopy Light Bulbs

Dutch artist Pieke Bergmans playfully redesigns street lamps and light bulbs to look like animated figures. Her latest series titled Metamorphosis offers a whimsical transformation to said inanimate objects by elongating and twisting their bodies around one another. One piece in the collection is a pair of anthropomorphized street lamps that appear to be intwined in a…


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Mystifying Sculptures Appear to Float in Mid-Air

The Virgins of Apeldoorn is a public installation in the Netherlands by Dutch artist Elisabet Stienstra. The sculptural work features three bronze statues of girls in varying positions, all seeming to lie parallel to the ground. Their hair and the cloth of their dress hangs below them as though they are sleeping on an invisible bed in midair. The intriguing…


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Surreal Sculptures Capture Moments When Trees Fall

Just opened this past October is a free sculpture trail in England that brings must-visit art to a rural location. Pendle Sculpture Trail was conceived by artist Philippe Handford to be a unique sculpture trail that would show site specific work inspired by, not just the…


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Meticulously Crafted Lattice Cubes Made of Pennies

Artist Robert Wechsler has assembled thousands of pennies into three meticulously crafted cubes, ranging in size from 5.75 inches to 21 inches. The sculptural pieces known as The Mendicant hold anywhere from 540 coins to 26,982, dependent on their size. These numbers are, of course, only a fraction of the billions of pennies out there in the world today. In terms of American…


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Artist Recreates His Face with 5,000 Urethane Fish

This 65-pound sculptural Self Portrait by artist Kevin Champeny is a medley of multi toned hand-cast urethane fish—5,000, to be exact. Each individual structure serves as a necessary pixel representing the entirety of Champeny's own face, like an intriguing work of sculptural pointillism.

The artist says, "It is very painstaking work, I design, sculpt, mold, cast in color…


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Gigantic Inflatable Structure is a Maze Filled with Color

Designed to immerse its visitors with light and color, Luminaria is a gigantic inflatable sculpture designed by Architects of Air. Since 1992, over two million visitors in 38 countries have experienced a luminarium, or what is described as a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes. The domes can reach up to 30 feet high and are the focal points of the structure.…


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Dazzling Glass Sculptures Burst with Energy

Irish sculptor Norman Mooney creates delicate works that burst with energy. He designs vibrant sculptures, formed out of resin, cast glass, aluminum, and pigments, which examine the natural world around us through large-scale pieces, repetitive patterns, and experimental materials. His titles—Flower, Seed, Stars, and Sun—suggest the presence of nature in…


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Giant Horse Head Sculptures Stand 30 Feet High

British artist Nic Fiddian-Green is best known for his signature sculptures of giant horse heads, which are often inspired by his own chestnut hunter George. He casts all of his own work rather than sending it out to be produced in a factory, and each piece is a one-of-a-kind, distinct carving, formed out of bronze and beaten lead.

Still Water is a bronze installation…


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Layers of Cedar Wood Chips Form Realistic Siberian Wildlife

Walking into artist Sergey Bobkov's studio must be like walking into a jungle! The Russian sculptor creates all kinds of life-like creatures out of Siberian cedar wood chips and a very skillful hand. He says, “It’s not too interesting to do what others can. To create something out of nothing in a completely new way is far more inspiring.”

To start, Bobkov first chips off…


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Mounted Handlebars Cleverly Commemorate Prized Bicycles

Designer Reagan Appleton gives a whole new meaning to mounting a bike. The Scotland native's Bicycle Taxidermy business commemorates speedy metal steeds (bicycles) by mounting their parts on wooden plaques, bearing a striking resemblance to the trophy heads that hunters display on their walls. The sculptural pieces present a clever visual play, drawing a similarity between the…


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Intriguing Stacked Man Statue in the Netherlands

In 1985, Dutch artist Frans Carlier created this intriguing statue of a man holding his hat with both hands titled De Wiekeneer. The sculpture, which is located in the Netherlands at the Wijcker Brugstraat in Maastricht, is especially fascinating because of the artist's choice to divide it into horizontal sections. Each slab of the bronze sculpture is set slightly askew making it seem…


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Incredible Geometric Pencil Lead Sculptures

We've seen figures made of pencils and even portraits created out of pencil shavings, but New Zealand artist Peter Trevelyan has a new approach to…


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Magical Bridge Suspended By Three Giant Balloons

Like a dreamy setting straight out of a fairytale, Marseille-based artist Olivier Grossetête's delicate bridge floats over a pond, suspended by a trio of surreally inspired giant white balloons. Located in the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park in England for the Tatton Park Biennial, the piece titled Pont de…


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The Mysterious Man Writing On Water

The Man Writing On Water is a sculptural installation by Belgium-based artist Jan Fabre that leaves much to be defined by its audience. The display features seven siliconed bronze sculptures of seemingly golden bathtubs, one of which has an equally metallic man seated in it with his index…


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Incredible Sculptures Made of Bicycle Parts

Chicago-based bicycle parts company SRAM gives artists the opportunity to show how creative they can be by equipping them with a box of 100 bike components and challenging them to make something for their pART PROJECT competition. This year, over 80 artists have participated, contributing their inventive creations that range from figurative sculptures to abstract collages. Each piece presents an…


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Artist Gives Life to Ordinary Lawn Chairs

How funny would it be to come across a hitchhiking lawn chair looking for a ride to the garbage dump? Thanks to designer Bert Löeschner, we can all say we've seen this unusual, yet hilarious, visual. In his Monobloc series, the inventive artist produces a number of quirky creations out of ordinary lawn chairs. The affordable and lightweight seats are reworked to display a new…


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