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Lifelike Wooden Sculpture of a Young Boy and His Teddy

Austria-born, Germany-based sculptor Mario Dilitz creates realistic figurative sculptures out of wood that evoke an intense sense of vulnerability. The latest piece in the artist's body of work, known as Best Friend, depicts a tender character—a young boy holding onto his teddy bear. Standing atop a short pedestal made of laminated wood in the same likeness as the boy's…


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Incredible Wood Sculptures Boast Bold Blocks of Color

Italian sculptor Willy Verginer continues to amaze us with his incredible wood sculptures accented with bright, bold acrylic paint. Each figure in the artist's growing collection of work is carved down from a large, solid block of linden wood. Verginer first uses a chainsaw to…


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Towering Spider Sculpture Reflects a Mother's Strength

Maman is an incredible, intimidating sculpture resembling a giant spider by the late French-American sculptor Louise Bourgeois (aka Spiderwoman). The towering structure, whose title translates as Mother in French, is an homage to the artist's own mother who passed away when she was 21 years old. While the image of a spider is often associated with unsettling creepiness, the idea…


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Surreal Wire Drawings of Eyes by Sophie Ryder

UK-based artist Sophie Ryder is a brilliant sculptor who works primarily with wire. Her large-scale wire drawings are like three-dimensional sketches that are simultaneously transparent and opaque. Her series of works depicting eyes are especially intriguing and captivating. They are, no pun intended, eye-catching.

The artist's piece, simply titled Eye, presents a realistic…


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Organic and Mechanical Hybrid Sculptures by Pierre Matter

French sculptor Pierre Matter's body of work thematically revolves around the surreal idea of featuring a combination of organic and mechanical materials in one entity. His sculptures reflect a robotic evolution of living beings and animals, transforming their likeness into multilayered cyborgs. The artist's mythological, mechanized creatures re-evaluate the way one interprets…


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Incredible Sculptures Made From Only One Block of Ice

Fairbanks, Alaska hosts the World Ice Art Championships every year and this year's contestants did not disappoint. The 2013 edition featured over 70 teams of sculptors from all around the world. They took part in several contests in the month-long event, though some of the most impressive pieces seem to derive from the…


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Neo-Romantic Sculptures of Different Women Made with Same Bust

Toronto-based artist Gosia explores the three-dimensional world of sculpting live models while incorporating her fantasy-driven imagination. Using one original bust, the sculptor molds each of her neoromantic creations from her template and accents them with different accessories that reflect the characters she envisions in her mind.

Having just recently completely…


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Playful Sculptures of Intricately Detailed Miniature People

Oslo-based Norwegian artist Benedicte Lyssand creates intricately detailed miniature sculptures of ordinary people for her series titled Minorities. Each tiny, metallic figure is engaged in an often laborious activity that utilizes objects found in our normal lives. These minuscule men playfully use a spool of thread, twice their size, to sew and collect snowflakes the size of their…


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Surreal Symbolic Sculptures by Michael Alfano

Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based sculptor Michael Alfano creates surreal sculptures that use the human body and face to interpret philosophical ideas. The gifted artist's creations blur the line between figurative and abstract as each piece incorporates elements of both to present a thought-provoking structure. Alfano says, "The best art engages, generates discussion, and brings about…


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Pixelated Sculpture of a Girl Installed at a Train Station

Maya is a pixelated sculptural installation of a little girl at Platform 1 at the Bristol Temple Meads train station by University of West of England's Senior Research Fellow Luke Jerram. The figure is modeled after the artist's own daughter by the same name. Using the camera and software in an Xbox Kinect to capture and create his ambitious project, Jerram explores the modern world…


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LEGO Librarians with Unique, Quirky Personalities

“I singlehandedly manage the library’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all our other damn marketing projects.”

When University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's Instruction & Reference Librarian Joe Hardenbrook, aka Mr. Library Dude, discovered that LEGO had created a stereotypical figure of a…


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Mesmerizing Sculptures Celebrate Art in Public Spaces

The Arts Initiative is a new collective that strives to redefine public spaces by filling those spaces with contemporary visual art. The group's first installation will soon be revealed in celebration of the opening of the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, an historic shopping center located just minutes…


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Giant Moving Lotus Flower Looks Like It's Breathing

Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa works with themes of nature on a grandiose scale. His large sculptural installations, Breathing Flower and Red Lotus, each exhibit an enormous lotus flower made of red fabric. In Asian cultures, the lotus represents purity and grace and Choi combines its image with the color red, a hue most associated with good fortune and…


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New Steel Wire Sculpture Illusion by Gavin Worth

Cairo, Egypt-based artist Gavin Worth has come out with a brand new sculpture illusion. Recently, he traveled to Las Cruces, New Mexico where he created this work about hope. Using 125 steel bars that stood over 6 feet high, he bent them by hand until he reached his desired…


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30 Unique Shanks Created in 30 Days

Shank Shack is a sculptural project by designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams in which the duo sought to create 30 shanks in 30 days. Their handmade creations, each a unique specimen of craftsmanship, displays the many ways that ordinary materials can be transformed into lethal weapons. From a toothbrush fitted with a razored stainless steel blade to mirrored glass being…


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Massive Meta Sand Sculpture of a Man Holding Tiny Versions of Himself

Summer is most definitely here in the northern hemisphere which means it's sand sculpting season and expert craftsman Carl Jara has already taken the gold medal for this year's Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition with his mind-blowing creation titled Infinity. The massive meta structure, which took…


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Surreal Shark Crashes Head-First Through a House

The Headington Shark is an unusual installation by sculptor John Buckley that features a shark crashing head-first through the roof of a home. Located at 2 New High Street in Headington, Oxford, England, the sculptural piece brings the comical fear of a Sharknado to life. Created in 1986 (long before the…


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Giant Dragon Skull Appears on Charmouth Beach

On an ordinary day in Dorset, on Charmouth beach, visitors were surprisingly met with an enormous skeletal remain of what appears to be… a dragon? The Jurassic skull, said to be the size of a London bus, seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Now, the beach, which is "famous for its treasure trove of dinosaur fossils," certainly has an easy find for fossil hunting archeologists,…


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Artist Links Thousands of Paperclips to Form Sculptures

While most people use paperclips in an office to hold documents together, Italian artist Pietro D'Angelo uses the tiny metallic fasteners to create figurative sculptures. Originally, the artist worked with conventional sculpting materials (marble and clay) but eventually transitioned into his current medium of choice to skillfully display both objects and the human…


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Abstract Sculptures Look Like Unraveled Faces

Sculptor Barbara Leoniak creates intriguingly abstract perspectives of the human face. Her milky white sculptures, made of cardboard dipped in resin, appear to be one long sheet of paper or fabric that was molded around the faces of people, but somehow came unraveled and frozen in space and time. Each figurative work in the skilled sculptor's collection includes several…


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