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Mesmerizing Translucent Waves from 19th Century Paintings

The late 19th century Armenian-Russian painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky created some truly spectacular paintings of seascapes that capture the beautiful, shimmering essence of the tumultuous waters. The marine artist gained recognition for his impeccable ability to recreate the expressive quality of oceans with over half of his 6,000+ paintings from his lifetime…


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Breathtaking Landscape Photos by Antony Spencer

UK-based landscape photographer Antony Spencer captures stunning expanses of land and sea. Living in Dorset, the photographer says he seeks to take advantage of his town's beautiful coast any chance he gets. It's all a matter of capturing the right light in any given setting and Spencer certainly has a keen eye for gorgeous natural lighting to illuminate and accentuate an area's…


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Stunning Landscape Photos Dramatically Heightened with Digital Art

Across the vast expanse of the Pacific Northwest, there is a grand source of natural inspiration for photographer Miles Morgan. It's hard to believe but these stunning photographs are captured by Morgan, who only began his career in landscape photography a mere three years ago. Having grown up under the wing of his successful photojournalist father, Hank Morgan, it seems he has an…


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Captivating Seascapes at Sunrise and Sunset

Lisbon-based photographer Jose Pombo modestly refers to himself as an amateur photographer who likes landscapes at sunrise and sunset, preferably near water. However, his work is anything but amateur. The landscape photographer captures stunning images of vast seascapes that whisks a viewer away into a fantasy world. It's hard to believe that these misty beaches accented with stretching…


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