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New Shadow Figure Emerges From Fabric

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita has created a magical new shadow figure using just light and fabric. Called Veil, it's a temporary installation on view until December 1 at Villa Olmo in Como, Italy as part of the 23rd edition of Miniartextil, an annual exhibition that focuses on contemporary art that utilizes textiles. This…


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Game of Thrones' Clever Dragon Shadow Illusion on NY Times

In what's got to be one of the cleverest print ad campaigns we've seen a very long time, HBO's hit show Game of Thrones was advertised in Monday's New York Times with a dragon casting its shadow over two pages of fake news stories. The "make you do a double-take" ad gives its viewers a taste of what's to come, as Khaleesi's dragons are sure to be central players of the new…


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New 3D Shadow Portraits Made from Thousands of Screws

California-based artist Andrew Myers, who we first introduced you to almost two years ago, has just released these images from his new screw art series. Called "We Don't Belong in the Shadows," it consists of three new portraits that are each made from around 2,000 screws as well as…


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Color Changing Bubbles Tell Stories Through Shadows

While Lyon's Festival of Lights (or "Fête des Lumières" in French) just wrapped up, we can still marvel at some of the standout light installations. As first time participants of the event, Canadian collective Lucion Media blew visitors away with their colorful, light-changing spheres in the gardens of…


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Origami Shadow Art of Actual Faces

Though at first glance you'd think you were just looking at a bunch of colorful construction paper pieces neatly arranged on a blank white wall, come a little closer and you might notice a familiar face. Back in 2011, famed shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (who we wrote about here and…


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Intricate Shadow Faces Cast Through Strainers

We've come across several of street artist Isaac Cordal's intriguing tiny, lost figures, which we are clearly fans of, but we're pleased to discover another side to the multifaceted artist that tackles shadow art and combines it with his mastery of sculpting. The Brussels-based Spanish artist took to the streets of London for this project called Cement Bleak that utilizes an…


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Beautiful Floating Wire Figures

One can only imagine the time it would take to create such beautifully delicate sculptures such as this. Korean artist Keysook Geum blends, twists and cuts iron wire until invisible female forms look as if they're donning gorgeous garments. Her recent show at Callan Contemporary was called Moving in Colors and it was where she explored "the curves and…


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Clever Shadow Art on Beer Billboard

Though we can't help but think that Kumi Yamashita's shadow art was the inspiration behind this billboard for Newcastle Brown Ale, we must give the artists, Ellis Gallagher and Pablo Power, credit for a wonderful execution.

Using about 3,000 Newcastle bottle caps and a single… Continue

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Mysterious Shadow People (6 total)

City View

Kumi Yamashita has a secret power. She can place wood or metal objects in just the right light to make mysterious shadow people show their true selves. The genius of it all lies in the fact that without the lighting and shadows the objects would never give away her secret. These surprising silhouettes only come out when beckoned to do…


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Go See Nick Brandt's Exhibition, "A Shadow Falls"

Ready for Weekend Experience Part II? After you've checked out Caia Koopman's Rock Star Chicks, head on over to the Fahey/Klein Gallery to see Nick Brandt's new exhibition, A…


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Pilobolus - Amazing and fun shadow dance troupe on the Conan O' Brian show.

Pilobolus takes creative dancing to another level. Here is a clip from Conan where they use shadows to trick your mind..

Pilobolus began as an experiment among three guys and one puzzled professor in a Dartmouth dance class back in 1970. It was survival of the giddiest, as the three non-dancers goofed around with the material they'd been given -- themselves -- and got entangled in science-inspired poses (think: "soft-belly protoplasmic thing") and movements.… Continue

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