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Good Advice Created with Hand Drawn Type

In need of a pick-me-up? Perhaps some solid advice? By way of designer Zachary Smith, we've got just what you're looking for. The 21-year-old from New Smyrna Beach, Florida has taken some popular pieces of advice and turned them into nostalgic looking designs using his hand drawn type. Most inspiring about the whole thing is that this young talent has only been creating…


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Dreaming of Italy (10 photos)

New Zealand-based photographer and designer Andrew Smith of Cuba Gallery recently took a trip to Europe and came back with some exquisite shots. Using his Nikon D3 camera, Smith carefully composes his photos and then uses Adobe Lightroom 3 in post-production to take them to the next level. His photos throughout Italy are quite amazing in that they're able to transport… Continue

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Castles in the Sky

After three years exploring and pioneering new coastlines in every corner of the earth, award winning surf filmmaker, director, and producer Taylor Steele, executive producer Sandrine Lima of Reel Sessions, and VAS Entertainment, have chosen to present the West Coast Premiere of Taylor’s latest project Castles in the Sky at the famous Arclight Hollywood Cinema landmark theater. The May 18, 2010 event will see Taylor Steele and his cast of surfers converging on Sunset… Continue

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Win This Highly Coveted Logo Book

We told you awhile back that we'd be redesigning My Modern Met. In fact, you've probably already started to see some changes on this site like the all white background. Well there's much more in store for you including a new logo that we're getting made by professional logo designer Graham Smith (from…


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Cat Girl (8 pics)

What happens when a lovely girl gets caught up in a cat's world? The Cat's Meow is a beautiful series photographed by Macushla Burke and illustrated by Kelly Smith for Pulp Magazine's Autumn 2010 issue. In it, stunning model Christina Dietz gets slowly transformed into an illustration. Personally, I love it when…


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A Man In Search of Meaning (15 pics)

As we go through life we often think about why we're here, what the meaning of life is. In these photos, photographer Rodney Smith shows us a man who's in search of these answers, a man who's life's quest is to find himself. Shot in black and white, the curious man travels far and wide, only to find that the real answers lie within him.…


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Paul Smith Joins Evian's Designer Bottle Series

If you're one of those people who doesn't believe art and commerce can exist in the same space, you have not seen Evian's designer bottle series! Paul Smith's design is the third in a series of designer bottles commissioned by Evian, following one by Christian Lacroix in 2008 and last year's model by Jean Paul Gaultier. Here, I've lined them all up for you.

Don't you just love how Paul Smith dressed up the bottle with his signature… Continue

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Photographer Rodney Smith Shares His Stories

One of the best things about the internet is that you get to read what inspires creative people. A little part of me gets so excited to share these things, with you, that sometimes I can't type fast enough. Today, I've learned that one of my favorite photographers (and yes, I have many), Rodney Smith, has decided to start his own… Continue

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Yeah Yeah Yeah ~ "Heads Will Roll" (music video)

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The video for the New York City group's new single "Heads Will Roll," from their third studio album, It's Blitz!, was directed by British director Richard Ayoade.

How can anyone deny the magnetic gaze peering from vocalist Karen O's bangs and her haunting, high-pitched "Oh!"s that go down like a cup of sharp nails drowning in velvety hot chocolate.

Getting to Know Karen O --

Born… Continue

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Love and Romance - Rodney Smith (10 Photos)

Rodney Smith is one of those gifted photographers who makes you feel like you've been transported into a beautiful movie set. Each picture carries with it a story that only the viewer can interpret but one that conjures up feelings of passion and love, of longing and desire.

Throughout his career Smith has been asked to lecture at such esteemed… Continue

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iamhuman Laptop Covers

Wood Collection: Walnut | rich deep grain. $35.

iamhuman laptop covers are made of diverse materials ranging from wood veneers to wool fabric. The pattern based designs are simple, chic and timeless. The Seattle, Wash. based company will also custom print your graphic, for a minimum order of 15. There are about 20 designs available for MAC laptops, and a handful for PCs.

Premium Collection: Syncopated stripe | Paul Smith for Maharam in 100%… Continue

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Kate Hudson in Elle Magazine

The Goldie Hawn of our generation, romantic comedy champ Kate Hudson, looking as glamorous as ever in Elle magazine's February 2009 issue. Photographed by Carter Smith. Styled by Elle's creative director Joe Zee, of whom I've become a fan after watching CW's guilty pleasure reality series Stylista - the chubby, more insecure sister of… Continue

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Sexy and Sultry Sketches from Australian Artist Kelly Smith

There's something absolutely gorgeous about Kelly Smith's sketches. It's how she effortlessly blends different mediums together, transitioning between pencil, paint and print to create beautiful pieces of art. Much like Kawasaki or Hultberg, she draws beautiful women who not only have style and… Continue

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Just Something To Think About Today

A simple message that says so much.

For more inspirational quotes and fun stuff check out Kerri Smith's Flickr… Continue

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