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Minimalist Vacation Home is Fashioned Inside Concrete Rock

With the ocean in sight, The Truffle is an unusual vacation home built within a rock. The inhabitable concrete stone is located in Costa de Morte, Spain and was designed by Ensamble Estudio in collaboration with Ricardo Sanz and Javier Cuesta. Its 25 square-meter minimalist decor has everything you’d need for a peaceful getaway, and includes a raised platform…


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20-Year-Old's Beautifully Intimate Self-Portraits

Here at My Modern Met we have a soft spot for up-and-coming young artists and photographers. 20-year-old Melania Brescia is our latest discovery. Hailing from Málaga, Spain, Melania is a breath of fresh air with her highly intimate works that are full of life and emotion. Just like other exciting contemporary artists her age, what makes Melania so great is her ability to let go of her inhibitions and…


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Gorgeous New Mural in Ibiza, Spain

Irish urban artist Fin DAC has just completed this beautiful stencil work in Ibiza, Spain for the Urban In Ibiza festival. Called Alabaster at Nagai, it shows a gorgeous woman with a colorful parrot on her shoulder. (Also, notice the tiny green leaves or feathers surrounding them.) The artist, whose work we've featured a number of times on My Modern Met (see…


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¡Campeones del mundo!

I'm sure you fellas will forgive the title in spanish, 'cause... Spain won the World Cup! Even for those of us who are not much into footbal (soccer in the states), it was a historic moment, as our team had never played a final match in the World Cup before. And, indeed, Spain loves football. It is considered as the national sport because of it's league, best in the world they say. Anyway. We lived an amazing night that continued after the… Continue

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It's Ok, I've Got You

I love this piece of mosaic art by Laura Pattison. This original piece was created out of a photograph that she had been keeping for quite some time. Made of stained glass, tiles, pebbles, shells, sand and more, it magically captures a beautiful moment in time.

"It's for my son's 30th birthday present, it's of him and his daughter Lois. I took the photo… Continue

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The Gorgeous Work of Gabriel Moreno (10 Pieces)

Illustrator Gabriel Moreno often times collaborates with other photographers or artists to create mixed media art that's otherworldly. In March, he exhibited his new works in his “More than Illustration” solo show. For five months he focused on creating art not for his advertising clients but for himself. As he states, "There's nothing more exciting to put your real…


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Stencil-Graffiti Artist Senor X (7 Photos)

Senor X is an artist based in Gijon, Spain who, just like Banksy, has the ability to make us stop on the street and experience a piece of art. It's unexpected and it's fresh; it's everything art should be.…


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Visiting Barcelona? Check Out the New Hotel Me Barcelona by Sol Meliá

One year ago this Thanksgiving, Eugene, Sam and I headed down to beautiful Cancun for a nice long weekend getaway. One of the best parts of the trip, was staying at a hotel our friend Gary had recommended, Hotel Me by Melia Cancun. The moment you… Continue

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Magical Fairytales - Eugenio Recuenco (10 photos)

Eugenio Recuenco is an award-winning fashion photographer from Spain. His unique style has been referred to as "cinematographic" and "pictorial" and his work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Twill.…


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The S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants

I'm always looking for credible top restaurant lists. I was told of this list by a Met member who shall remain nameless. Basically a major traveler that loves good food.

First, why should we care what the San Pellegrino company thinks are the world's 50 best restaurants?… Continue

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