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Story Behind My Son Making it to the Front Page of Reddit

Though it may be hard to believe, it's been almost five years since we started My Modern Met. (We launched in May 2008.) Though I'm not a photographer by trade, you've trusted in me and my team to deliver some of the best art and photography out there today. For the most part, we've kept our personal lives private but if you do a quick search, you could find us on any number of social networks.



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Story Behind the Sparkling Brooklyn Watertower

We got in touch with Tom Fruin, the talented artist behind that beautiful watertower currently up in Brooklyn, to ask him some questions about the stunning public project. Read that brief Q&A below.

Why do you choose to work with scavenged, reclaimed, and recycled…


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The Inspirational Story Behind the High Line

If you're looking for a modern-day tale about people who overcame the odds to do something great, then do we have a book for you. High Line: The Inside Story of New York City’s Park in the Sky was co-written by Joshua David and Robert Hammond, two ordinary citizens with no prior experience in planning and development who are the ones behind the now famous public works…


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Exclusive On-Site Interview: Pixar Story Artist Josh Cooley

We were first introduced to the very talented Josh Cooley through a member's post back in June 2010. As luck would have it, when we contacted him for a follow up interview, he invited us up to Pixar! Of course, we jumped at the chance to meet the Pixar story artist and tour his… Continue

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Mesmerizing Story of Strawberry Beer


In this day and age, if you're selling a product, it's unbelievably difficult to stand out from the crowd. So what's a company to do? You can spend a lot of money and see if something sticks or you can work with some highly creative people to see what they can do.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, the duo behind those beautiful…


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Rejected and Replaced (14 pics)

What happens when the TV finds out he's been rejected and replaced? Will his life spins out of control? Surely, he'll need to find new meaning, a reason for existing...

This creative photo series by photographer Julien Coquentin brings to life the secret story of a discarded TV. One day, the TV wakes up to find that he's been unplugged, replaced by… Continue

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Surprising Street Stories (15 photos)

German street photographer Siegfried Hansen finds the most amusing stories on the street. As he walks around, he looks for interesting angles and then composes his shots to tell city stories. In looking through his work, you'll find that he's been everwhere from Venice to Tokyo, snapping away authentic moments where the people are not posed but rather just going about… Continue

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These Golden Books Are Not For Children

We've all read a Golden Book when we were kids. They're a line of illustrated children's books.

These Golden Books here though, are not exactly suitable for children.

Josh Cooley, an artist at Pixar, has been whipping these up in his spare time for the past two years. Most are pretty self-explanatory. If I have to tell you the movie though, you won't get the joke.

Illustrated are famous scenes from movies like The… Continue

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TankBooks: Tales To Take Your Breath Away

TankBooks is a series of books designed to mimic cigarette packs – the same size, packaged in flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane.…


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Chivalry is Undead Series by Kira Shaimanova (8 pics)

Sweet Talk

"While chivalry is dead in the present day, it is very much alive for the “undead”. Zombie gentlemen demonstrate chivalrous acts and behaviors in contemporary settings using unconventional methods." - Kira S.

I was so impressed with her series that I just had to write up about it. Sculpted out of clay, her "undead" characters though disturbing oozes nothing but sweetness, and are as chivalrous as can be. If the…


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When Shadows Come Alive (15 pics)

Shadow Dance

Though there's a plethora of amazing shadow photography out there, my favorite ones are where the shadows tell a story. They're the ones where the line is blurred between art and photography where you're not quite sure if the photo has been doctored up. These are the photos where our imaginations run wild, where we believe, for a brief moment, that the shadows come…


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New Toy Story 3 Trailer

New toys...Yay! Got to love the Ken and Barbie… Continue

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A Ninja Love Story

Should love be as hard as this? A vacationing ninja finds true love, little does he know he has to work for it! Conceived by Daniel Klug, this sweet piece of animation took him nine months to… Continue

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Finding the Story in Faceless Photos (20 pics)

As it has been said many times over, a picture can tell a thousand words. Just by the body language or background of these photos, you can imagine a sweet or sorrowful story. Arms crossed or looking into the vast space, these people are remembering a tragic memory or a long lost love. The beauty of it all, of course, is that it is up to you to decide what that story…


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Inspirational Story: How JibJab Turned Passion Into Profit

A few days ago, I read this article about how the brothers behind the online political parodies, JibJab, are turning their passion into profit. Recently they switched their strategy to focus on e-cards, asking their audience to pay $12 per year for an annual subscription. Though they won't disclose how much they've made, more than 80 million JibJab cards were shared… Continue

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A Beautiful Revolution, An Amazing Story (12 total)

What do modern-day dreams and fairy-tales look like? Maybe for you it's leaving your 9-5 and doing something creative. It's getting out of your comfort zone and finding a new calling. Or maybe it's just asking the girl of your dreams out on a date. Simple to say, complicated to actually do, right?

Andre Jordan feels your pain. He's created doodles filled with… Continue

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Living Things Project Photo by Stefan Mildner

Living Things Project by Stefan Mildner

Title: Living Things Project

Photo Manipulation by: Stefan Mildner

Via: Chung Designs

What I Like About It: I love this photo / manipulation. I don't know the original intent of this photograph, but…


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12 (More) Masters of Visual Storytelling

Joseph Ford

While there may be tons of places where you can see jaw-dropping photo manipulations, I've found that it's harder to find photos that can actually tell a story. These are the ones that grab your attention. They subtly ask you to think about what kind of past led them to this… Continue

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Movie on the Radar - Capitalism: A Love Story

Love him or hate him, all Michael Moore really wants to do is expose the truth. Sure, his films can be a little (ok, very) one-sided but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate them for what they are.

The reviews are already starting to pour in on his newest film, Capitalism: A Love Story.

Variety says, "By returning to his roots,… Continue

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How Costco Went From Concept to $1 Billion in 3 Years

Excuse me if the title to this post sounds kinda cheesy but, man, how else can you describe Costco's success? CNN Money takes us behind-the-scenes of our favorite retailer. Read the story,…


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