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In the Wake of Thunder: Surreal New Series by Alex Stoddard

Every year for the last three years we have been tracking one photographer's work. A young talent whose fresh ideas seem to be constantly emulated, a rising star who isn't afraid to look outside the box for something new. When we first wrote about Alex Stoddard's stunning self-portraits, back when he was just…


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Spilled Wine and Acid Create Spellbinding Scenes

While we've featured the dreamy photos of 22-year-old film photographer Alison Scarpulla's before, we focused on her double exposures and were not yet aware of some of her incredibly unusual techniques. Foregoing Photoshop or other digital post processing, she…


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Storytelling Shadows - Paolo Roversi (11 pics)

Reminiscent of fables and fairy tales, this photo shoot by Paolo Roversi grabs your attention because of the storytelling shadows. Model Lara Stone stars as the heroine as she dons couture ballgowns from the likes of Dior, Versace, Chanel and Valentino. Shot for Vogue Italia's March 2010 issue, the shoot is simply striking, isn't it?…


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When Shadows Come Alive (15 pics)

Shadow Dance

Though there's a plethora of amazing shadow photography out there, my favorite ones are where the shadows tell a story. They're the ones where the line is blurred between art and photography where you're not quite sure if the photo has been doctored up. These are the photos where our imaginations run wild, where we believe, for a brief moment, that the shadows come…


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The Art of Movie Credits (10 Creative Examples)

Sherlock Holmes [Watch It]

A fantastic opening title sequence can set the tone for an amazing movie experience. If done well, it'll grab the viewer's attention and give them a sneak peek into their magical journey. Just as important is the closing credits. Rather than just watch names…


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12 Masters of Visual Storytelling

Koen Demuynck [Link]

While some may say that every picture tells a story, I'm under the belief that only a few can do it right. These are the masters of storytelling, the ones who can draw out an emotion in us and leave us with a lasting memory. We've written about some of these photographers right here at… Continue

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