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MMM Exclusive: Vibrant Geometric Street Art by Okudart in Madrid

A few blocks from our temporary apartment in Madrid, my wife and I spotted this eye-catching street art piece by Okudart. The very first thing you'll notice is the intense burst of colors radiating from the mural. The piece is bright and vibrant in all the right ways and truly adds life to an already…


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Polish City Embraces Street Art

Aryz (Spain)

The Polish city of Lodz is making huge waves in the street art world. Under the patronage of Mayor Hanna Zdanowska and the Ambassador of Spain in Poland, the city is co-financing a monumental, permanent exhibition called Urban Forms Gallery.

Some of the best street artists around the world joined Poland's… Continue

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Geometric Tape Art Invades India

New York-based tape artist Aakash Nihalani is on a tear around India, adding a few more amusing pieces to his portfolio. His fluorescent colored illusions, combined with India's rich culture, makes for some truly eye-catching work. Nihalani's exhibit, entitled Aalign, is currently running… Continue

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Inside Out

New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani once again uses his medium of choice - tape - to create an optical illusion in Dehli, India. The piece, titled Inside Out, coincides with Nihalani's first exhibition in India, which opens today at Seven Art Limited gallery.…


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Shot Down Plane Transforms into Giant Fish

Liqen discovered a crashed plane on Ventanilla Beach in Oaxaca, Mexico and did what any respectable street artist would do - he turned the plane's tail into a giant fish and added an indigenous spear-fisherman on the wing.

But, that's just the beginning of this fascinating story. According to… Continue

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Monkey Experiments

Monkeys have finally turned the tables on us; they've decided to experiment on human beings! Spanish street artist Liqen painted this thought-provoking mural in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. He calls it a "present study through the origins of our species."…


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Vhils' Creative Workflow

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a piece Vhils put up in Venice, California, in conjunction with the European Bailout Show at the Post No Bills gallery. Arrested Motion… Continue

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Intricate Street Art Murals

This intricate pair of monochrome murals were painted by Paris-based street artist Skio. The level of detail is so amazing, it's hard to believe that the murals were created on a wall, instead of a notebook with a ballpoint pen. There isn't too much information out there about Skio right now, but we'll definitely keep a close eye on him to see what he comes up with next.…


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Street Art from Another Dimension

Street artist Iemza and photographer Thierry Gaude might just be from another world. If they are, they would most definitely be from the same planet. In actuality, the two artists are based in France and are both exceptionally skilled at what they do.

Iemza creates alien-like street art that… Continue

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Soviet Army Monument Transformed into Superheroes

It's unclear who transformed this Soviet army monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, but how interesting is this? The artists changed the Russian Red Army soldiers, who led an advance on Nazi-allied Bulgaria during World War II, into superheroes and comic book characters!

The pop art creation with the caption "Abreast with the Times" drew crowds of people over the weekend, posing to have their picture… Continue

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Street Art x Photography Mashup

Austrian and French street artists Jana + JS paint portraits of themselves in European cities, taking photos of unsuspecting travelers. The dialog between their artworks and the city dwellers creates a funny juxtaposition.

"We use stencil as painting technique, and photography is the basis of our artwork," says Jana + JS. "Our style is neat and precise; it stands in between photography… Continue

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Frankenstein's Flamboyant Brother

This elaborate mural by street artist Simple was spotted in Gothenburg, Sweden. The blingin' dude with a gold tooth kind of resembles Frankenstein's flamboyant brother. Really admire the sharp lines and meticulous detail to this piece.

via [… Continue

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Sticks and Stones...

Within just three days of arriving in Adelaide, Australia, street artist ABOVE fell and broke his scapula in two parts, resulting in a head concussion and two hospital visits.

Part of his responsibilities for this 200 foot (63 meter) mixed-media mural was to mentor three extremely talented local Australian artists - Chris Edser, Tristan Kerr, and ANKLES.

"As a collective we decided… Continue

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Banksy's Real Name is...

Hiding in a shroud of mystery, Banksy has made a name for himself without ever revealing his identity. Currently, he is the most famous street artist in the world and, just recently, he became a successful filmmaker with Exit Through the Gift Shop. It's unclear who put up this clever piece that was "spotted" on a city wall in Kreuzberg,… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Awesome Work by Faber

I'm really diggin' this piece by Peruvian street artist Fabricio Medrano aka Faber. As far as I can tell, the work was completed on wood and cardboard. The beauty and rough nature of the piece is incredible...

via [… Continue

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Urban Street Art: The Slums (2 pics)

This large scale mural by Brazilian street artist Raul Zito really struck a chord with me. Combining graffiti with photography, Zito depicts urban life and condemns unbridled consumerism. Completed in Pompéia, São Paulo, it's a stark reminder that people all over the world face hardship, especially during the global economic crisis.…


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Curious Pavement Sculptures (3 pics)

Berlin-based street artist Brad Downey created a couple of curious-looking pavement sculptures in Hamburg, Germany. The pieces present an interesting examination into two universal elements: space and gravity.

According to his website, "Downey shines a light on institutional regulation of public behavior. By wider awareness of these controls, his viewing… Continue

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Urban Street Art: Snoozin' Snoopy

By street artist ARB. [Link],

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Troyt Coburn - Graffiti Girl (7 photos)

Australian fashion photographer Troyt Coburn must of had an epiphany. By setting his model in front of graffiti murals, he added an urban element to these shots. The stark contrast of colors only intensifies the dramatic effect.…


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Urban HOTspot - Bar Chloe: Santa Monica

I've been to 3rd street in Santa Monica a countless number of times. So, when I walked into Bar Chloe and immediately loved the place, it was surprisingly refreshing. With no sign outside, it's no wonder I've never known about it. Bar Chloe has a beautifully designed interior and is decorated with flocked wallpaper, huge white lacquer mirrors, three small chandeliers, plush couches with animal print designs, and an elegant, antique, marble-topped bar.… Continue

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