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New Phone Booth Wiretapping Street Art in England

One moment, this plain white wall was blank. The next, it was covered with the stylings of what many are claiming to be the most recent work of British street artist Banksy. The piece quickly emerged overnight along a wall located on Hewlett Road in the Cheltenham borough of Gloucestershire, also notably, a town that is home to the…


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Gorgeous Mural Honors Russian Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya

In his signature style, Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra recently created this rich and vibrant mural, entitled Ballerina, along the streets of Moscow. For the piece, he covered the large space with rainbows of fragmented geometric forms that flow together into the…


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Graffiti Birds Emerge in Brazil Through Fragmented Lines

Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins, aka L7m, recently created this gorgeous series of graffiti birds, where the large, feathered creatures emerge on the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The combination of realism and abstraction blur together to form the wide array of creative birds.

Each large painting is formed with dark lines and blocks of bold color that fill in the…


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Colorful Crochet Covers Three Giant Dachshund Heads

These bizarre, giant dog heads wearing chef hats were part of an interactive public art event that recently took place in the Bay area of California. The plastic dachshund sculptures formerly served as the mascots for the Doggie Diner, which closed in 1986 in San Francisco. Just recently, Polish artist Olek was invited to cover the strange figures with her signature…


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Monochromatic Portraits Emerge from an Italian Haystack

Recently, street artist Borondo turned his spray paints towards a giant haystack set within the landscape of Cotignola, Italy. Always exploring new ways to create his signature paintings, the Spanish artist utilized this unique surface to produce the impressive scenes. In his signature style, Borondo's minimalist images rely on light and shadow to convey incredible depth…


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Eye-Catching Mural of Audrey Hepburn in NYC's Little Italy

Brooklyn-based Tristan Eaton recently created this eye-catching mural, entitled Audrey Hepburn, along the streets of Little Italy in New York City. The American artist and toymaker was just one of the many talented people to participate in the L.I.S.A. (Little Italy Street Art) Project, an initiative that brings together a diverse group of street artists to create…


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Complex Graffiti Machine Produces Vibrant Rainbows

In 2010, Swedish street artist Akay created Tool No. 10: Robo-Rainbow in an ongoing series of Instruments of Mass Destruction, which he further describes as "complicated technical solutions to aid in simple acts of vandalism." Obviously, the words ''mass destruction' are used lightly here, considering that the artist has no malicious intentions and ends up producing a…


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Innocent Disney Princesses Reveal Their Dark Sides

In this mixed media artwork by street artist Herr Nilsson, a variety of Disney princesses reveal their true gritty side. In much of Nilsson's work, he depicts cute little characters who are disturbingly comfortable with the nasty realities of the cruel world. In continuation of that theme, Nilsson illustrated three princesses—Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping…


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Modern Day Cave Painting Symbolizes Transcendence

Street artist David De La Mano recently created this amazingly captivating mural, entitled Transciende (Transcends), along the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay. In his signature monochromatic style, the artist explores paintings that elegantly transform simple shapes into complex images. The basic forms and limited colors mimic the style of cave paintings, which closely…


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Beautiful Blue Butterflies Swarm the City

Beautiful blue swarms of butterflies have been recently covering the streets of Indianapolis. From a distance, you may think that a new breed of monochromatic butterflies have just flown in, but upon closer inspection, you'll soon realize that this phenomenon is actually a project by Indiana-based artist Tasha Lewis.

Named the Guerilla Sculpture, Lewis creates a blur of blue wings…


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Herakut's Stunning Train Mural Uplifts Community

In the past, we’ve seen the creative artist duo Herakut as they worked their magic along the streets of Tel Aviv and Los…


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Skillful Yarn Bombing Street Art

Yarn bombing, there’s just no stopping it! This expressive and crafty form of street art is literally covering the nation. Yarn-bombing artists everywhere work to wrap mundane objects like street signs, buses, stairs, and poles with colorful patterns and knitted stripes that brighten up the world.

Magda Sayeg, known as the “mother of yarn bombing,” founded…


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Energetic Street Art in Cape Town

Recently, Chinese street artist DAL left his mark again on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa with a new mural entitled “The Williams Brothers.” In his trademark ribbon style, DAL used just black and white paint to depict motion of one animal (or perhaps multiple) bounding and bouncing along the streets and around the corner.

The contrast of the animal forms against the…


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