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Artist Transforms New Zealand's Utility Boxes with Graffiti

Auckland, New Zealand is being transformed, one utility box at a time, by artist Paul Walsh. After gaining local recognition for a Grumpy Cat mural he created, the gifted illustrator and web designer was approached by Chorus (a company that operates New Zealand's phone network) to beautify their DSL Cabinets. Without any actual…


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Surreal Silhouettes of Talking Trees in Barcelona

Madrid-based Spanish street artist Sam3 recently created an intriguing mural titled Park on the side of a building in Barcelona. The large-scale work presents silhouettes of four trees whose entangled branches transform their image into that of two people's heads facing each other. The incredible piece of street art has a duality about it that merges the image of nature and man.



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Live Painted Models Blend Seamlessly into Graffiti Background

While many artists seek to replicate reality through three-dimensional paintings, Los Angeles-based artist Alexa Meade goes the opposite route and paints on three-dimensional subjects to make them seem two-dimensional. The clever artist uses her keen eye for color and experience in…


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Banksy Secretly Sells Original Signed Art for $60 on Streets

Banksy strikes again with a secret pop-up art sale by Central Park for his month-long New York residency, Better Out Than In. Set up like any other stall selling merchandise on the streets lining the iconic park, an elderly man sat on October 13th, waiting for customers to pick up "100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases" for $60 a piece (the real market value per piece…


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Playful Anamorphic Illusions of Life-Size Picture Frames

Anamorphoses is a site-specific series by French street artists Ella & Pitr, who also go by Papier Peintres, that playfully transforms rundown spaces into colorful settings for people to pose in for a picture. The duo adds anamorphic illusions of picture frames throughout the space from interesting angles. Depending on one's perspective, it can look like a person is walking inside…


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Street Artist Blasts Streaks of Color in Stunning Portrait

French street artist Hopare recently spent a weekend completing an eye-catching wall mural for the Cergy Soit Street Art Festival that features a spectacular medley of colors. Located in Cergy, a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, the vibrant graffiti work offers a lively feast for the eyes.

Streaks of color fill the piece, going in every direction. The smooth curves and translucent slashes…


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More Hidden Street Art on Railings by Zebrating

Mannheim, Germany-based street art duo known as Zebrating have been leaving their mark across the globe, particularly on railings in public spaces. Their elusive graffiti work offers an entertaining surprise for viewers from specific angles. Their art relies heavily on perspective as each…


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Painted Shadows in an Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

1000 Shadows is an ongoing project by Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione that features eerie shadows taking residence in abandoned buildings. The painted silhouettes have emerged on the walls, floors, and ceilings of empty rooms and outside deserted homes in São…


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Mesmerizing Graffiti GIF of "Hypnocat"

In a university hall in Santiago, Chile, there is a graffiti work depicting an intricately illustrated, colorful cat. It has drawn the attention of a few passersby on its own but since a copy of its image was shared digitally, the internet has transformed the stationary stenciled work into a mesmerizing gif now widely revered as Hypnocat.

The entrancing animated image making its rounds…


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Hilarious New Street Art from Hanksy

The Walken Dead

Hanksy has a whole new set of hilarious images! The artist has been growing his collection of funny street art this year in preparation for a solo show at Gallery1988. The artist, who…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight #6 - Houston Bowery NYC 1 by Navid Baraty

If you ever thought "I wish I owned that!" while reading about and browsing through the fantastic art and photography here on My Modern Met, you're in luck because many of our featured artists have prints and canvases of their work available through My Modern Shop. As part of our ongoing series of…


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Artist Beautifies Public Spaces with Ornate Lace Patterns

Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon adds a delicate touch to public spaces with her intricately designed lace patterns. The Polish artist, who is no stranger to working with actual lace, has expanded her portfolio of work to include ornate designs resembling the detailed thread work…


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Huge Abandoned Ship Transformed into a Graffiti Gallery

DuDug is an international street art collective that has taken over an abandoned ship on the beaches of Llanerch-y-Mor in North Wales, repurposing its deserted carcass as a large canvas for their graffiti art project referred to as The Black Duke. The once highly revered cruise liner known as the Duke of Lancaster was left to rust on a dry dock since 1979 and only finally…


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Artist Stencils Miniature Apartment Buildings on the Street

Berlin-based street artist Evol playfully transforms city blocks, power boxes, walls, and any other public architecture he comes across into micro cities as part of his ongoing Buildings series. The German artist carefully executes his crafty urban project by using stencils to mimic the gridded windows and balconies that line an apartment building's facade. Essentially, he is building tiny cities…


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New Illusionary Three-Dimensional Street Art by Kurt Wenner

Street art has evolved over the years, branching off into this brilliant practice of depicting interactive illusions on pavement. Street artist Kurt Wenner knows this method of art all too well, having impressed passersby with his amazing…


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Street Artist Dran aka the French Banksy

French street artist Dran uses his art to comment on issues concerning contemporary society. Being donned "the French Banksy" by some, his approach to street art is similar to the English graffiti artist in tone and message. Dran utilizes his dark sense of humor to criticize modern culture, often tackling topics concerning art, creativity, and the freedom of expression. These recurring themes…


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Amazing Three-Dimensional Topographical Portraits

It is not often that you find beauty in destruction, but street artist Vhils has mastered the poetic art of decay. The Portuguese street artist, whose work we're constantly…


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Kurt Wenner's Massive Chalk Art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival

At this year's annual Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, renowned inventor of 3D chalk art Kurt Wenner is working on a massive street piece with his team. This year's theme for the festival…


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Awesome Vinyl Silhouettes of Bats and Birds

Street artist Kesa transforms vinyl records into a variety of birds and bats literally breaking free from their circular entities. The Lyon, France-based creative, who began his career as a graffiti artist back in 1996, utilizes the black plastic discs by repurposing them as public art silhouettes of animals with the gift of flight. Each vinyl wall installation presents a…


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Brandalism Criticizes Advertising and Reclaims Billboards in the UK

The London 2012 Olympics are less than two weeks away with the promise of crowds of people filing into the nation, taking in the games, as well as the UK's celebratory decoration and giant billboards, of which there are over 100,000. Artist collective Brandalism has taken it upon itself to reclaim these massive advertising platforms, replacing them with their own artistic…


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