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Mystical Worlds Created by Digital Artist Amandine van Ray

Artist Amandine van Ray creates eerie, surreal compositions through powerfully expressive narratives. Each one of her ghostly figures floats unnaturally through the air in a journey where darkness and isolation seem to be the dominating forces that drive each visual story.

Through impressive editing techniques, the Estonia-based artist produces ghostly figures that…


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Creatively Surreal Portraits by 21-Year-Old Audrey Simper

The creative photography of 21-year-old Audrey Simper is an inspiring collection of conceptual portraits that blend real with surreal. Based in Chicago, the self-taught artist brings her imagination alive in subtle and not-so-subtle digital manipulations. Whether there's a third hand reaching out from the shadows or goldfish floating out of a sleeping beauty's mouth, each…


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Elements of a Dream Blended Into Imaginative Landscapes

Romanian artist Caras Ionut's fine art photo manipulations cleverly merge reality with lively dreams. In the imaginative scenes, viewers are introduced to odd behavior like a young girl fishing while riding atop another giant fish or a rhino walking on water.

To create each piece,…


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Surreal Digital Paintings Showcase an Amazing Dream World

Artist Artyom Chebokha, aka Rhads, dreams up all kinds of surreal moments in his spectacular digital creations. In each painting, he creates a swirling blur of land and sky, ships and animals, and even gondolas floating along the clouds. In the enchanting scenes filled with flying fish venturing off into the distance and giant whales emerging from unexpected places, viewers are introduced to…


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Incredibly Enchanting Surreal Worlds by Vincent Bourilhon

With just four years of experience, Normandy-based student photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates surreal worlds that are incredibly enchanting. Viewers will find themselves swiftly escaping into many of his inventive stories where top hats rapidly multiply and hot air balloons emerge from the steam of a coffee cup.

Bourilhon juxtaposes real-life environments with detailed…


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Caught in an Exciting Surreal Photography Dream

What the heck is going on here!? That is exactly what you might ask when you take a look at these crazy scenes gone awry by photographer Kevin Corrado. Based in Connecticut, Corrado creates these wacky images that make no sense but have an interesting and fragmented narrative. Corrado views the world in unusual ways and presents that perspective to his viewers. He says, “We are all…


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