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Surreal Watercolor Paintings of Anatomical Self-Dissections

In the photo-realistic series Anatomical Self-Dissections, artist Danny Quirk depicts several subjects performing dissections on their own bodies. The fine art illustrator takes a surreal approach to visualizing human anatomy by presenting portraitures in which the subjects tear and slice themselves open to unveil the inner workings of various sections of the human body,…


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Surreal Flying Houses Travel Through the Sky

The animated feature film Up may have introduced the masses to the image of a house being whisked away into the sky, but France-based photographer Laurent Chehere expands on the visual with a variety of residential structures surreally captured in mid-air. The aptly titled series Flying Houses takes…


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Magnificently Surreal Aquatic Adventures

Estonia-based artist Irene Z digitally manipulates photos to produce surreal environments flourishing with marine life. Each of the digital artist's female subjects are immersed in an aquatic setting, whether her environment be defined by the physical oceanic habitat or the surrounding sea-dwelling creatures roaming about. The unusual dream worlds that Irene Z creates are somewhat…


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Surreal Paintings Ripping Through the Canvas

Artist Jim Warren's surreal paintings for his ongoing series titled Ripping portrays children and disembodied adult hands ripping through the canvas into a whole new world of artistic imagination. The figures rupture the surface to reach over to a far more enticing land filled with our child-like fantasies. The torn canvas appears to be a symbol of creative release. Each frame the…


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Watching Time Stand Still

It's hard to believe that self-taught digital artist Norvz Austria, aka xetobyte, first started mixing digital works because he couldn't find any wallpaper he liked. Taking matters into his own hands, the Philippines-based creative began his artistic career in the surreal digital world. Though his works are not direct reflections of Dali's art, Austria is clearly inspired by…


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Surreal Depiction of Human Environmental Impact

Artistic married duo Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison first brought us the surreal universe of the dapper Everyday man in their series entitled The Architect's Brother. Since the release of that photography project, the couple have unveiled two new series entitled…


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Surreal Paintings Offer Dual Perspectives

Taking surrealistic cues from Dali and Magritte, painter Mihai Criste expands on the unusually expressive art form in his illusionary images. The Romania-based artist boasts a vast portfolio of imaginative works that tackle the cunning abilities of visual elements. Each image offers dual perspectives. It's a matter of what the spectator sees first and their ability to…


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Digital Interpretations of Surreal Solitude

We discovered UK-based artist Philip McKay's work on our very own website when he submitted some of his stunning work to our Photos section. His digital artwork leaves a feeling of…


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Magnificently Surreal Horse Paintings

Macedonia-based artist Vasko Taškovski finds inspiration from horses to produce surreal fantasies. Using an array of vivid colors and varying landscapes, the painter transforms the ordinary creature into a robust yet agile stallion. Most fascinating about Taškovski's creations are the constructs and forms of the equestrian subjects.

In one of his elaborate paintings, the horse…


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Humorously Addressing Questions of Life

Existential inquiries like "What is the meaning of life?" are thought-provoking questions that are difficult to answer. However, photographer Gilbert Garcin comically alludes to answering such philosophical curiosities through his strangely amusing imagery.

The France-based octogenarian began his career in photography after retiring from managing a lamp factory…


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Magnificently Surreal Self-Portraits

Photographer Zack Ahern is not afraid of getting dirty. In fact, I think he enjoys it! At any given time, the young Oklahoma native can often be found taking messy risks in his self-portraits, drenched in acrylic paints or fake blood. Ahern's efforts and willingness to to pour karo syrup all over himself or have a mouth full of flour really pays off in the final product of his surreal…


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Beautifully Surreal Photo Manipulations

Digital artist Sarolta Bán is a self-taught photo manipulator with a knack for surreal imagery that piques one's interest. The artist, who is based in Budapest, Hungary, utilizes her skills in image editing to combine multiple ordinary objects or ideas to create something entirely unusual and, therefore, fascinating.

Bán's playfulness with size… Continue

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One of the feature length animated films was "The Adventures of Prince Achmed", was made in 1926 by Lotte Reiniger, a German artist who made intricate cut-out figures that are underlit. She made a number of shorter films, and another feature, Dr. Doolittle, in 1928. Contemporary independent animators, including Paul Fierlinger and Bill Plympton, Pink Floyd have also made features outside of the studio system.

Because animation is very time-consuming and expensive to produce, the vast… Continue

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