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Mysteriously Playful Composite Images by Dariusz Klimczak

Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak constructs surreal landscapes through clever manipulation. Each image in the skilled photo editor's growing collection is a composite…


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Surreal Images of Faceless Men Stuck Between Two Worlds

Photographer Christopher Ryan McKenney plays with the visibility of men in nature, masking their faces in draped cloth or removing their heads entirely. Each surreal image depicts an incomplete man who appears to be in the process of either materializing or disappearing into thin air. Mystery surrounds the figure in each frame, which can strangely be seen within a physical…


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Surreal Photo Manipulation of Isolated Landscapes

Polish photographer Darius Klimczak captures beautifully intriguing landscapes that boast surreal elements. The monochromatic collection of images, like much of his work, presents vast expanses of land, sky, and water that are seemingly isolated and long forgotten. His expert…


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Spectacular Alternate Universe Full of Surreal Imagery

Madrid-based photographer Silvia Grav offers a surreal look at the world. Her manipulated monochromatic images feature both human figures and inanimate object in unconventional ways. In the photographer's alternate universe, a basic drinking glass holds a rippling ocean and there is a constant juxtaposition of the human body and the universe.

Grav's portraits of young women are often…


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Incredible Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

Detroit-born, Florida-based renowned photographer Jerry Uelsmann has been manipulating photos long before Photoshop transformed the world of photography. The skilled and diligent creative has produced remarkably believable surreal landscapes by hand in the dark room. Without the aid of photo editing software, Uelsmann uses multiple negatives and up to a dozen enlargers to create…


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16-Year-Old Photographer Embarks on a Surreal Journey

For 16-year-old German photographer Moritz Aust, photography is both a creative outlet and a source of inspiration. The young fine art photographer already presents a vast collection of images that are clearly inspired by and paying homage to his fellow talented peers, including the likes of My Modern Met favorites…


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Mesmerizing Patterns Constructed Within Surreal Landscapes

Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak applies his photo manipulation skills to carefully construct surreal landscapes filled with patterns. The recurring sequence of shapes and forms in Klimczak's aptly titled series Patterns include both complex, irregular visual schemes and clean, symmetrical patterns that are indescribably pleasing to browse through.



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A Space Tourist's Surreal Look at a Post-Apocalyptic Universe

Artist Mieke Geenen's Space Tourist series offers a surreal look at what the universe would look like once our planet was no longer a fertile land to live on. The series explores the imminent responsibility of transporting animals, starting from scratch by building civilizations on other planets, and the distance manifested between species who have claimed their own plot of air in…


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Whimsically Surreal Photo Montages by Thomas Barbéy

Traveling photographer Thomas Barbéy uses his keen, artistic eye to see the world a little differently than the rest of us. Along his travels, Barbéy proceeds to capture a variety of scenic images, still life, and portraiture, mixing and matching them all into some wildly creative composites. His resulting manipulated photo montages reveal a new world that feels both…


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New Spectacular Surreal Photos by Joel Robison

We're constantly mesmerized by the surreal images produced by Canadian photographer Joel Robison who continues to expand his imaginative portfolio. His fairy tale-inspired works feature the…


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New Non-Photoshopped Body Art by Chooo-san

Can you believe that these body modifications are created without using any digital editing software? They are the painted works of a Japanese artist known simply as Chooo-san. We first came across the unusually realistic body art of the 19-year-old Musashino Art University student this past…


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Getting Lost in a Fictional Nightmare

Iranian photographer Samad Ghorbanzadeh's collection of images depict open, endless landscapes featuring some surreal scenes that are not only filled with mystery and intrigue, but something far more chilling. From his solitary subjects lost in a vast and empty land to the unusual and unsettling misplaced dolls and objects that occupy these environments,…


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Top 8 Sites that Showcase the Best Surreal Art

There is arguably no style of art more eclectic, thought-provoking, and inspiring than surrealism. Since its rise, nearly a century ago, the art form that puts peculiarities and uncommon juxtapositions on the forefront has expanded to various forms of art including paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and photography. It has even branched out into the realm of street and pop art,…


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Mysteriously Discovering a Curious Surreal World

Sometimes a photograph inhabits the mastery of more than one medium of art. Such is the case with the classic black and white image captures of photographer Patrick Gonzales. The multifaceted artist's work incorporates an aesthetic similar to that of a fine art painting.

Gonzales' passion for the arts blossomed at the ripe age of fifteen, when he adopted the art of…


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Spellbinding Fantasy Paintings by John Pitre

Fantasy painter John Pitre creates his own surreal worlds that explore underwater schools of marine life as well as vast landscapes filled with astral bodies of light. He combines celestial and organic elements in his otherworldly environments, creating a sense of unity between living creatures and their planetary surroundings. The Hawaii-based artist has mastered…


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Unbelievable Non-Photoshopped Body Modifications

Surrealism comes in many forms and can often be difficult to define but one common ability that spans the works of almost all surrealist artists is the power to represent the oddities of one's wildest imaginations and pass it off as real life. We know that having a mouth on the back of your hand is unusual, yet one Japanese university student that goes by the name Chooo-san…


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New Spectacular Self-Portraits by 18-Year-Old Alex Stoddard

One of My Modern Met's all-time favorite teen photographers is the wildly creative Georgia native Alex Stoddard. In the past year, the 18-year-old has accomplished a great deal at his young age, including graduating from high school and the completion of his highly praised 365…


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Surreal Depictions of Human Nature Versus the Universe

Ireland-based Polish painter Tomasz Alen Kopera uses basic oils and acrylics on canvas to envelop his audience into an otherworldly realm where the surreal prevails. Like the works of Tomek Sętowski, Kopera employs themes of "magical surrealism" in his paintings, though…


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Surreal Watercolor Paintings of Anatomical Self-Dissections

In the photo-realistic series Anatomical Self-Dissections, artist Danny Quirk depicts several subjects performing dissections on their own bodies. The fine art illustrator takes a surreal approach to visualizing human anatomy by presenting portraitures in which the subjects tear and slice themselves open to unveil the inner workings of various sections of the human body,…


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Surreal Flying Houses Travel Through the Sky

The animated feature film Up may have introduced the masses to the image of a house being whisked away into the sky, but France-based photographer Laurent Chehere expands on the visual with a variety of residential structures surreally captured in mid-air. The aptly titled series Flying Houses takes…


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