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Heartmelting Photos of a Protective Bulldog with His Foster Kittens

About a week ago Michelle Parden (or Redditor RorschachBulldogs) showed some incredibly sweet photos of her bulldog Hammie being incredibly protective to a group of foster kittens. Born from a local stray cat, the kittens all ended up being adopted to loving homes, but for the limited time when Parden had them all in her house, she was able to capture Hammie the bulldog,…


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Sweetly Sleeping Newborns

Update: Per the photographer's request, the images have been removed from this post.

Not since coming across the work of Tracy Raver back in March of 2009, have I found newborn photography as sweet and adorable as this. 36-year-old ex-mortgage broker Maria Murray captures newborns, mostly under two weeks old, in the moments right after they fall asleep. Called the "baby…


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10 New Sweet and Surreal Illustrations by Shout

Alessandro Gottardo (aka Shout) just reached out to us to tell us about his new set of sweet and surreal illustrations. As we had said before, Gottardo's clever illustrations show us why a minimalist approach can go a long way in telling a story. By taking out all that's unnecessary…


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Sweetly Surreal Paintings by Robert Dowling Jr.

Maine-based Robert Dowling Jr. creates wonderfully whimsical stories with a slightly surreal touch. The self-taught artist, who works primarily in acrylics and oils, often paints characters with their faces covered or turned away. Love art like this that both children and adults can enjoy in their own…


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15 New Sweet and Surreal Illustrations

One of our very favorite illustrators Alessandro Gottardo (aka SHOUT) just wrote to us to share some very exciting news. A few days ago, the prestigious Society of Illustrators called Gottardo to tell him that he'd won two Gold medals this year, in two separate categories.

Every year, at the end of the year,…


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Sticky and Sweet Paintings by Emily Burns (5 pics)

Annalynne McCord

I think Emily Burns is a talented artist and photographer. Besides having a BFA in Painting and Photography, her works has been published in magazines and exhibited in galleries, along with winning a number of awards. She's even painted/photographed Annalynne McCord of TV series, 90210. Check out some of her beautifully painted artworks, and enjoy her work as you please.

Warm Icing…


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Chandelier made from 5,000 Gummi Bears.

I want this in my room!! Sorry to burst your bubble cause though they look sweet and tempting, they're not edible! Handstrung by Kevin Champeny, with approximately 5,000 acrylic gummi bears with a 31" diameter, it's a process that takes about 2 months to complete, and only 10 will be made, with each one slightly different.

They also sell gummi lights, which are… Continue

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Chocolate Postcards By Chocolate Factory

Check it out.


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Cake Wonders

Check out more here.…


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Gorgeous Underwater Fantasy (10 pics)

Photographer Jacques Dequeker captures model Emanuela de Paula as an ethereal goddess for Wish Report Brazil's Feb 10 edition. Not only are the gowns absolutely spectacular, their movement through the water makes this photo shoot one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.…


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Time for a Sweet Getaway - Corrie Bond (5 pics)

Take a trip with me, won't you? Photographer Carrie Bond has put together a sweet collection of photos that make me want to take a vacation. I love the bright candy colored accessories and the way the photos exude an old Hollywood vibe.…


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Fruit By The Foot: Flying Kick.

The advert titled Flying Kick was done by SAATCHI & SAATCHI, New York advertising agency for FRUIT BY THE FOOT (GENERAL… Continue

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Font: Candy Script is Super Sweet!

Is it just me or is this new font, designed by Ale Paul, super sweet? Sometimes the way you present words is almost as important as what they say. You can buy this font at Veer. If you haven't heard about this site, Veer's an awesome place to see some of the most beautiful fonts around. My favorite? The super fabulous…


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Just Wishing You a Sweet Summer Day


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Vincent: An Awesome Short Film By Tim Burton

If you ever had any doubt that Tim Burton wasn't a great storyteller, you haven't seen this older, short film called Vincent. With all that technology out there, a movie's story can often get lost, buried in special effects. It's nice to know that a sweet film like this exists, where a kid's imagination is explored and where, in the first few seconds, you can fall in love with a little boy named Vincent.

The film is a humorous look at a suburban boy named… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Sweet Dreams

To creating our own sweet dreams. By Emma Vincent.

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Sweet Sneakers: Nike and Spike Lee's Blazer

There aren't many sneakers that stop me in my tracks but these new Nikes are just too fresh to ignore. A collaboration with film director Spike Lee, Blazers have bold African flag-inspired colors. Aren't they sweet?

$200 at…


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A Sweet Story of Love Spoken Through Post-Its

If you have a few minutes to spare today, check out this cute video about workplace romance. It's a sweet story of love, spoken through… Continue

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Wishing You a Sweet Little Sunday

Love this romantic picture. Have a nice Sunday, everyone. Hope you can sneak some of this in somewhere. Via

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Simple and Sweet Graphic Design - Christopher David Ryan (20 Total)

Does art have to get any more complicated than this? Christopher David Ryan is a graphic artist based in Maine who describes himself as "a daydreamer, pseudo-scientist, wanna-be astronaut and untrained intellectual." He cites music, the universe, the human condition and natural phenomena as things that inspire his work. We love his simple design and sweet messages of…


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