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Man Spends Four Years and Millions of Dollars Building an Epic Truck for His 4-Year-Old Daughter

For the multi-talented and massively successful Bran Ferren, who is the CEO of tech and design firm Applied Minds, as well as the former President of Research and Development of Walt Disney Imagineering, one of the biggest challenges he's had to face is figuring out how to give his 4-year-old daughter a way to travel the world and gain experience and knowledge while still staying completely safe. His…


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Google's "Android Wear" Changes The Face of Wrist Watches

This past Tuesday, Google announced its newest endeavor that will change the way we interact with technology. The company launched Android Wear, a user interface that’s designed for a wrist watch. Although these types of devices are nothing new, none of them significantly alter the way we communicate, and as of now are just smaller phones strapped around our wrists.

Android Wear’s…


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Custom 3D Fetus Sculptures Made from Ultrasound Images

Expectant parents are often eager to meet their child, treasuring their ultrasound until the bundle of joy's arrival. Now, a company called 3D Babies is offering excited parents-in-waiting a three-dimensional replica of their unborn fetus in the womb. The customized models, which are created through 3D printing technology, use 3D/4D ultrasound images to recreate each customer's baby, reflecting…


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Flying Wizard is Actually a Tricky Remote-Controlled Plane

RC hobbyist Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions tricks people into thinking that wizards and witches are flying on broomsticks through the air with his craftily constructed, remote-controlled cutouts. Two of Dieffenbach's latest RC designs, part of his Broom Flyer series, were created specially, just in…


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Interactive Installation Invites Visitors to Manipulate Clouds

Cloud Pink is an interactive installation by Seoul-based creative Everyware (formed by Hyunwoo Bang and Yunsil Heo) that allows the public to live out their childhood dreams of touching and manipulating clouds. The immersive piece features a fabric screen that invites visitors to poke and prod the material from below, thereby causing a visual reaction in the projected simulation of wafting…


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Incredible Record-Breaking Human-Powered Helicopter

The American Helicopter Society (AHS) proposed an aviation competition back in 1980 that called on participants to create a human-powered helicopter with a distinct set of rules. AeroVelo, a collaborative group of design students and professionals, has finally won the Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition after 33 years of teams…


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Create a Tiny Version of Yourself Through 3D Printing

If you've ever wanted a tiny figurine of yourself, a studio based in Hamburg, Germany by the name of TWINKIND can now make your dreams come true. The creative minds at TWINKIND have embarked on an ambitious project that involves 3D printing at a commercial level, allowing interested customers to take part in a revolutionary process that could very well make pictures and picture frames…


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Ben DeHaan's Mind-Boggling Melting Portraits

It's one thing to allow paint to streak and drip down a canvas, but photographer Ben DeHaan creates the same trickling technique with photographs for his series titled Uncured. The photographer's portraits in the mind-boggling series seem as though they are melting right before your very eyes. How does he do it? It's actually created with an ordinary printer missing one key…


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Sculpture in Motion Made of 12,000 Translucent Orbs

FLUIDIC is an interactive light art installation for Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center by Berlin-based design studio WHITEvoid. Known as a "sculpture in motion," the piece invites visitors to test its responsive technology which simulates motion through 3D light projection. Made up of 12,000 translucent orbs suspended by nearly invisible strings, the installation has an out-of-this-world,…


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Clever Dog Collar Gadget Monitors Pet's Daily Activities

This new product by San Francisco-based company Whistle is just like a pedometer, but it isn't meant for people. The pet-friendly device, simply called Whistle, attaches to a dog's collar and monitors all kinds of data based on the animal's weight, age, and breed. It collects information about how much the dog walks, plays, and rests throughout a day, plus it registers any…


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Awesome LED Bike Wheels Plays Animated GIFs

San Francisco-based design company MonkeyLectric has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Monkey Light Pro, a bicycle wheel display with the ability to feature motion graphics while you ride. The LED display is said to be compatible with…


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Hypnotic Visual Renderings of Animal Sounds

White-Beaked Dolphin

Aquasonic Acoustics is a project by 51-year-old creative computer engineer Mark Fischer that takes the sound waves from animals and transforms them into a brilliant array of colors and patterns. Essentially, the series of produced mandalas configure what Fischer refers to as "the shape of sound." He adds,…


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3D Face Masks Created from DNA Found in Public Spaces

Information artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg recreates faces of people by extracting genetic information from found objects in the street for her experimental project titled Stranger Visions. Using saliva traced from a piece of gum on the floor or a discarded cigarette butt, not to mention loose hairs that can wind up just about anywhere, the artist and a team of biologists…


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Mesmerizing Mechanized Sculptures Reflect Silhouettes

New York-based artist Daniel Rozin has created a series of kinetic sculptures that move according to an algorithm; however, the motorized structures also respond to outside interaction. His interactive installations, titled Angles Mirror and Fan Mirror, each serve as…


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Liquid Drops Float Through Acoustic Levitation

At the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, scientists have been experimenting with sound waves and pharmaceutical solutions, levitating soluble drops between two speakers facing each other. While their research has produced some visually fascinating results, it has also led to the…


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Futuristic Levitating Wireless Mouse Prevents Carpal Tunnel

We may not have hover cars yet but thanks to Prague-basd design studio Kibardindesign, we will soon have a levitating wireless computer mouse known as Bat. The "handy" gadget boasts a sleek design that comes in a modern, simplistic color palette of black or white. The set includes both a mouse pad and a mouse with a magnetic ring, which allows it to float in midair.

Led by…


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Stunning Dita Von Teese in Revolutionary 3D-Printed Dress

Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese modeled the very first fully articulated 3D-printed dress at an unveiling party earlier this week at Ace Hotel New York. The spectacular garment is made of 17 individually printed pieces with 3,000 articulated joints. To further glamorize the piece, the designers adorned the netted pattern with 12,000 black Swarovski crystals.…


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World's First Revolutionary 3D Printing Pen

If you're still trying to grasp the fact that objects can be built with 3D printers, you might want to take a seat because Boston-based toy and robotics company WobbleWorks LLC has designed a brand new, advanced version of this technology—the very first 3D printing pen! With this handy new gadget they're working on called the 3Doodler, people will have the unbelievable…


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Architects Design a Base on the Moon Using 3D Printing

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking into the feasibility of building a base on the moon using 3D printing. With the help of London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners, the lunar base prototype is being modeled as a multi-domed structure set to withstand impending climates and natural occurrences in…


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Kelly Slater's Water Park Generates Endless Waves for Surfers

Professional surfer Kelly Slater had always wanted a surf park where he could hone his skills while growing up and though it never came to fruition in his youth, the 11-time world champion is working on one for future surfers, fully equipped with man-made waves. Having just recently unveiled his website for the ambitious project,…


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