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Lamborghini's Exotic New Aventador J Roadster

As we just showcased Ferrari's most powerful high-performance road car ever produced, the F12 Berlinetta, it's only fair to rival Italian car maker Lamborghini that we feature their latest supercar - the Aventador J roadster.

Currently being exhibited at this year's Geneva Motor Show, the Aventador J went from design sketch to reality in just a few short…


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Ferrari Unveils Most Powerful Road Car Ever

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari just unveiled their most powerful high-performance road car ever produced! The F12 Berlinetta is powered by a V12 engine with an impressive output of 740 HP. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, while its top speed goes up to over 211 mph. The new model lapped the Fiorano circuit in 1:23, faster than any other Ferrari road…


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Massive 3,500 Smartphone Pegasus Sculpture

Huawei, a global information and communications technology solutions provider, made a grand statement recently outside of the entrance to the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. To promote their newest product, the Ascend D Quad, the company commissioned London’s Machine Shop to create a sculpture of the mythical winged horse Pegasus out of…


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Bomb-Proof LCD Trash Bins Arrive for London Olympics

We live in a world that devours information at an increasing speed. With the emergence of cell phones and the irrefutable success of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, we are constantly glued to our personal screens in search of more information. We're even starting to see more screens surface in public areas to draw our attention and feed our thirst for info. Soon, we'll…


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Otherworldly Audio-Sculpture of UFO Sightings

This highly technical installation by artist Susan Hiller features 400 speakers suspended from the ceiling, simultaneously running audio of different people recounting their extraterrestrial encounters. The exhibited work titled Witness offers an out-of-this world experience. The constructed piece itself resembles a celestial entity, adding to the astronomically alien sensation in the room.…


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NASA's HIghly Detailed Map of America's Trees

Josef Kellndorfer and Wayne Walker of the Woods Hole Research Center recently worked with the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Geological Survey to create this highly detailed map of all the trees in America. Over six years, researchers assembled the national forest map from space-based radar, satellite sensors, computer models, and a massive amount of ground-based data. The…


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Top 6 Sites for the Best Tech Tips

You enjoy keeping up with the latest in technology, especially if it makes your life easier. You don't have a lot of time to dedicate to reading all the tech blogs but you enjoy keeping up with the latest tech news. Today, we're working with Intel to round up six websites that are perfect for you, the busy professional. These websites are dedicated to giving you only the most…


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Interactive Jellyfish Swarm

The ancient Japanese paper-folding art form, known as origami, is fused with modern sensory technology in this interactive light installation called Jelly Swarm. Vancouver-based Tangible Interaction has collaborated with origami expert Joseph Wu to conceive and produce the interactive display that features 94 paper-crafted jellyfish, which they refer to as "jellies."

Each jelly is…


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Knitted Thread Illusion

Think you're just looking at some regular old knitted blankets and pillows? Korean Chae Young Kim wants you to believe that. Known for pushing boundaries in digital textiles, Kim mixes old tradition with new technology in her new home collection. "The Knitted Room" is her project where she uses 2-D vector graphics to create lines that look like knitted threads. Cushions, throws and even wallpaper…


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Macy's Steampunk-Style Holiday Windows

Mixing modern technology with traditional animation, Macy's holiday window displays in New York are one of the must-see experiences this Christmas season! Award-winning designer and Macy's director of windows Paul Olszewski created this year's six Broadway-side displays which were done in a modern vintage Steampunk style. Inspired by the "Make-a-Wish" Foundation, the story…


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Illuminated Map Displays UK Traffic Casualties

You may think this illuminated map created by BBC is stunning at first, but once you realize that this tragic image displays the location of 2,396,750 road crashes in Great Britain from 1999 to 2010, your delight will quickly fade away. Each light point is an individual collision which resulted in a casualty. The intensity of brightness shows where collisions are more…


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Old Typewriter Creates Colorful Works of Art

For West Collect's Annual Artist Competition, Tyree Callahan modified a 1937 Underwood Standard Typewriter to invent what he calls a Chromatic Typewriter. The typewriter began as a concept, but as he was replacing the letters on the keys with colors, his curiosity got the best of him and he decided to actually try it out. Not only does the Chromatic Typewriter really work, but…


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Fake Window Blinds Create Optical Illusion

Makoto Hirahara's Bright Blinds are not what you would expect. At first glance, they look like an ordinary pair of blinds, but upon further inspection you'd be surprised to find out that there's actually no window behind them. So what do these blinds do if they don't block out sunlight?

Hirahara's Bright Blinds actually serve a lamp-like function. They are made of electroluminescent (EL) sheets, which means that you can control the amount of light the…


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Little Printer's Adorable Personalized Feeds

The Little Printer is an adorable product that Berg Cloud has been working on and has finally decided to release in 2012. Users subscribe to feeds, such as News Headlines or Four Square, and the Little Printer prints them onto a 10 inch receipt-like strip of paper. It even goes a step further and filters the feed so that it "can bring you paper deliveries, regularly, quietly and…


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Revolutionary iPad Controlled Eco-System

Remember Tamagotchis? Those little toys that became your very own digital pet you could feed and play with? Well, if you liked those, then you definitely need to see this. The Biome Smart Terrarium by Samuel Wilkinson is like an adult Tamagotchi, a flora terrarium that is controlled by your iPad or iPhone. The Terrarium contains sensors that monitor its needed, such as water,…


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Magnificent Scribbled Line People

Art isn't just about dragging a paintbrush or a stick of charcoal across a sheet of paper anymore. Even just using a camera isn't enough for this modern day and age. Artists like Ayaka Ito use computer programming to create something new and exciting.

Graphic designer and illustrator Ito, who originally hails from Japan but currently resides in New York City, tells us that she… Continue

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iPod Co-Creator Presents: Nest Smart Thermostat

This small piece of technology, measuring 3.2 inches in diameter and 1.44 inches deep (8.18 x 3.66 cm), will change the way we live forever. There is no doubt that the Nest Smart Thermostat will take over households in the upcoming years. After all, who wouldn't want one of these devices in their homes, especially when it only costs $249? What exactly makes this thermostat so… Continue

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Lytro: The Revolutionary Camera is Now on Sale

This will be either the most overhyped piece of camera technology in modern times or the start of something revolutionary. (I'm hoping it's the later.) About four months ago, Lytro announced that they were building a consumer digital camera that claimed it will be the biggest technological jump since we started talking megapixels over 20 years ago.

The pocket-sized… Continue

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Triathlon Competing Robot

Panasonic announced that they plan to compete in the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii, with three 7" high robots. Each robot is specialized for each of the three events; swimming, biking, and running, which comes to a grueling 140 mile race. Now, while human competitors get only 17 hours to complete the race, the Evolta robots will be given a week to finish because they are 1/10th the size of a normal… Continue

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Wicked Jetbike of the Future

Although this concept has been done before, hopefully we will being seeing these stunning jetbikes go into production in the near future.

Designed by Jaewan Jeong, the Gladiator's Bike images are gorgeously rendered and simply embody speed. While technology may… Continue

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