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New Additions to "The Far Side of the World" by Josh Keyes

In Portland-based painter Josh Keyes’ series Old Ones, he features a soaring bald eagle, an elk sitting quietly in a green forest, and a bear looking at the world on his hind legs. It all sounds normal, but the elk’s antlers double as tree branches, and the brown bear is taller than all of the pine trees. For more than several years now, Keyes has painted realistically-rendered portraits…


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New Digital Book of Paris Has Subtle Yet Stellar Video

Got 15 minutes? Let's go to Paris! From the creative husband and wife duo who brought you those clever quote illustrations and the book Paris in Color comes a brand new…


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Gravity-Defying Sculpture of People Walking Up a Pole

Walking to the Sky is a gravity-defying stainless steel and resin sculpture by artist Jonathan Borofsky. The public art piece, which is essentially open to interpretation, features 10 life-size figurative sculptures walking up a 30-meter-tall pole, breaking the boundaries of physics as we know it. The sculptor describes the installation as "a symbol for our collective search…


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Adrenaline-Filled Photos Taken Inside the DJ Booth

As the number one DJ photographer in the world, you could say that Rukes, who you may remember from this post, has special privileges. But then again, who else has a client list that includes Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Dirty South and Kaskade? On Thursday, August 30, W Hotel in…


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Inflating Foil to Create a Magnificent Rainbow Orb

Artist Tomás Saraceno has dreams of living among the clouds. Over the past decade, the Argentina-born installation artist has concentrated his efforts on creating large-scale suspended spheres that can often be entered, walked through, or sat upon. The massive cloud-like structures are a breathtaking display of life and energy, as formed by synthetic materials.

For the…


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Surreally Visualizing the Reality of Life

Sweden-based photographer Tommy Ingberg takes us on a surreal journey that has been two-and-a-half years in the making. The black and white series titled Reality Rearranged depicts an often-solitary, faceless man morosely trekking through life. There's a bareness to the series that is both intriguing and mystifying. It appears somewhat minimalist, devoid of any elaborate…


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Sweat the Small Stuff

Loving this beautiful typographic poster of the words "Sweat the Small Stuff" by Brooklyn-based graphic designer, letterer and illustrator Alonzo Feliz. "A stylish reminder that details matter, this one goes out to anyone in any line of work that cares about attention to details, craft, and putting in the time to make things just right," he says on his website. "It's a great addition to…


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Making of the Massive Art Nouveau-Inspired Mural

We received a wonderful email yesterday from the art collective A'Shop, the creative team that made that massive art nouveau-inspired mural in Montreal. They wanted to tell us about a video they recently completed which shows the mural coming together over a 16 day period. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the related post to see the incredible…


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Mondrian SoHo: Beauty and the Beast-Inspired NY Hotel

On my recent trip to New York, I had the pleasure of staying at one of Morgan Hotel Group's newest hotels and the third Mondrian hotel to date, Mondrian SoHo. Make no mistake, this beautiful hotel, which opened in February 2011, is a…


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Creative Links of the Week #21

Did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with fun, family and food? We sure did. Now it's time to sit back and relax while reading another edition of Creative Links of the Week! Next week, some of us will be on the road to experience Art Basel firsthand in sunny Miami. Can't wait to report from there so watch for those posts. Until then, my friends.…


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Mantras for the Design Community and Beyond

Described by one person as the "the Godfather of the graphic art scene," Anthony Burrill is known for his catchy and clever posters that have become words to live by for the design community and beyond. In bold typography, his meaningful messages seem a bit in your face, but in a way that's wonderfully refreshing. As his website states, "He combines an instinctive handling of…


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Creative Links of the Week #20

Hello and welcome to another edition of Creative Links of the Week! Hope you have something fantastic planned this weekend. As we do every Friday, here are some of the most creative and inspiring links from all around the web as well as My Modern Met's top five most popular posts. Enjoy!

Around the…


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Supreme Tranquility Under the Sea

The ocean is like an entirely different world. That's why underwater ocean photography is always captivating and intriguing, there's always something new and unexpected to be found. Enric Adrian Gener's photography is especially interesting because of his ability to capture human forms as they peacefully interact with the clear blue waters.

When asked why the ocean…


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Creative Links of the Week #19

Hello and welcome to another edition of Creative Links of the Week! A few days ago, we decided to finally change up the way we Twitter. That means we're not only sharing the best links from this site, we're also giving some much deserved attention to other sites that we love and respect. Twitter is also…


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Creative Links of the Week #17

It's finally here! Halloween weekend. Can't wait to see all of the creative ideas and costumes hit the web next week. A few weeks ago, we put together the Halloween edition of Creative Links which you can see here. This week, we'll just take a look at some of the coolest,… Continue

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Creative Links of the Week #15: Halloween Edition

It's only a few more weeks till Halloween! What does that mean? You're probably going to be seeing a lot more scary and spooky stuff from us. Love this time of year. In fact, I'm going to dedicate this week's Creative Links of the Week post to Halloween! Why? Because there's so many awesome ideas surrounding this holiday, we just have to share them.…


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Creatively Redesigning the Norm

I never thought I'd want to eat a keyboard but photographer Murat Süyür's imaginative combination of the computer accessory and chocolate has me considering it. The young photographer, who is based in Turkey, speaks his own language through his art that is clearly influenced by his sense of humor.

Süyür's body of work is growing but his portfolio already contains a wide range of… Continue

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Creative Links of the Week #14

Hello to you, again, and welcome to another helping of Creative Links. This week, we mourned the loss of one of the greatest innovators of all time, saw Amanda Knox become a free woman, and watched as the Wall Street protests grew bigger and stronger. We hope you had a nice and fulfilling week. We know we did. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy some of our favorite links of the… Continue

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Peeling Back the Layers

All is not what it seems. That's the takeaway lesson from this intriguing series called Layers by Miha Artnak. The artist and designer of visual communications warps our sense of reality in a simple but well-executed way.

Of course, this leads to larger questions like - What would we find if we looked a little deeper? Who's to tell us what's real and what's… Continue

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Ghostbusters Take on the Pac-Man Ghost

Sometimes all we want is art that makes us smile. Today we've got artist RYCA (aka Ryan Callanan) to thank for creating a piece that does just that.

Don't we love it when different worlds collide?

You can see these prints and more over at… Continue

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