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Incredible Thread and Wire Sculptures by Yong Won Song

Korean artist Yong Won Song creates life-size thread and wire sculptures that look like scribbled drawings come to life. Somewhere between a dream and a nightmare, fantasy and reality, the artist's pieces explore the unconscious mind. Taking the perspective of a writer merging real-life experiences and creative imagination, Song assembles surreal sculptures that also lie somewhere in…


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2,156 Spools of Thread Form a Modern Mona Lisa

Lebanon-based custom tailors Ejjeh & Sons recently renovated their shop and decided to promote the changes with a modern art installation. The company commissioned advertising agency République Beirut and the team produced this depiction of the Mona Lisa created out of 2,156 spools of thread in 63 colors. With the pixelated custom-design, the shop hopes to appeal…


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New Thread and Nails Portrait by Kumi Yamashita

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita is back with a beautiful new piece, called Sachi, in her ongoing Constellation series. Taking roughly four…


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Three-Dimensional Thread Installation Redefines Space

Translation is a site-specific thread installation by Missouri-based artist Kendra Werst that works on a three-dimensional plane to redefine space. Using colorful strands of thread affixed to the adjacent walls in the corner of a room, the multihued strings weave in and out of a plexiglass panel to create a sculptural structure embellished with abstract accents. The structure is a…


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Artist's Insomnia Leads to Large Scale Thread Installation

Too Much Time, Again is a thread installation by Los Angeles-based artist Pae White that stems from her own experiences with insomnia. White's spatial project is a culmination of the artist's affinity for working with fragile materials and her development of sleep deprivation. The large-scale structure echoes one's endless stream of thoughts when they are robbed of a…


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Intricate Miniature Tape, Thread, and Toothbrush Sculptures

Japanese visual artist Takahiro Iwasaki manipulates common objects, transforming them into intricately designed sculptures. From carving into rolls of tape and carefully assembling the loose threads from towels and socks to architecturally constructing the bristles from…


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Whimsical Tightrope Walking Elephant Made of Thread

Though Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias is well-known for her miniature art created inside recycled toilet paper rolls, she's also quite talented at creating whimsical art installations like this. For Le Génie des Jardins, 54 artists were asked to make outdoor works that were…


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First Look: Gabriel Dawe's Stunning New Thread Art in Italy

Artist Gabriel Dawe is giving us the exclusive, first look at his incredible new installation that will open to the public starting October 6 in Como, Italy. As part of Miniartextil, an annual exhibition of contemporary art, Dawe created Plexus no. 19, a stunning thread installation that's beautifully spread across…


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Three-Dimensional Rug Unravels Before Our Very Eyes

Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed is no stranger to fiber arts. Most of his works revolve around the construction and deconstruction of intricately patterned rugs and carpets. This three-dimensional installation straightforwardly titled Thread Installation deals with this similar concept of visualizing the breakdown of a complex design. Using the rectangular body of a typically Middle…


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Awesome Threaded Bat Signal Shoots Out of Spray Can

Graffiti artists and Batman fans alike will get a kick out of artist Perspicere's latest creation simply known as BATMAN. The sculptural installation depicts a black spray can shooting out the widely recognized bat signal that is typically a strong beam of light shot into the night sky as a distress signal, calling for the aid of the nocturnal superhero.

The three-dimensional thread work…


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Astounding Photorealistic Thread and Nail Portraits

We're most familiar with Kumi Yamashita's mind-boggling shadow sculptures but the mathematically-inclined artist also uses her expertise in visual calculations in her ongoing series of thread and nail portraits called Constellation. The New York-based artist's work astounds…


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New Thread and Nail Portraits From Pamela Campagna

Italian artist Pamela Campagna has, once again, blown us away with her intricately designed thread and nail portraits. The series of comprehensive works known as NETworks entail black and gray thread interwoven and tightly wound around nails that are strategically embedded…


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Colorful Thread Breathes New Life Into Old Photos

The moment I saw these photos, something stirred inside of me. Artist Jose Romussi breathes new life into old photos by embroidering colorful thread onto skirts and dresses. While the Chile-based mixed media artist has a website full of peculiar and strange collages, it's this fanciful series that has…


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Recreating a Scorched Room with Black Thread

When I first set my eyes on Japan-born, Berlin-based artist Chiharu Shiota's work, I wasn't sure if I was looking at an installation or a dark charcoal illustration. Though the piece echoes sketch-like imagery, it is in fact an installation piece involving a burnt piano in a room ravaged by black wool. The work known as In Silence is inspired by Shiota's own traumatic…


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Thread Drawings Suspended Mid-Air

Generally, one uses a handheld utensil like a pen or pencil to draw, but what's the fun in that when you have an innovative mind like artist Amanda McCavour? The Toronoto-based artist creates illustrations made of thread. The technique she employs is unconventional and entirely fascinating. Amanda uses a water-soluable fabric called…


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It's Showering Rainbows!

It's not often that we get completely blown away by new and original art but we did after seeing Gabriel Dawe's work. Back in November 2010, Dawe stunned us with his gorgeous rainbow thread installations. Since then, the Mexico City-born artist has been busy, exhibiting at the Pump Projects in Austin for… Continue

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