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More Revealing Portraits of Kids Around the World and Their Toys

Maudy, 3 - Kalulushi, Zambia

Almost exactly a year ago, we showed you an eye-opening series that featured kids around the world with their most prized possession, their toys. Photographer Gabriele Galimberti has now traveled three years and visited…


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Tiny Tony Montana Gets Overly Excited at the Sight of Flour

Tumblr artist VSE OK continues to hilariously recreate mini scenes with toys of iconic characters and real-life objects. This time, he features Scarface's Tony Montana coming across a package filled with a mysterious "white powder." The tiny drug lord rips into the sack and proceeds…


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Tiny Bruce Lee Uses Martial Arts to Prepare Breakfast

A Tumblr artist known simply as VSE OK has created a hilariously clever sequence of eight images that depict Bruce Lee, using his expert martial arts skills, creatively preparing a balanced breakfast. The photographer does not accompany the photos with any background or guiding narrative in the form of text. Instead, VSE OK (said to be an artist hailing from Russia) allows the images to…


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Dramatic LEGO Recreations of Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Helsinki-based Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, aka Avanaut, captures cinematic shots of LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones toys. The photographer uses his creative eye and skilled hand to snap shots of the mini figurines against real-life backdrops, resulting in dramatic portraits of these…


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Creative Parents Stage Dinosaur Toy Scenes, Convince Kids They're Alive at Night

Each year, writer Refe Tuma and his wife turn the month of November into Dinovember—thirty days of their children's plastic dinosaur toys coming to life at night and doing as they please, or at least that's what the creative couple tells their tiny tots. Each night when the Tuma kids go to bed, their parents create a new scene…


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LEGO Librarians with Unique, Quirky Personalities

“I singlehandedly manage the library’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all our other damn marketing projects.”

When University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's Instruction & Reference Librarian Joe Hardenbrook, aka Mr. Library Dude, discovered that LEGO had created a stereotypical figure of a…


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The Secret Life of Plastic Toy Animals

Just what do our kids' plastic toy animals do when we're not looking? Photographer Jeff Friesen has the answer. His adorable series takes a look at their secret life inside our homes! Like many projects, this one started out as a personal project, one dedicated to the photographer's daughter. Looking to decorate his daughter's room with some fun animal prints, Friesen decided to create these.…


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The Secret Life of Hollywood Toys by Daniel Picard

12" Batman

Ottawa, Ontario-based photographer Daniel Picard has created a very realistic set of photos that show us the secret life of Hollywood toys. Called 1:1 Toys, the series, which puts Picard in the "director's seat," is shot all around his hometown. It all started out when, one day, Picard noticed a field whee he wanted to shoot a model in a dress. "The…


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Shocking Collection of 100,000 Unwanted Toys

Japanese contemporary artist Hiroshi Fuji recently put on a shocking exhibit in Tokyo that consisted of 100,000 unwanted toys. Collected from across Japan over the last 13 years, the countless toys are sometimes separated and grouped together demonstrating, according to…


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Yum Yum's Hilarious Vinyl Toys are Now Available

Remember those hilarious vinyl toys by Yum Yum? We're happy to announce that they're now for sale! Yes, the company we interviewed back in September 2010, is now going to release a limited number of five toys that you can pre-order. The complete set is going for 60 pounds or about $94 dollars.…


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LEGO Celebrates London 2012 with Olympic Minifigs

How fun! To celebrate the upcoming London 2012 Olympics, LEGO will be releasing a new set of minifigures! The Great Britain Olympic team has been immortalized with their own figures which include a brawny boxer, a stealth swimmer, relay runner, judo fighter, tactical tennis player, flexible gymnast, wondrous weightlifter, horseback rider and agile archer. Each comes with a gold medal and…


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Green Army Men x Skateboarders Mashup

Jim Alfaro just wrote to us to tell us about Toy Boarders, essentially a mashed up version of plastic green army men and skateboarders he's created. Like the Kidrobot breakdanders, these figurines are reminiscent of those iconic plastic toys that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s.…


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Plastic Breakdancers by Kidrobot

Forget those little green army men, who wants some plastic breakdancers? Sure this series, called All City Breakers, was inspired by those hardworking soldiers but aren't they so much cooler? These flexible dancers celebrate the best of dance style by showing us actual breakdancing moves from Power to Flex. They come in four neon colors: pink, green, orange and blue.…


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Mickey's Epic Adventure

If you thought photos of "little people" were silly and just for play, then you haven't seen the work of Vincent Boussereuz. Back in February 2009, we wrote about his incredibly creative and well-crafted scenes filled with mysterious miniature people. It was one of our most visited posts ever, as… Continue

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Mini Simpson Characters as Zombies!

The second release of mini-figures in the highly coveted Kidrobot x Simpsons collaboration is set to drop this Thursday, October 28th. The toys, which run the gauntlet from the season-appropriate ‘zombie’ interpretation, to ‘mariachi’ editions and cult favorites ‘Herman’ and ‘Hans Moleman’ are sure to be snatched up quickly by fans and enthusiasts… Continue

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Creative iPhone Scenes (4 total)

The mysterious little people are at it again! This time they've hijacked our iPhones to create everything from movie screens to putting greens.

Actually, the creative mastermind behind these photos is JD Hancock, a self-proclaimed "web slinger" who works on websites and iPhone apps for a living. On his spare time, Hancock makes toys come alive as you can…


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Cute and Colourful – Youniq Educational Toy Designs by Ah&Oh Studios (9pics)

I am loving Ah&Oh's attempt for children educational toy designs, Youniq, and seriously, I think they're great! I could totally picture them in kids stores, or in pre-schools, and they could do wonders for my two lovely nieces Delene and Deanna.

Ah&Oh… Continue

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Lego Big Mac

More details and pics after the jump.…


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Aminals - Organic Toys Made From Children's Drawings

Each Aminals organic doll is inspired by the brilliant, unfettered imagination that only comes through in children's drawings.

These organic kids toys embody the exaggerated proportions, squiggly lines, and bright colors that come with creative expression at its most honest and fun. From these children's drawings, the designers at Dreaming Lion LLC have created a series of huggable-soft… Continue

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When Toys are Like Actors In Your Movie - Brian McCarty


Maybe it's the kid in us, but it seems that we're all still in love with our toys. If you don't believe me, check out the Flickr's group, The Secret Life of Toys, which at the time of this post has over 11,244 members (or over 137K pictures). For some it's a hobby, armed with our…


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