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The World's Largest Airport is Coming to Istanbul in 2018

Large international airports can be daunting places. With the hustle and bustle of countless passengers, well-organized and thoughtfully designed terminals are important. This is especially true with an upcoming airport that’s located on the Black Sea near Istanbul, Turkey. It’s being called Istanbul New Airport, and it is on track to be the largest in the world,…


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Jenga-Like Hotel Idea Uses Shipping Containers as Rooms

At first glance, the Hive-Inn resembles a colorful set of stacked blocks that are reminiscent of the fun-yet-challenging game, Jenga. They are much than that, of course, and the individual elements make up a proposed hotel concept by Hong Kong-based architects at OVA Studio. The building, designed for the Radical Innovation Awards, is composed of recycled shipping…


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Spectacular Waves Captured by Fearless Photographer Kenji Croman

Kenji Croman is a Hawaii resident, body surfer, and former competitive swimmer whose thrill-seeking personality allows him to photograph unpredictable yet awe-inspiring waves. Despite some drawbacks with his profession, including broken bones and close encounters with sharks, the photographer says that he couldn’t see himself doing anything else. Croman’s passion is evident through these…


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Elevated Vacation Home Offers Incredible Views of the Ocean

Stationed above the coast on Great Ocean Road in Australia, The Pole House is a modern home with incredible views of the ocean. It was designed by F2 Architecture and is considered one of Australia’s iconic buildings, commonly referred to as the most photographed house on the road. It’s not hard to see why. The elevated structure sits on a slender-yet-sturdy pole with a long, suspended…


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Vintage Fire Truck Renovated into Unique Hotel Room

You’ve maybe heard of travelers who trade their hotel room for a vintage Airstream trailer, but what about a former fire truck? Probably not. Located on the Inshriach House Estate in Aviemore, Scotland, the Beer Moth hotel is a unique accommodation meant…


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Redesigned Metro Maps Offer Consistency Around the World

Metro transit maps vary from city to city, each with the important task of successfully navigating us from point A to B. There’s little consistency between maps, and this makes some easier to understand than others. Serbia-born, Paris-based architect Jug Cerovic moonlights as a map designer and worked to create a guideline called INAT that unifies transit paths around the world. He redesigned 12…


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Smithsonian Magazine's 11th Annual Photo Contest Finalists

Smithsonian Magazine recently announced the finalists for its 11th Annual Photo Contest. 50,000 photographs submitted by photographers from 132 different countries were whittled down to the top 60. Ten photographs were selected from each of the six categories: the Natural World, Travel, People, Americana, Altered Images, and the new category Mobile.



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Striking Photographs of the Ancient Tradition of Honey Hunting in Nepal

Documentary travel photographer Andrew Newey recently went on an expedition to central Nepal, where he spent two weeks living with the Gurung tribespeople in order to document the ancient art of honey hunting. In these photos, Newey captures the risks and skills involved with this tradition, which few outsiders have seen either in person or in images. Perched precariously on rope…


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Massive Remains of a Volcano Looks Like a Giant Triceratops

In Iceland, there stands a massive rock that looks like a grazing dinosaur called Hvítserkur. The spectacular structure is a natural accent to the landscape that adds an intriguing, mystical touch to the surrounding environment. In fact, legend has it that the colossal boulder was once a giant troll seeking to attack a neighboring abbey, but was petrified into a slab of stone when…


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Spectacular Aerial Illusion of an Underwater Waterfall

Approximately 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa lies an island nation known as Mauritius that gives off the illusion of an underwater waterfall at the southwestern tip of the island. The visually deceiving impression, created in the water due to the runoff of sand and silt deposits, is especially effective and breathtaking in aerial shots. In fact, the illusion can even be seen…


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China's Legendary "Dreaming of the Tiger Spring" Sculpture

Located at the foot of Daci Hill in the Hangszou, Zhejiang province of China lies the scenic Hupao Spring, also known as the Dreaming of the Tiger Spring. The picturesque landscape features an eye-catching sculpture of a man, seemingly caught in a slumber as two tigers creep their way down the rocks towards him. Despite the imminent danger one may predict for an…


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Abandoned Sea Fort Transforms Into Luxury Hotel

Originally constructed to defend the British from Napoleon III's navy in the 18th century, these three sea-forts have since been abandoned and are now being renovated as luxury getaway hotels! Each of the three bases house different functions. The Horse Sands Fort is now a museum, the Spitbank Fort has been transformed into a luxury hotel with eight suites, and the No Man’s Land Fort will become an even…


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8 Most Beautiful Water Landscapes in the World

This post is brought to you by Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring…


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Outstanding Animal Entries in National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is now well underway, accepting your best travel photos in four distinct categories: Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place and Spontaneous Moments. With the grand prize winner taking home a…


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New Paris Travel Posters Focus on Moments Over Monuments

Evan Robertson, the New York-based graphic designer behind those clever book quote illustrations, just wrote to us to tell us about a fantastic new series he's just made with his wife and fellow creative Nichole (…


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A Miniature Train's Enchanting Journey Through Canada

An nice email just arrived into our inbox this morning by photographer Jeff Friesen, a longtime reader of My Modern Met. He just completed a photography project called The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada that involves a train's journey across Canada but with an unexpected twist.

"I carry the train rather than it carrying me. It fits into a shopping bag."



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The Wonderful World of Country Cardboardia

I’d like to tell you about an unusual journey through two different towns of one big country, one of which was in Kosice (Slovakia) and the second in Perm.

Country Cardboardia materialize in unexpected places all over the world - in a few days the whole city grows. Square, theaters, monuments, libraries, winding streets, exotic animals, the national game, that is…


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Extraordinary Travel Destinations Off the Beaten Path

presented by smartwater. smartwater, simplicity is delicious.…

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6 Best Travel Food Blogs

Heading to Paris or Rome? Looking to spend some time in Asia? As any traveler will tell you, enjoying the local food is one of the greatest experiences one can have. Before you hit the road, we've put together a list of websites you'll want to check out that will guide you to the best restaurants around.

See our hand-picked list over at…


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Strikingly Beautiful Photos of Kenya

Last we heard from photographer Diego Arroyo, he was traveling throughout Southeast Asia, capturing heartwarmingly beautiful portraits of strangers all across the land. On a recent trip to Kenya, Arroyo again wanted to portray the beauty of the country and its people, but this… Continue

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