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The 50 Most Amazing Tree Houses in the World

While tree houses are often associated with one's childhood, adults have taken it upon themselves to create some unbelievable buildings that are far more incredible than one could ever imagine. In a book published by Taschen, author Philip Jodidio has brought together 50 of the most incredible tree houses in the world - from a teahouse in Japan set…


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126 Photos Make Up Single Image of Giant 3200-Year-Old Tree

For the December 2012 issue of National Geographic, photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols journeyed to the Sequoia National Park in California in order to capture this image of the President, a giant sequoia that is the third largest tree in the world, if measured by volume of the…


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Electric Light Bulb Christmas Tree and Gold Reindeer in Paris

Jeff Leatham, artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, has really outdone himself this year with the hotel's holiday decorations. Leatham created a unique Christmas tree out of thousands of hanging electric light bulbs! Surrounded by 40 live Christmas trees, the beautiful installation was even admired by Oprah Winfrey herself who, just two days…


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Charming Holiday DIY: Toy VW Bus Carries Miniature Tree

During the holidays, if you want to dabble in some DIY, check out this clever place card that could double as a Christmas ornament. Using little bottle brush trees from Joann's, Michelle of Decor and the Dog, simply wrapped it with red and white Baker's twine on top of a toy VW bus found at her local Walmart. Of course you could wrap your miniature tree on top of any toy car…


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Illuminated Lamps Cascade Up a Huge Swiss Pine Tree

Norwegian born Rune Guneriussen is back with a new site-specific work that one can actually experience in person. Normally, Guneriussen is the only one to witness his magical…


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Tree Signatures Discovered by Applying Ink to Branches

Artist Tim Knowles has created a series to highlight not his artistic abilities but the hidden talent of trees. In "Tree Drawings," he whimsically sets up a white surface within reach of a tree's branches and then affixes a writing utensil to the trees. To exhibit the series, he pairs the resulting sketch with a photograph of the set-up that created it.

Knowles' website…


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Taiwan's Dazzling Cherry Blossom Trees Light Up at Night

If you'd like to visit Taiwan, may we suggest that you go during the month of February so that you can witness this incredible sight? Held annually since 2001, the Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival brings together a large number of visitors to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village to see their 2,000 cherry blossom trees. While viewing…


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Surreal Sculptures Capture Moments When Trees Fall

Just opened this past October is a free sculpture trail in England that brings must-visit art to a rural location. Pendle Sculpture Trail was conceived by artist Philippe Handford to be a unique sculpture trail that would show site specific work inspired by, not just the…


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Bicycle Powered Lights Symbolize Hope for the Future

South-Africa born and based artist Daniel Popper creates large scale installations that involve the public. For the annual COP 17 (Conference of the Parties, 17th session), the climate change conference held in Durban, South African in 2011, Daniel Popper and his crew created for Siemens a…


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Permanently Windswept Trees in Argentina

Let's add this to the bucket list or, in our case, to the post extraordinary destinations off the beaten path. Located in Ushuaia, Argentina or what's often referred to as "the southernmost city in the world," sit some of the most interesting-looking trees we've ever laid eyes on. These…


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Whimsical Colored Pencil Tree

Talk about giving an old tree a new lease on life! It looks like a cross between Jonna Pohjalainen’s giant colored pencil sculptures and Pascale Marthine Tayou's…


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Giant Tree Made of 80 Different Types of Fabric

Standing 18 meters (or 46 feet) tall, is an awesome new tree sculpture made of 80 different types of fabric. The Baobab Tree, created by Pirate Technics, was inspired by Africa's baobab tree, which is the oldest living specimen in Africa and has long been a symbol for community. Rings about 16 feet wide were used to build the tree before it was wrapped with fabric. It sits…


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Pic of the Day: Surreal Tree House

Wooden House, by Poland-based artist Dariusz Klimczak, is a wonderfully whimsical photo manipulation that gives new meaning to the word "treehouse." Love how the red hatted person is just casually walking toward the tree, looking as if he's just coming home after another long, hard day at work. …


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10,000 Cupcake Cherry Blossom Tree Mosaic

What's better than art you can eat? This past weekend, London-based Crumbs and Dollies Cupcakes debuted a stunning mosaic made of over 10,000 cupcakes! The cherry blossom tree was a project for a Japanese television show ITTEQ. It was unveiled at Highcross Shopping Centre in…


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Stunning Tree Mosaics by Noel Myles

How breathtaking are these? For the last 15 years, photographer Noel Myles has taken photos of the countryside in eastern England, in places like Suffolk and Wormingford, and then arranged them to create these stunning tree mosaics. I love how he has only certain parts of the tree in color, leaving the rest in a somber gray. Reminds me of…


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Young Tree Carved Inside Old Tree

“My artwork shows, with the language of sculpture, the essence of matter and tries to reveal with the work, the hidden life within.” –Giuseppe Penone

What better way to appreciate nature and the wonders of life than with a simply amazing art sculpture like this? In The Hidden Life Within, Italian artist Guiseppe Penone carves out a young tree with…


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World's Largest LEGO Christmas Tree

Standing more than 40 feet high at London's bustling St Pancras International Station is a Christmas tree made completely out of Lego bricks! Artist Duncan Titmarsh of Bright Bricks, the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional, with the help of local primary school students and members of a local Explorer Scouts unit, took more than two months to construct this amazing work of…


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Rainbow Garland Christmas Tree

The cleverness doesn't stop! First I fell in love with this Christmas tree made out of old books and now I can't get enough of this rainbow, wool felt garland Christmas tree. Designed in Australia by Down To The Woods and handmade in Nepal using pure wool, this garland can be…


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Christmas Tree for Book Lovers

Forget picking between a Noble Fir, a Douglas Fir or a regular old pine, just bust out your old books and create your own Christmas tree this year! Spotted on Reddit today is this picture that looks like it was taken at an Anthropologie store (though this has yet to be…


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Amazing Floor-to-Ceiling Graffiti Tree

The TSF crew is at it again! This past summer we wrote about graffiti done by the artists that looked like an Earth-Shattering Shout. Here, they're back again with a larger design that reaches as far up as the ceiling!

This anamorphic graffiti tree plays with depth perception and shadows… Continue

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