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Artist Reincarnates Recently Deceased Father Into Tree Troll

With the help of 25 volunteers, artist Kim Beaton constructed an enormous structure commonly referred to as Tree Troll. The figurative paper mache sculpture is composed entirely of non-toxic materials (paper, glue, acrylic paint, wood, screws, metal plates) and stands 12 feet tall like a colossal guardian of nature. The gentle giant is designed with a kind face in the image of…


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Sculptor Releases Mysterious Spirits Already in Trees

Sculptor Keith Jennings carves wise faces into trees, revealing each wooden tower's inner spirit. Jennings first embarked on his Tree Spirits project back in 1982 when he decided to creatively manipulate a tree in his backyard with a few hand tools. Starting out as a way to kill time on a budget, the artist wound up honing his craft. Jennings was later commissioned to…


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Okinawa's Banyan Treehouse Restaurant

In Japan, there's a structurally inventive restaurant called Naha Harbor Diner that takes the traditional treehouse to another level. It is a pan-Asian restaurant sitting atop a tree trunk, nestled amidst its branches, in the Banyan Town shopping center in Okinawa. The restaurant which offers "locally grown and organic harvested foods…


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Looking Up At Towering Trees

How often do we stop to look up at the trees that tower high above us? They surround us and essentially provide us the gift of life, it's only fair to observe and appreciate the beauty of these hauntingly majestic trees. Photographer Grant Simon Rogers has an enveloping fascination with nature and shares his perspective of the leafless wooden giants, from below.

At just…


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